lugares famosos mostrados junto a su verdadero entorno:

1. La Acrópolis, Atenas, Grecia

2. Monte Saint-Michel, Francia

3. La Sirenita de Copenhague, Dinamarca

4. Ulurua, Australia

5. Arco del Triunfo, París

6. Stonehenge, Reino Unido

7. Basílica del Sagrado Corazón, París

8. Mona Lisa, Museo De Louvre, París

9. La Kaaba, La Meca, Arabia Saudita

10. Santorini, Grecia

11. El Taj Mahal, India

12. Las Piramides De Giza, Egipto

Big Wage Increases at Del Monte

RWDSU Local 17 members at Del Monte Foods in Mendota, Illinois, will see wages increase almost 15 percent over the life of their new five-year contract. The contract for over 100 members also freezes health insurance premiums for the first three years, and dental insurance for entire length of the pact.

The members work at a distribution and labeling center for Del Monte food products.

Castel del Monte (Castle of the Mount)
Andria, Apulia region, Italy.

Castel del Monte is a 13th-century citadel and castle standing on a promontory. It was constructed during the 1240s by the Emperor Frederick II who had inherited the lands from his mother, Constance of Sicily.

It has neither a moat nor a drawbridge leading some to conclude that it was never intended as a defensive fortress; On the other hand, archaeological work has suggested that it originally had a curtain wall, so what we see today might be just the keep of the original structure.

The Castel del Monte is a World Heritage Site, and appears on the Italian version of the one-cent euro coin.