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Hmm what about a scenario where the Vongola's box animals (maybe hibird too in hibari's case up to you) quickly warm up to their s/o?

Tsuna:  Natsu had wamred up instantly to you.  It hadn’t suprised to many people at first, weren’t box animals supposed to share at least some things in common with their masters.  What did surprise everyone was what happened after Natsu seemed to have adopted you.  He lost what little maturity he had around you.

The small lion cub would follow you around and always threw a fit when it was time to go back into his box.   At first, this was easily overlooked.  Then, the lion cub started to make sure that he was the one that was always next to you.  Perhaps a little odd, the others agreed, but it should be remembered that Natsu was a cat after all.  And that behavior was also passed off.

It wasn’t until the cat actually hissed at Tsuna when Tsuna when another box animal got to close that people actually started to wonder what had come over the animal.  It was when Verde was finally questioned, (after all, it must be some sort of malfunction that needed to be fixed before a serious issue arose from it) that the answer finally came to light and Tsuna was left stunned into a bright red.  “The box animals can reflect their master’s personalities, even the parts that are normally kept hidden.”  

Gokudera:  From the moment that she had met you, Uri loved you.  At first it was hard to say if it was because she honestly liked you or if she just instinctively realized that Gokudera would be irritated by her sudden closeness to you.  While most people assumed it was the first, Gokudera was convinced it was the second, and was convinced that it was working.

It wasn’t so much that he was jealous of you, he had long ago stopped getting jealous of the fact that Uri seemed perfectly content to love everyone and everything except him.  No, he was jealous of her.  He kept suddenly finding himself pushed to the back-burner by Uri coming over to be pet or for food, or to proudly present the mouse that she caught, before releasing the thing on Gokudera’s foot.  

And Gokudera was big enough to realize that admitting he was jealous of a cat would not garner him any sympathy.  Nor would his insistence that every time his monster of cat came over, she would glare at him with the most hateful eyes before turning an adoring gaze on you.  Therefore he was left with one course of action, he had to just keep the animal boxed up when you were around.  The one issue was that as soon as Uri saw that thing come out, she would immediately turn the most convincing baleful eyes on him, and he could never bring himself to do it. 

Yamamoto: (Jirou & Kojirou)  It was no surprise and Jirou and Kojirou took to you immediately.  Jirou would immediately roll over to present his stomach to you whenever he came across you.  Kojirou would fly alongside you, gliding slowly to match his own pace to yours.

Yamamoto loved to go outside with you so that he could bring the animals out, using any excuse that he could to have the four of your together.  He would end up playing some type of fetch iwth Jirou (you say some type becuase the objects could be sticks, balls, swords, or some other dangerous object that had you wincing in worry).  Kojirou would deivide his time by flying above the dog’s head, or by flying around you, doing every type of trick in his repertoire.  It amused the other Guradians to no end to see the way that the 3 would show off for you, because that was the only thing that could describe the antics that they would get up to out on those picnics. 

Ryohei: (Kangaryuu)  Other people joked about how their boyfriends’ box animals had tried to “adopt” them.  You knew that in your case, it was perfectly true.  Your own boyfriend’s kangaroo had definitely tried to do it.  You knew that, because the animal had once tried to put you in her pouch.  Not only that, every time you sparred with someone, practicing your self-defense, the animal was sure to be there.  Quick to patch you up and even quicker to jump (quite literally) to your defense and send your opponents flying when they looked to much for you to handle.

You had become used to seeing the large mammal there when you would fight, so long as Ryohei wasn’t on a mission.  And even then, when your boyfriend returned and you would greet him, the large animal would be right there, checking for any wounds that you might have accrued during her absence.

Lambo: (Gyuudon)  The excitable bull had liked you from the first moment Lambo had introduced you to him.  That in itself wasn’t all that surprising, considering the feelings his own master had for you.  What was surprising was the amount of gentleness the animal showed around you.  

It was as if the bull knew that his strength in this moment was not the best thing to show off and thus kept it contained when he was with you.  If the two of you happened to be outside at the same time, Gyuudon would lazily follow you when you walked, making sure to be close enough that in case anything happened he would be right there, but also being careful not to accidentally tread on you or knock you over.

It was something that Tsuna liked to watch, as if he could see a more straightforward version of Lambo in that moment.  The lack of any bravado and just the relaxed nature of the usual much more highstrung bull  Tsuna believed carried over to the way that Lambo truly was around you.  And it was something he liked watching, seeing right there, the proof before his eyes, that his little adopted brother could have this quieter nature.

Hibari:  It was how quickly Roll warmed up to you that surprised people the most.  Hibird had quickly become a friend of you as well, liking to use your head for a resting place and singing her song happily next to your ear, but she was not half so shy as Roll.  It was when Roll had come to see you as a large friend that surprised everyone.

Roll who was clearly uncomfortable around anyone other than his master, who loved his master and only his master, had quickly taken a liking to you.  While it was somewhat expected that he would eventually come to at the very least relax a bit to you, no expected the sheer amount of joy as a reaction of your presence that came very quickly after meeting you.  

What really didn’t come as a surprise to the rest of the Guardians was how quickly after you met the animals that the naps started happening.  It became a common sight to come across you reading a book with Hibari using your lap as a pillow, Roll curled right next to his master’s head on your knees and Hibard nestled in your hair.  

Mukuro: (Mukurowl)  It honestly came as a surprise to most of the Vongola Guardians when Mukurowl took an instantaneous liking to you.  The big bird  comfortably gliding around the mansion, following you when you did your daily tasks.  And everyone who had become accustomed to breathing a sigh of relief when it sat on Mukuro’s shoulder as he completed his business, had to become used to it popping out randomly with you.  

The staff also had to become used to cleaning up the small dead animals the bird would proudly bring to you.  The more cheerful servants at the Vongola Mansion found the whole thing terribly romantic, even as they had to dispose of yet another small mammal, convinced that the bird was simply acting on Mukuro’s own hidden desires of wanting to prove to you how capable he was of providing for you.  It was a rumor that Tsuna had started and happily watched it grow (having spent years with Reborn he had learned just how sweet revenge could be).

And so the surprise gradually wore off as did the discomfort people felt at seeing the big white bird glide through the halls of the mansion following you.  Eventually, the romanticism of the dead rodents wore off as well.  What never wore off though, was Mukuro’s hidden happiness at how you and his box animal got along, always making sure that the animal was able to spend at least a little time each day with you.  Surely if he deserved the peace he gained from spending time with you, than his owl did as well.  

AoLI Audio Book

UPDATE 3: A second winner has been selected and contacted. They’ll have a chance to respond, and if they do, they’ll receive the galley; if not, I’ll do a new drawing. See this post for more details about why there were two winners.

I’ve got some more news regarding The Art of Language Invention coming September 29th from Penguin Books. Penguin has hired someone to do the audio version of the book—me! Not that there were likely a ton of options (there’s more than 30 different languages used in the book, many of which I created), but it should make for a fun read and listen. It means I’ll be reading sections like this, with sound effects:

For example, an English word like lava is pretty understandable: you’ve got an l sound, a nice open a vowel, a v sound, and then a kind of reduced a sound. Even though languages will use different sounds, it wouldn’t be surprising to find that type of word in any given language. It would be odd to find a word like la§a in a language. How do you pronounce la§a? Pretty much like lava, except instead of putting a v sound in between the a vowels, you clap your hands together once. So l-a-CLAP!-a.

Or switching between languages like this:

At some point in time, we stopped pronouncing a [k] sound in front of an [n] sound at the beginning of a word (hence knot, knee, knock, etc.). It might seem odd to a modern-day English speaker to ever have that combination of sounds begin a word, but it happens. Initial [kn] clusters are preserved in German (cf. Knoblauch [ˈkno.blawx] “garlic”) and in Russian (cf. книга [ˈkni.gə] “book”).

Or saying things in Irathient like this:

1. Gyaba Deivid Bəwi. [ɟ de.vid bə.wi]
2. Gyaba Deivid Bəwi? [ɟ de.vid bə.wi]
3. Deivid Bəwi hazə? [de.vid bə.wi ha.zə]

I.e. “David Bowie is a genius”, “Is David Bowie a genius?” and “What is David Bowie?” (answer: he’s a genius).

In conjunction with this post, I’d also like to announce that I’ll be giving away a galley copy of The Art of Language Invention!

In fact, that one right there. I or my cat might even decorate it in some way, like so:

Roman has dusty little paws! Anyway, this is an uncorrected proof copy, so it’s pretty rare (and contains some embarrassing typos that slipped past me! Like where I wrote “even though her actual name is Daenerys, not Khaleesi, ARRRRGGHHHHH!” when I meant to write “.”). If you’d like to own your very own “not ready for public consumption but like 90% totally legit done and ready” copy of The Art of Language Invention, you must do one of the following by 10:00 a.m. on July 13th, 2015:

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“Sei que não é fácil perdoar uma mancada,uma palavra que magoa,uma piada sem graça ou até mesmo esquecer uma data de aniversário.

Mas lembre-se de uma coisa.

Amigo não se tem todos os dias,principalmente grandes amigos.Não seja egoísta ou orgulhoso,alias todo mundo tem bom coração.Então lembre-se que o perdão existe e com um pedir de desculpas,tudo está resolvido.
Esqueça o orgulho,porque as pessoas não aparecem a toa em nossas vidas e quando olhar pra trás e lembrar dos ótimos momentos que passaram juntos,vai pensar,como fui ridículo em não te perdoar.”

Trecho de um texto escrito e postado no fotolog da Banda Replace, pelo @DeividReplace