del reay

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  • nickname: melissa or mellie
  • zodiac: cancer
  • height: 5′8 // 173 cm
  • last thing i googled: … what 5′8 was in centimeters 
  • favourite music artist: rip quite a few but dua lipa, zara larsson, paramore, mo, charli xcx, little mix, panic! at the disco, hozier, tinie tempah, lana del reay, marina and the diamonds, astrid s, ariana grande, lorde, and i’m probably missing quite a few asdfghjkl also zEDD and ellie goulding !!  
  • song stuck in my head: i’m listening to rose colored boy right now so i guess that’s it ??
  • last movie i saw: it’s been a while since i saw a movie so probably ten things i hate about you !! but that’s been a month … threat level midnight from the office lol 
  • what am i wearing right now: a dress ; i came back from a team dinner !! 
  • why did i choose my url: someone was giving out urls and i kinda liked halsey but i’m probably going to change it to something fandom based !! or maybe something else i have ~ideas~ 
  • do i have any other blogs: i used to have @elmosolyodnius but i locked myself out so rip … i haven’t touched it in yEARS though i have no idea how to access it it’s just a relic
  • what did your last relationship teach you: not applicable
  • religious or spiritual: i’m pretty religious,  but it’s to a mild extent
  • favourite colour: purple
  • average hours of sleep: uhhhh six hours or so ??  
  • lucky number: three 
  • favourite characters: sana bakkoush, rebecca bunch, josh wilson, valencia perez, heather davis, the rotten four from descendants (jay;s my fave though), dwight schrute, kimmy shmidt, ron swanson, everyone from the office, bella dawson
  • how many blankets do i sleep with: two to four
  • dream job: a writer, actress, or rapper/singer/songwriter idk

aaand my twenty people: @ochocolate , @pariberelc , @whalethefatdolphin ( hiiii whale ) , @noorasaetlre , @space-ace , @lemonny , @isadoraswears , @redseulgis , @neljostns , @gryffndor , @siriusbllck , @lavendeir , @percweasly , @auradonrps , @rowmeyer aaand whoever else wants to do this :DD