lugares famosos mostrados junto a su verdadero entorno:

1. La Acrópolis, Atenas, Grecia

2. Monte Saint-Michel, Francia

3. La Sirenita de Copenhague, Dinamarca

4. Ulurua, Australia

5. Arco del Triunfo, París

6. Stonehenge, Reino Unido

7. Basílica del Sagrado Corazón, París

8. Mona Lisa, Museo De Louvre, París

9. La Kaaba, La Meca, Arabia Saudita

10. Santorini, Grecia

11. El Taj Mahal, India

12. Las Piramides De Giza, Egipto


Interviewer: “How much it was important that ace at the end of the fourth set?”

Simone: “It was important like the digs done by Tine and Max on the first points. I think we have all done our points, we also have all done our mistakes but we have reacted as a team. When they put us in difficulty, we stayed lucid and patient, but also very aggressive, withouth having fear to put out there everything we did during the training. I’m really satisfied of my team and of how we played today.” [x]

an AU based on this song where it’s monaco in the early 1950s - white sunshine, clean shores, sipping iced tea on terraces, yachting, attending cocktail parties when it’s still light out in the evening, the air smelling like salt and makeup powder - when poet john lennon meets precocious heir paul mccartney. “we could play a game of kiss and run”. long afternoons suntanning on the beach. walking along the pier. john, stretching his arms across the back seat of paul’s motorboat as it fans across the blue harbor water. drinking peach bellinis at a rooftop restaurant. kissing languidly in enormous beds with the sea breeze pushing the curtains through the double windows. pressing open mouthed promises to sun-warmed skin. knowing the summer will end soon.