Team camp photo essay.

It would be tough to capture the essence that was our first team camp just from my photos alone, but I’d like to share the weekend from my perspective. It’s a long post FYI.

-Road trip.

-Return to my R&B roots courtesy of Zach and Kevin.

-First proper rain ride of the off season was in LA. Go figure.

-Gabeski took a spill, but we collectively came together as good homies and took care of him (big thanks to Connor’s homie John for taking him to the hospital)

-Sipping coffee next to John Cusack. NBD.

-Trying to get my climbers legs on before the season starts.

-Naveen’s mom is THEEE best host ever. We were pampered like no other. So lucky. Traditional Northern Indian food for recovery? Yes please. Thank you Mrs. Molloy!

-Connor can still destroy food like no one I’ve ever seen.

-Got to sample some good product from our new co-title sponsor. More on that later.

-Everyone deciding what layers to wear based on what the other guy is or isn’t wearing.

-De La Paz fueling us in the mornings. Thanks Jason!

-Missed Travis and Mitch as well as Gabe on day 2.

-Day 3 of camp aka Naveen, David, and Connor, looked fun.

-I’ve never gone so hard, so fast, going downhill. That was a fun one.

These dudes are awesome and that’s really all there is. Oh yeah, they rip on the bike too. I can’t wait for the 2013 season to race with these guys!


External image

Connor and Zach deciding who’s going to clean the bikes

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Jason trying to hide the fact that he’s shivering by eating some delicious ARO pistachios. I mean, they have pink Himalayan sea salt on them…….

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Dinner. Thanks to all ya’ll for being helpful with my gluten-free diet

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Going up Topanga Canyon…

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Weighing in…

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Naveen on his way up to Stunt Rd.

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Jaffa being Jaffa

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Kept it tight on PCH. Early bird style!

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Just a sample of the recovery food we had. Thankful.