When America and Japan first played the Pocky Game, they had yet to have their first kiss. So when the candy grew too short, the two of them actually stopped and stared at each other for a while before pulling away quickly, both red in the face.
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"Dekobokonbi Found Photos" Daily Post: Muse Chats
  • America: What're you doing, Keeks?
  • Japan: Oh, America-kun, I didn't see you there. I found an old box of photos.
  • America: Oh, really!? Cool! Can I see?
  • Japan: Of course.
  • America: This was the one of the times I spent the night at your house!
  • Japan: You took this picture, I believe.
  • America: Yeah! You made me dinner and we watched some action movie.
  • Japan: Ah yes, I remember.
  • America: ...
  • America: Hey, Kiku?
  • Japan: Yes, America-kun?
  • America: Did you like me then?
  • Japan: W-What? ...Well I.. I...
  • America: -Because I liked you!
  • Japan: You did?
  • America: Well yeah! Duh. I remember all the movies I've seen, especially with you.
  • Japan: ...
  • America: And that was the first time I didn't remember the movie.
  • Japan: I don't follow your reasoning...
  • America: I wasn't paying attention to the movie, is all. I was paying attention to you. :)
  • Japan: O-Oh! I understand now... u////u
  • America: So...?
  • Japan: ...?
  • America: Did you like me?
  • Japan: ....
  • Japan: I did.
  • America: You remember?
  • Japan: No... In the picture.
  • America: what?
  • Japan: I... wasn't smiling at the camera.

Kikucentric fanarts~
Sekakiku Cardverse series: Spades and Hearts, Ameripan

Next: Diamonds and Hearts: FraPan

It sould actually makes sense if I started with Gerpan but I wanted to draw an Ameripan so here you go. 
I hate the background. I kind of rushed it (CAUSE I WANTED TO FINISH IT NOW) so I made one with transparent background. 

I’m doing all the Kings first then the Queens, then the Jacks and then maybe others in card roles(NedPan, SpaPan,RomaPan, etc.) oh and with the Jacks too.

I might also make a ChessTalia Version. Still Kikucentric? not sure.


Second Pic is a bit of a spoiler.
A fan art for chapter 31 of a fan fic called Critical Hit by SarahTonin.
Read it here:

It’s an Ameripan fic with a Genderbent Kiku Honda. Another thing is that the human names are different. We have Kiku Honda to Kiki Nihonda and Alfred to Eric.
t’s very awesome and I just have to say that it is my current addiction. Been posting and posting statuses about the story on my FB wall every few minutes!