i really am speechless right now. we all waited 4 years to see spain take this home again. world cup winners. but we were cheated. NOT EVEN SORRY FOR SAYING THIS… but we were cheated. del bosque.. what were you trying to prove? i am so upset. I KNOW IN MY HEART.. i know you all knew in your hearts this was not the players fault. del boque left it too late. those first two matches watching poor villa, torres on the side lines aching in their bones to just run on the field and fix their shit. but now we celebrate. the whole world will see that the changes in players.. putting on the older players too late is what cost us a chance at winning the world cup again. WELL DONE SPAIN. well done. thank you for all your hard work, thank you for the victories.. the memories.. the happiness the pride. CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL YOUR WELL DESERVED SUCCESS. YOU WILL GO DOWN AS THE BEST TEAM IN HISTORY. the funniest, the most good looking..the most talented!