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The Fulgur Vol. 1: The Depths of the Abyss

1907. Further to a terrible storm, a ship navigating in the Yucatán Channel sinks in an Oceanic trench with a billion dollars of pure gold in its holds. Three years later, a bold group of explorers and treasure hunters embarks aboard the Fulgur, a unique submarine, to find the lost cargo. But their adventure, diving to depths as great as 4,000 meters, is about to take a dramatic turn and defy all comprehension! - $5.99


Soleil in English

Written by Christophe Bec

Translated By Edward Gauvin

Art by Dejan Nenadov

Colored by Tanja Wenish

Cover by Yvan Villeneuve

Genres Action/Adventure Fantasy

About Book
Page Count 58 Pages - Digital Release Date April 19 2017 - Age Rating 12+  - Only Sold by comiXology