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Reblog If You Are Apart/Enjoy Any Of These Fandoms

There are my main interests right now and what I’m going to be writing about. I’d like to follow people with similar taste in fandoms :) 

Percy Jackson (and all the series that come after him too)

The Outsiders

Harry Potter

New Girl

13 reasons why

Lana Del Rey

Regina Spektor

The Beatles

That 70′s Show

Gilmore Girls

Keeper of the Lose Cities

The Perks of being a Wallflower

Bo Burnham

Hunger Games



The Smiths


A collection of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day Cards.
Number One, as always, Ronnie from the Jersey Shore.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

It’s just a lovely, simple thing to have said. It’s nice to have popstars acknowledge it from time to time. Yeah, it is a bloke saying that to girls. And yeah, it is a privileged person saying it to an unknown quantity of people, but it isn’t said enough.
—  Fraser McAlpine on Harry’s words about respecting young girl fans (Ep. 7 of the Unbreak My Chart podcast)

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los signos como libros juveniles

aries:buscando a alaska 

tauro:corazon de mariposa

geminis:ciudades de papel 

cancer:hermosas criaturas 

leo: yo antes de ti 

virgo: maravilloso desastre 

libra: bajo la misma estrella 

escorpio: cazadores de sombras 


capricornio: harry potter 

acuario: los juegos del hambre 

piscis: la huesped