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Hello Mr gaiman. How old were you when you started writing stories ? I'm 14 and I try and try but they are all awful. I always give up in the middle and I can never finish what I wanted to write.

I know. I found a pile of papers of mine from my teen years and into my early twenties recently, and there were so many stories begun, so many first pages of novels never written. I’d start them, and then I’d give up because they weren’t as brilliant as Ursula K Le Guin, or Roger Zelazny, or Samuel R Delany, and anyway I wasn’t actually sure what happened next.

I was around 22 when I started finishing things. They weren’t actually very good, and they all sounded like other people, but the finishing was the important bit. I kept going. A dozen stories and a book, and then I sold one (it wasn’t very good, and I had to cut it from 8,000 words to 4,000 to sell it, but I sold it). I probably wrote another half-dozen stories over the next year, and sold three. But now they were starting to sound like me. 

Think of it this way: if you wanted to become a juggler, or a painter, you wouldn’t start jugggling, drop something and give up because you couldn’t juggle broken bottles like Penn Jillette, or start a few paintings then give up because the thing in your head was better than what your hands were getting onto the paper. You carry on. You learn. You drop things. You learn about form and shape and shade and colour and how to draw hands without the fingers looking like noodles. You finish things, learn from what you got right and what you got wrong, and then you do the next thing.

And one day you realise you got good. It takes as long as it takes. So keep writing. And all you need to do right now is try to finish things.

Sarah Louise Delany (1889-1999) was a pioneer of civil rights in the United States. She was the subject of the oral history book Having Our Say, which detailed her and her sister’s struggles in the racially segregated USA.

She studied at Columbia University, and obtained a master’s degree in education in 1925. She was thereafter the first African American allowed to teach domestic science in high schools in New York City. She remained an educator for 35 years.

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8, Roman to Logan ( Bonus points if Logan says "Are you having a stroke?" Or smth similar) XD

This was fun! Hopefully it kind of makes up for the angst I wrote earlier! Only one for tonight, I have a big day tomorrow!

8. ‘-Casual wink-’

“Virgil, look! It’s the cute nerd again!” Roman whispered as he noticed the newest customer of the morning, hitting his fellow barista’s arm excitedly. “Look at him. The gods hath blessed us mere mortals with his loveliness.” 

“Stop going Shakespeare and go and take his order,” Virgil grumbled, pushing Roman away from the coffee machine. “And maybe today you can gain the balls to actually ask him out.” He added not-so quietly. Roman flipped him off under the counter, rolling his eyes when Virgil only smirked knowingly in reply. 

So what if he hadn’t asked the cute nerd out? It wasn’t his fault that cute nerd reduced him to a blushy mess.

“Welcome to Patton Cake, what can I get for you today?” Roman smiled, the perfectly rehearsed lines flowing out of him. He could do this part. He had done this part a million times. It was the following improvisation that always, always tripped him up. 

“Can I get a large espresso and an unheated chocolate croissant?” Cute nerd looked tired as he rooted around for money. If he was anything like Roman, professors were probably putting the pressure on him about the upcoming exams. 

“Sure. Your total is…” Roman pretended to read the cash register. “One phone number. Yours, specifically.” He looked to the cute nerd, winking casually at him.

Cute nerd blinked, which made him look adorably confused, up until the moment  he opened his mouth. “Are you having a stroke?”

Distantly, Roman could hear Virgil absolutely losing it in the background, his face burning hot as he looked literally anywhere but at cute-now-kind-of-asshole nerd’s face. “8 dollars and 50 cents.” He muttered, wishing now that the ground would swallow him alive.

Once that awkward interaction was over, he made his hasty retreat to the back of the shop, shooting a venomous glare at a still-chuckling Virgil. Let him deal with customers. Roman was going to sulk and clean dishes. 

“Hey, loverboy.”

“If you make one comment abo-” Roman began, turning to glare at Virgil once more.

“He left his number for you.” Virgil waved the note with said number in Roman’s face. “Said that he’s sorry, and he’s not great with interaction. ‘Specially not with, and I quote, ‘Gorgeous specimens of the species homo sapiens who appear to be more suited to extravagant parties than a coffee shop.’ Your nerd is pretty wordy. You’re a perfect match.”

Roman had never snatched something so quickly out of someone’s hands. 

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lois lane week: day six | retro

Noel Neill: Gals would come up to me and go “Gee, you know it was something when I saw you on television working as a woman in a newspaper office and part of the men’s club. It gave them the courage to get out there. Dana Delany: Lois Lane was ahead of her time. It was really important to have that as a role model for girls my age. She was a career woman, and she didn’t take crap from anybody. Margot Kidder: I think you play Lois in accordance with your cultural time. Jeph Loeb: She was a smart, tough, sexy gal who worked in a man’s world. – Being Lois Lane