del ennis


endless list of favorite movies: Brokeback Mountain (2005) dir. Ang Lee

We coulda had a good life together. Fuckin’ real good life. Had us a place of our own. But you didn’t want it, Ennis. So what we got now is Brokeback Mountain. Everything’s built on that. That’s all we got, boy, fuckin’ all. So I hope you know that, even if you don’t never know the rest…I wish I knew how to quit you.

HONESTLY straight people missing the point of brokeback mountain infuriates me to no end. the point isn’t that ennis was stubborn for not risking everything for love. there is a strong implication that had he shacked up with jack one or both of them would of gotten dead. its about the way that fear tears people apart and forces them to live such painful lives for the sake of their own safety sometimes. it’s about the pressures of two gay men in a homophobic society that steals their happiness from them and in jack’s case, takes his life too


Brokeback Mountain (2005)

The story of a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys, and their lives over the years.

God’s Own Country (2017)

Spring. Yorkshire. Young farmer Johnny Saxby numbs his daily frustrations with binge drinking and casual sex, until the arrival of a Romanian migrant worker for lambing season ignites an intense relationship that sets Johnny on a new path.