del bac

anonymous asked:

you're from arizona right? what would you recommend to see or do for people visiting there (tucson + sedona)?


  • mission san xavier del bac - one of the most beautiful spanish missions in the southwest, and the oldest in arizona. it looks like a gorgeous white cake. 
  • the abandoned lisa frank factory - it’s near the airport and covered in rainbows and those big gay dolphins. inside, there’s lonely figurines of multicolored leopards, purple windows, and tragic limited too looking chairs. my name is ozymandius king of kings etc. 
  • go hiking! the desert is hot and dry and lovely there. 
  • eat at in-n-out, if you never have, just so you can say you’ve done it. 


  • go skinny dipping in oak creek canyon; you’ve never seen anything so beautiful. also no one will look twice at a naked person anywhere in sedona. it’s all aging hippies.
  • the chapel of the holy cross - a towering edifice cut into the red rocks that hosts performances of religious music. my best friend used to sing there on the regular, and the acoustics are incredible.
  • ufo-spotting tours are absolutely everywhere, and completely worth the money, you get to wander through the cliffs and darkness under a clear mountain sky. and, you know, maybe see a ufo. 
  • antelope canyon is reachable by car, but it’s on Navajo land, so you have to hire a guide to take you. totally worth it though, it’s surreal and twisty and an even more perfect rose gold in person.