“The last three songs I’ve listened to is Carolina by Harry Styles, Slow Hands by Niall Horan, and American Teen [by] Khalid.”

0:13 → Deke or shoot?
0:14 → We say Wingate, you say…?
0:29 → Instagram or Snapchat?
0:40 → Finally, who do you look forward to playing against?

(from sportsnet’s instagram story)

+ on twitter: “I really like to sing, mostly in the shower and the car ride by myself.”


On April 9, 1959, the Mercury Seven were introduced to the world (and each other) for the first time. Scott Carpenter, Gordo Cooper, John Glenn, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, Alan Shepard, and Deke Slayton were announced as NASA’s original astronauts, “selected to begin training for orbital space flight.”

I’ve never seen anything like it, before or since. It was just a frenzy of light bulbs and questions. It was some kind of roar. I know I stumbled through a couple of answers.

What was the real surprise was watching John Glenn. Someone asked if our wives were behind us. Six of us said, ‘Sure,’ as if that had ever been a real consideration. Glenn piped up with a damn speech about God and family and destiny. We all looked at him, and then each other.”

–Deke Slayton on their first press conference

Drowning Diamonds performs at the Aleph

A Wandering Star deleted scene (#Zodiac Books)

“Welcome to the Aleph,” says a metallic-bodied android standing in the center of the empty space, holding a silver tray. “Would you like any Abyssthe before entering?”

“No thanks,” says Nishi. Then she turns to me in excitement. “Pick a door, Rho.”

“Which one?”

She shrugs mysteriously, and I roll my eyes and walk forward to the one directly across from me. When I open it, the room is dark with pulsing holographic lights, and it’s packed with people dancing. But I can’t hear anything.

Curious, I cross the threshold, and as soon as I step through, the sound blasts on.

A percussion-heavy song beats through the room and once everyone else is inside, we thread through the crowd toward the stage, where a tattooed band is performing a high-energy number. I don’t know where I’m going, or why I’m still moving, until I reach the edge of the stage and realize I’m gravitating toward the drums.

It feels like ages since I last played.

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it was just like a movie
it was just like a song
my God, this reminds me
of when we were young

skidrow-seymour  asked:

I've been looking into the process of how a person changes their name (long story short, it took my parents twenty six years to notice years to notice my birth certificate is wrong!) and it got me thinking about how so many astronauts go by other names. I get turning James into Jim, Walter into Wally and even Donald into Deke, but how did Virgil become Gus? I tried to give it a quick Google, but I figured if anyone knew you did!! x

You came to the right place! :)

Gus was never really wild about his first name (I believe he was named Virgil because his aunt liked the name, and his mother thought “why not?”; not sure where his middle name Ivan came from but he didn’t like it either). Growing up his friends called him Greasy, and in the military he went by Gris sometimes.

There are a few different versions of the story, but basically at some point in the early 50s, Gus was playing cards with friends and his name was written on the scorecard as “Gris”. Someone looked at it upside down and misread it as “Gus,” and the nickname stuck :)

(As a side note, a few years ago Betty was asked what she called him at home, Gus or Virgil, and she said, “Probably ‘Hey you!’” 😂)

The enemy series with charades
  • Deke slamming his arm on the table:
  • Deke shaking head violently pointing to his arm:
  • Freak: uuhhhh waittt
  • maxie: ...snake?
  • Achillues: HOW THE F**K WAS THAT A WORM