“The secret to love: Have you ever noticed that when you "fall in love” for the short time when you are ‘swept-away’ the one toward whom your affection is directed can do no wrong? Your judgement of them is blind, you see only beauty, and you feel like you’re in heaven… Maybe it’s a beautiful gift from our Father, a slice of heaven hard wired into us as a reminder. Maybe its the closest thing to heaven we can feel in these bodies.

Some trivialize this state and call it “infatuation” as if those first feelings are substandard to “real love.”

What if we have it backwards? What if during that early non-judgmental period we are have a glimpse of what following Jesus teaching not to judge really is like? What if that’s how God feels about you? Or try this: Imagine falling in love with everyone you meet… I mean, really… seeing them beyond all judgement. You would be one happy camper, wouldn’t you? I’m not talking about romance as such, but crazy, can do no wrong affection. Perhaps the kingdom of heaven among us is such a place, here and now.

Who here wants to fall in love over and over and over and forever? Who here wants to take exception? Give love.“ - Ted Dekker

—  Ted Dekker’s FB page
And, I'm reminded why I dislike fandoms.


Makes me appreciate the Dekker fandom endlessly. 

Newbies to any fandom aren’t idiots. Especially if they have access to the internet, or tumblr.

The big , shocking plot twists?

It’s likely they’ll know about it.

Even just from all the posts snickering about how the newbies/people who haven’t read the book/whoever will be SHOCKED…

Get real.

Look at Pretty Little Liars . There are people all over who haven’t read the books, and are very aware of the twin theory, and know who Courtney is. It isn’t a super secret.

Especially not if people constantly post about how ‘When the newbies see this/When the people who haven’t read the books see this they’ll be so confused!’

No. Just no.

They have probably seen something about it, or something laughing about how they won’t get it.

Loves, all they’ll be is driven away, because the fandom acts like elitist jerks. End of story.

Now, excuse me while I retreat to the Ted Dekker fandom, where we all actually encourage  people to get into the fandom, and welcome newbies.

“I think I have an addiction. It’s called writing. I have another one called thinking. Now… Imagine you woke up today without any memory of anything negative ever having happened to you. Imagine you could ‘let go’ of the past completely (true forgiveness). You would have no regrets or grievances and no fear of the future. Now THAT would be living in a state of Grace. If you want some Grace Juice, say so.

Treat every hour as if it’s your first and you will find peace. Forgive your enemy. Forgive your teacher, your boss, your significant other. Forgive your body. Forgive your crappy car. Forgive the tedium of your job. And if you really want peace, forgive yourself, which only means to see yourself as God does. Without blame. Grace Juice anyone?” -Ted Dekker

—  Ted Dekker FB page