Ci amavamo nelle parole e tra le righe, nei silenzi e negli sguardi, in tutti i gesti più comuni.
Ci amavamo nel piacere prezioso di ritrovarci tutti i giorni.
Ci amavamo camminando (…) con il medesimo passo, guardando le stesse bellissime cose.
Ci amavamo in ogni istante, senza cercare di prolungarlo, senza domandargli altro che quel momento di eternità.

Grégoire Delacourt

Ci amavamo.

Les larmes sont un langage qui ne peut être compris que par celui qui a déjà pleuré.
—  Danser au bord de l'abîme - Grégoire Delacourt
Dating harry potter girls would include

Hermione Granger:

- roll her eyes when you do something stupid
- fear for you all the time
- holding hands
- militate for house-elves together
- learning about muggle culture
- traveling a lot 

Ginny Weasley:

- random surprise date
- brooms race
- defend you in any case
- Ron’s black look
- shower together 

Luna Lovegood:

- giving you a lot of lucky charms
- love all your flaws
- talking about life
- made herself some gifts for you
- taking care of lost animals in your house


- Gritty jokes
- both best friends and lovers
- sexual games
- do everything to make you jealous
fashion always on point

Lavander Brown:

- can’t be separated for long
- support you in everything you initiate
- cute nickname
- love touching your hair
- buy you too much stuff

Fleur Delacourt:

-  make everything to impress you
-  who else for french kiss?
- she wears your clothes
- talking french when she is in a mischievous mood
queen of breakfast 

Cho Chang:

- making her smile like nobody else
- soft kiss
- long phone calls
- laugh loudly to all of your jokes (even the bad ones)

- Je vous ai vue de dos sur la plage tout à l'heure et toute la solitude de votre corps m'a bouleversé.
—  Grégoire Delacourt, La Liste de mes envies
Cette nuit là, j'avais voulu retourner là bas, au monde de l'enfance, des illusions qui ne blessent pas, du sang qui n'est encore qu'une couleur, pas encore une douleur.
—  Grégoire Delacourt
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Si on me kidnappait, lui avais-je demandé, frémissant, toi et papa vous donneriez votre argent ? Vous me sauveriez ?
Ses yeux, deux billes incrédules, lumineuses soudain, s'étaient agrandis et puis elle avait souri, et comme son sourire etait rare, il n'en avait été que plus beau. Ses doigts avaient repoussé une mèche de mes cheveux. Mon front était froid. Ma bouche bleue.
Bien sûr, Antoine, avait-elle murmuré. On donnerait notre vie pour toi. Toute notre vie.
Mon coeur s'était calmé.
Je n'ai jamais été kidnappé. Ils n'ont donc jamais donné leur vie pour moi. Et je n'ai pas été sauvé.
—  On ne voyait que le bonheur, Grégoire Delacourt


Thank You all for following and supporting this blog. I know I may be a bit much sometimes but I do enjoy being in this Fandom and talking to all of the wonderful people in it. Honestly, You guy make my day.

Special Shoutout To: 1-800-Minkus Because I have no idea if the URL Changed or if the Blog was deleted entirely but I love em so…yeah.

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“5,000 people are following you.”

Oh my God. Am I dreaming? Please, someone pinch me.

I’m speechless. Wow. I can’t believe over five thousand of you are following me – a person with a blog that most of the time runs on queues, a lot of apologies for not being as present as I’d like, many tears, craziness, and some occasional editing. You people are crazy and I love it!

I have been on Tumblr since 2009, having had already a few blogs on different accounts either because I felt like a needed a fresh start or in a particular case because a few someones that don’t really like me in real life found out about my safe haven. Some of you stayed (I’m looking at you, M! @possitivetension​), others have not. The point is, I have never ever in those 7 years here reached this milestone.

I’ve jumped through fandoms at least three times. I began as a Gossip Girl blog, went straight into the TVD fandom and, after season 2 of Arrow, I dived into this fandom. I don’t regret any of the previous fandoms that I was in before. The Delena fandom probably has the most special place in my heart because it was where I developed my true love for editing, where I met some of the most incredible people that I still talk to today (@nomatterwhatuniverse, @bethesus, @broken–melody- and @ithinkimightveinhaledyou, thank you for putting up with me for so long) and where I shipped really fucking hard and discovered that if I survived Stelena vs. Delena wars I can really survive anything lmao.

I’m a very socially awkward cookie. I’m 19 years-old and to this day I don’t know how social interaction works. I can never tell whether I’m bothering someone or if I’m saying the right thing and sadly that happens online, too. I’m afraid I’ll never be one of the cool kids here due to that. However, you still decided to click on follow button and I really can’t be more grateful.

I’m a Math geek (completely) but this kind of numbers don’t really mean anything unless I give them some meaning. And I do. Behind the blog, there’s always a person and, even not following each person that follows me, I only hope that person is having a good day or just a day (those are the most important sometimes). 

There are people that I’ve got to “follow” a bit over the years and I thank them in particularly. A lot of them have changed my views on the world and made me grow as a person. Some of them inspire me every day to be a little more optimistic, even when the situation is messy. Others challenge me to work a little bit harder. Others are just there for me. Others are all of it and more. I thank them all. I don’t think I ever get tired of complimenting them – they deserve all the love in the world. These people are:

a-c: @aaronswarner@adeles@afterthelonely ➶ @ah-maa-zing@anthfan@baebastianstan ➶ @bethesus ➶ @bratvaolicity@braveheartclaras ➶ @broken–melody@callistawolf ➶ @cherrychapssstick@clarke-griffin 

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(I’m truly sorry if I forgot anyone: I swear I didn’t mean it and I still love you.)

Shameless self-promotion: @oliverfelicitygifs@olivergifs@smoakgifs

Thank you for being the absolute best. I can only hope to continue to know you and know more incredible people here. I love you.