del curry

My sexuality is too expansive for just one example.

My Sexuality:

Ben C. Doing this

and this

Sherlock Holmes Winking

Sherlock ruffling his hair

The tenth Doctor doing this

and this

Robert Downey Jr Doing this

Marlon Brando doing this

and this

Johnny Depp doing the tongue thing

Sebastian Stan doing this thing

Dean Winchester doing this

and this

Dean doing the tongue thing

and this

and this

and this

and this

whatever this is

Dean with guns

also his tummy

Jensen Ackles doing this

Jensen winking

Jensen staring into my soul

and all of this stuff

Everything Misha Collins has ever done including but not limited to


Misc. non-gifs that are also my sexuality

I could go on. I mean, these are just the guys…

Disclaimer: None of the pictures or gifs are mine.


Steph & Del Curry