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Milt Kahl gave the final look to all deer characters, including adolescent Bambi. He ended up animating most of his personality scenes, including the section where Bambi meets Feline as an adult. As usual, the anatomy in his drawings feels rock solid while offering possibilities for unrealistic, even cartoony animation. Milt’s animation of Bambi following Feline through the clouds has nothing to do with realistic deer motion, but it interprets instead the dreamlike state of falling in love. 

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Deja View: Japanese Planet of the Apes

I guest host Deja View once again to look at Japanese Planet of the Apes, aka Time of the Apes of MST3K fame!


Bambi (1942) | animation - Milt Kahl

Milt Kahl and some of his colleagues had a way of drawing and animating characters that seem to inhabit real space. Individual parts of the body connect organically, and there is a flow from one form into another. A full understanding of the character’s anatomy as well as perspective is the key to achieving this type of dimensionality. 

Rough drawings, like the one above, often indicate how the animator solved drawing problems. They also show where time was spent and effort put into carving out correct, believable and interesting poses. In this sketch Milt was concerned with Bambi’s head in a down position, and how it connects to the body. Fascinating brain work. Deja View

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Deja View: King Kong vs. Doctor Who?

I guest host Deja View!


A pencil test from the gifted animator Andres Deja, who received an Annie nomination for his work on Tigger in the feature film “Winnie the Pooh”.


In 1977, Italian distributor Luigi Cozzi made this crazy amazeballs colorized version of Godzilla.

Special thanks to my son for pointing this one out!

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Walt Stanchfield

Not many animation artists make good teachers, but Walt Stanchfield was a heck of an inspirational instructor to many folks who worked at Disney during the 1980s and 90s. In his life drawing classes he did not want you to copy the model on paper, he wanted you to interpret the model’s pose for animation. Go further with the body’s rhythm, push the action line, feel the weight.

He frequently went over young artists’ work by helping them to find the essence of a pose, and make a clear, often entertaining statement.

Walt was never one of Disney’s top animators (he did beautiful clean up work for many of the Nine Old Men, before moving into animation in the early 1960s).

In the photo above he is animating Baloo from The Jungle Book as he is chasing King Louie’s monkeys, who just kidnapped Mowgli. It’s a real nice action sequence that shows Walt’s talent as an animator. Deja View


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Every time I hear this song I think about that 23rd episode of the first season of xxxHolic.

“Doumeki made a choice too. By shooting her, even if it hurt you, even if you hold a grudge against him…so that he could stop you from disappearing.”

Can you imagine what’s going through Doumeki’s mind after that? He sees the one person he’s bound to by fate drive himself to death’s door with no regrets just for some sense of comfort and personal intimacy. The one thing he needs most is the one thing he cannot give. Can you imagine all the pain and frustration that must cause for him? Because he must always stay stoic in front of Watanuki, maybe he just went home and let himself cry it out alone…