So here’s my 2.5k follow forever! ♥ (i know i said i would upload it when i hit 2k but idk)

I already wrote it on my iPad but then the app crashed and now i have to do it again *sigh*

B: bjforpj
D: dekouniverse | desillusional
E: elliegalaxies
F. flamboyantlycombusting | frannij
H: hes-only-tiny
I: iallisa | im-still-in-shock
J: just-a-plank
K: kittybark11
L: liguoriliscious | lostinazureeyes | lowse | lucifers-an-assbutt
M: muro-sheep
N: nanamiec
O: oddthingshappening
P: parentsfoundmyblog | phil-is-my-cat | phil-lecter | philipllester | placentaandllamas | danielesterr
S: spoken-not-written
T: the-party-sc3ne | the-whale-incident
U: ugh-phandom
X: xxladymetalxx

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