deja vu movie

a rant...

@carmillaseries I know you won’t read this but as a long time (from the beginning) fan of this web series, I’m appalled once again that you’ve made no effort whatsoever to make sure Elise Bauman gets the recognition she deserves for her amazing work playing the one-and-only Laura Hollis. She deserves better…so much better. But year after year I see no effort on your part to promote her or support her or make sure she is recognized for her work. As we’ve all acknowledged (including Natasha I might add…over and over again) that she’s the backbone of this show, I see no reason why you wouldn’t invest the time into making sure she’s recognized and rewarded for her work. I’m beyond disappointed…I have no words at this point. Seeing as the movie comes out soon, you must do better. We need to show Elise how much we appreciate her and it starts with you…please listen to us and understand how important this is to us. Cuz we won’t stop until Elise is officially recognized for her role on Carmilla. She deserves so much better!!!



That was a close one!

For a second there, I thought I might be in the world of the Denzel Washingto/Val Kilmer/et. al. film “Deja Vu” - I was watching “The Mentalist” episode ‘Bloodshot’ (1.16) and when the security guard scanned Jane’s ID card, my clock beeped to signify that it was the start of another hour.