deity pokemon

just managed to caught Tapu Bulu last night, & decided to draw the said guardian deity and its appointed Island’s King Nanu <3

PS: the Kahuna in Japanese is literally referred as “Island King / Queen” in the japense vers of the game, so ye~ xD

anyone else find it a little fucked up that our characters just move in, conquer the league, and are supposed to catch these alola deity pokemon after they’ve been protecting the islands for centuries?




It’s Tapu Yui!!

anonymous asked:

Mermaid AU suggestion; instead of some mermaids having magic since that's sort of hard to explain in worldbuilding by itself, maybe tie it to the deity totem pokemon? Either tapu koko (the... idk, pufferfish) rescues the protag and gives them water breathing when he drops them off with the relevant mermaids, or keeping it closer to your idea instead of closer to the games they (Hala, Hau, some others) can pray to the tapu to get the spells (as a perk of being a kahuna or their family, maybe?)

mer-magic kind of works like that, but i wouldn’t say they “pray” to tapu koko for powers. it’s more or less bestowed on them when they’re chosen to be kahuna! and because the magic is bound to the blood of a mer, family members born /after/ the kahuna gets their title get powers as well (although, they’re not as strong) which would explain how hau has powers as well :0