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[ARSENAL] D-Rod & D-Stick.

Japanese: ディーロッド
Romaji: Dii Roddo

Users: Deka Blue, Deka Green
Weapon type: Baton
Other Forms/Modes: D-Sniper, D-Blaster

Japanese: ディースティック
Romaji: Dii Sutikku

Users: Deka Yellow, Deka Pink
Weapon types: Foil, jitte
Other Form/Mode: D-Shot


  • D-Knuckles were required to form the D-Arms: the D-Sniper, the D-Blaster, and the D-Shot.
  • The D-Sniper has the longest range of all the combination weapons.
  • The D-Blaster’s power output comes close to that of the Hybrid Magnum.

From: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger - Episode 3