deku babas

Ok so I absolutely love all the headcanons involving link being unprepared to be the hero. But like, they all seem to involve the younger versions of Link like Wind Waker or Ocarina of Time. 

But what about Twilight Princess Link

Yes, he is an older reincarnation, he is seventeen, but that doesn’t mean he’s suddenly some strong beacon of hope. Yes, he is courageous. He’s strong and he’s going to pull through as he always does but that doesn’t mean he’s scared. 

And I’m not talking about the deku babas, the bats, the spiders. I’m sure that Link can handle (and has handled) these monsters. No, I want to see the fear in his eyes when he sees the bosses in dungeons. I want to see someone showing how terrified he is when he nearly dies in the quick sand–I want to see him pulling himself up at the last second, limbs shaking, and needing to take a minute for himself.

I want people to humanize him as much as they do the younger incarnations.

Not just beaten and needing to take a minute, I want that terror in his eyes that we don’t see. 

I just love Twilight Princess Link so much and want to see so much more art like this of him.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but I just feel so passionately about this. But literally, correct me if I’m wrong, send me fanart and fanfictions. Do it. For science.


So a buddy commissioned me over the holidays to make this for his girlfriend. Since I am more artistically inclined to create a planted Deku Baba I did so. My ideas changed through out it but all and all I got it done. I am rather happy with how it turns out and it only took me 2 solid work days to get it done. His girlfriend loved it andl ike a good guy understood aren’t isn’t free :) So I hope you guys like mynlittle piece and more to come when i’m not dead from Trades School :)

Till Next Time.