equius is the deity of strength and loyalty

he is rumoured to hold up the entire universe, working from the void as the structure to everything we know, and has a tendency to be one of the more obscure of the gods. it is well known that he is commonly associated with the deity of hunt and heart, which is often symbolized by his green sash and his bow, which was crafted on the bequest of the deity of hunt and heart who is one of the two patron deitys of nature

it is said in legend that the world will end the moment he lets go of the universe and fires his arrow from his bow. he is the one you pray to for strength, endurance and moral fiber

he is a gentle god

Post-Game God Headcanons (mostly sollux)

Sollux wouldn’t be some two-bit prophet of doom as a god in a new world, no he’d be the embodiments of the celestial bodies. What do you get if your split his name in two? Sol Lux, literally sunlight. But as part of his duality scheme he wouldn’t just be the god of the sun, he’d also be the god of the moon. And, fitting in with his title as Mage of Doom, do you know what happens when the sun and the moon meet up? An eclipse is what. And do you know what eclipses are signs of? Apocalypse. Doom.

Now, I know it would make sense for Vriska to be the sun goddess, as her Aspect’s symbol is a sun, but as the Thief of Light, this wouldn’t make a lot of sense. She’d be the goddess of fortune, both good and bad, which are dictated by the stars, matching her Aspect’s symbol.

karkat is the deity of blood and health

hes also more widely known as the patron god of all mortal humans and its said that his blood runs through all humans

though hes often depicted as a rageful god, hes one of the kindest gods and is known to be kinder to humans than other gods. you pray to him for good health, for quick recovery from illnesses, and for penance, mercy and protection

he is a merciful god

sollux is the deity of duality and circumstance

he is the one you pray to for resolving of internal conflict, for favourable circumstances, and also the one you pray to for absolving of sin

honestly theres a lot of questions of his godhood and mortality at times, but people learn to leave the issue alone because bad things happen when you question those things

he is a neutral god

gamzee is the capricious deity of betrayal of deceit

he is also known as the false god, the living god, the immortal, and the harbinger of the armageddon. it is said that at the beginning of time, he killed all the dragons in the world, taking bones from the first dragon to ever live as his weapons. as he further wreacked havoc in the world, a group of other gods banded together to put an end to his tyranny, locking him away and chaining him to an eternal punishment. the legend goes that if he is ever to be released, an apocalypse will again lay siege onto the world

he is a god worshipped primarily by satanic cults, and is the patron god of ill will. he is the one you would pray to for ease in subterfuge, secrecy, and success in betrayal

he is a vindictive god

kanaya is the deity of penance, virtue and creation

she is one of the triple goddesses of creation, with aradia being the reason things progress, kanaya being the reason things exist, and feferi being the reason things possess life

she is the one you pray to for improvement of strength of character, for personal enlightenment and achievement, and for forgiveness; she is seen by many as the mother of humanity, a protector against ill will

she also is known to be hostile towards the capricious deity (though more on him will be revealed in time)

she is a merciful goddess