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you live in this finely crafted pony world, but what if the world of FAR came back

Well he seems to be popping up a bit on your Gwarmosian blog, that’s good to see.

I’ve still got all the little notes I scrawled in nigh-illegible letters across a half-dozen some odd notebooks and we’ve still got the chatlogs (the hundreds of thousands of lines of chat my god it’s sprawling) to draw information from, and it’s not like I ever really forgot anything about the universe we hashed out…

I was actually considering it, earlier, writing up some more Balko-centric stuff. It’d be a nice change of pace, getting out of ponies for a bit and back into what I enjoy writing for most of all.

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I've been reading way too much lately, mostly alt-history of ww2 and zombies and everytime they mention Balkans or Krieg I get flashbacks. Plus way too little wargames as of late, like BF3. LONG STORY SHORTER: The Federation and my filthy smogdogs are invading my real life to tell me to not forsake them.

I’ve been mostly writing for war-ponies and that old post-apocalypse journal I was doing but the urge to return to that Federalized brutality has been rising lately. Lot of ideas kicking around involving those Enforcer snippets I was tossing up a few months ago, and I’ve got the skeleton of that Enforcer meeting the Gwarms and the Balks on whatever godforsaken world they were offing themselves over.

I’ll probably grind some stuff out whenever I take a long enough break from ponies and morrowind to get down to it, and after that I’ll continue typing out what I have written of that Balko-Garvari War journals.

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FUUUUUUCK. Where’d I put the shitstick…

But seriously, I’ve been hearing yip-yips out and about. I think there was one in a video game I played, and then a few when I was just roaming the streets one day and my first reaction was to try and find some manner of decent cover and a weapon. I found neither but made haste to return home.

Fuckin’ Gwarmans, ruinin’ my walk.