delaney made it

Catastrophe (2015)  

Rob: I want you to know that I’m going to look back at my time with you and remember you as an extraordinarily good-smelling woman with a magical ass.
Sharon: I’ll remember you as a sturdy love-maker with a massive chin who was really kind to waiters and taxi drivers, which suggests that you might actually be a good person. 


DARK MATTER | 2.08 | Alt! Commander Truffault

This is just a preemptive double-cross.

        “don’t look now, but you have visitors.”  monty waved his wand as the tapestry rolled back, a set of second years tumbling out and onto the floor as they scrambled to gather their things.  the slytherin could only watch in amusement as they stammered out a series of apologies before running off in the opposite direction, leaving him and the head girl in their wake.  with a click of his tongue he folded his arms across his chest, laughter bouncing off the walls of the near-emptied corridor. “i’d have to guess they were hoping to avoid you in order to stay out past curfew.” his eyes rolled of their own accord. “… like the moving tapestry wouldn’t tip you off. you should be  I N S U L T E D really.  they clearly think pinning that badge to your chest stripped you of your intellect.”  { @dlaneys }