del shepard

“And if there is not a way?” Liara pressed slightly, her brows knit. “You are strong, and stubborn, and I have seen you accomplish things that I still cannot believe even though I was there, but you are not the Goddess, Shepard. Even if you do somehow manage to do this…and if anyone could, it would be you…there are still the Reapers, still a thousand different threats that can appear, things no one can predict. And no matter how hard you fight or how many battles you win, there is still the inevitable. You are human, and I am asari. You will age…grow old, and eventually…you will leave me again.”

Shepard shook her head, taking Liara’s shoulders. “No…that is a trap,” she said. “No one can know what will happen. Liara, I saw you shot on top of that hotel. I was terrified that I was going to lose you. That can happen again as well. An accident, a fight…you are asari but you are not immortal, not impervious. Do you think that I’m not afraid you might be taken away from me, too? Yeah, I may get supremely fucking lucky and live to be a hundred and fifty and die old and gray in my bed while you have to live on. Or the most horrific thing could happen and I could end up burying you…struggling to find a way to carry on without you there. Maybe we could even die together, at the same time…the point is we don’t know. What I do know is that I want to be with you, Liara. For an hour, for a century…for however long we have left, I don’t care. I’m not gonna lose you just because I’m afraid I’m gonna lose you.”

A tear spilled down the asari’s cheek, and Shepard brushed it away gently with a thumb. “Galaxy isn’t safe, dong ma?” she murmured. “Yeah…there are horrible things coming. Yeah, I have to fight them, and I may not come back from it. But with you I have a reason to fight. The galaxy is too fucking big, Tianlán…it’s too big a thing to fight for all on its own. So I’ll fight for you, and if the galaxy gets saved in the process…well, then that’s good too.”

- Del Shepard (Dark Energy: Trail of Shadows - Melaradark)