Del Mar Skate Ranch was one of the most influential skate parks in the world, birthing some of the most legendary names in skateboarding history. In the 2nd part of Ride Channel’s spotlight on the classic park the focus shifts to the head to head battles between Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi.


TBT: I was in the 9th grade and I never missed a Pro-Am contest at the Del Mar Skate Ranch. On this particular Saturday I brought a 35mm camera with me, the first one I had ever held. My dad had inherited it at his job at the airport, as it was never claimed from the lost and found. These photos of Lester Kasai and Ken Park were shot by me from the stands. I printed the photos myself in a photo class. The photos suck. However, their one redeeming quality lies in the ancillary scenery. As only photography can, a moment in time was frozen. In hindsight, the moment was very poignant for me. I ended up being friends, and even living with some of these people. As pedestrian as the documentation is, there is magic in this imagery. I am not a nostalgic person, but in many ways my time spent at the Ranch would set the direction of my life forever.
People that I can identify in these photos: Fausto Vitello, Joe Johnson, Allen Losi, Lester Kasai, Tod Swank, Chip Morton, Billy Ruff, John “Tex” Gibson, J Grant Brittain, Craig Johnson, Jamie Mosberg, Glen E. Friedman, Mike McGill and Tony Hawk.