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(1/2) I sent this ask to yatorihell but I'd like to hear your thoughts about it since it's more speculation/headcanon than theory and I have nothing to support it (btw, I don't know if anyone come up with this already ._.') Nobody reconizes Yato as Tsukyomi because of his black hair, while Tsukyomi had white hair just like Amaterasu. The reason Yato's hair is black due the way he died in his past life. (continue)

(2/2) In summary, he made a spell to save his beloved shiki absorving their bad karma (which would made them able to reencarnate - Yukine/Hyori/Sakura??)and his hair turned black, in a way to ‘expurge’ the karma from his body. The spell would be Father’s ideia, of course. Amaterasu, untill now, keep thinking her brother exile himself after the shinkis death, which she is the one to blame. She do think Yato looks like her brother but she has no way to know the truth… What do you think?

We don’t know what Tsukuyomi’s hair color is in Noragami, though. The series takes some creative liberties, and Gods don’t always resemble their “real life” versions (Ebisu and Bishamon being proof of that). 

I have seen some people mentioning that Yato and Amaterasu’s eyes look similar. Generally, higher deities are shown with those super light, almost empty stares. But while it’s true that Adachitoka have always put a lot of attention to the eyes, I don’t think that’s enough to assume they’re siblings (and we have yet to see Susanoo and Izanagi!).

On the other hand, Gods never change appearance when they reincarnate. The way Yato died in a previous incarnation (if this isn’t in fact his first one) should not affect how he looks now. Not to mention it’s been hinted at that all Gods die by exploding, so, in the same way.

Lastly, I’m pretty cautious when it comes to spells because they can very easily become an asspull. So far, only Father, as ‘the sorcerer’, has shown the ability to perform spells/black magic/esoteric Buddhism. It’s true that he probably has the ability to conceal Karma corruption (like he did with the medicine he gave Kugaha for Aiha?), but I’m not so sure about the idea of a God carrying that corruption. We have already seen Yukine get really corrupted, and that nearly killed Yato. If Yato somehow had the ability to repress that corruption, he would have done it back then. 

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Once upon a time, there was a post that guided you through this meditation thing to talk to the deities. I've done my research but I feel like I'm wrong? I thought the woman I met was Aphrodite but I am not sure anymore. She was blond and kind and she invoked this feeling of peace and home. I dunno. Any ideas who else she could be??

Anyone. And that’s why I don’t do sign interpretations, anon.

Deities do not have a fixed form, They can appear to us in any form, and I honestly believe that part of how They appear to us has to do with how we perceive Them and how we picture Them in our own minds. So visual descriptions of a deity are generally pretty low on my scale of important things to help determine who a deity is. The first time I ‘saw’ Dionysos in a dream, He looked more like your typical description of Apollon, and I’m 100% convinced that it’s because He was fucking with me and wanted to make some sort of game out of me figuring out who He was.

Many deities are described as kind and invoking feelings of peace in people. Those are two words that I use to describe Nyx, Hera, Aphrodite, Hestia, and Gaia…just to name a few. But keep in mind that different people get different vibes and feelings from different deities. I may feel calm and at peace with Gaia, while another may feel powerful and wild.

I’m also of the opinion that signs (and that includes interactions in visions and dreams) with deities is something that’s going to be tailored for you personally to understand. They’re talking to you for a reason, and even if you don’t know what They mean or Who They are right away, I genuinely believe that the message is set up in a way that you will be able to understand better than anyone. 


When I get stressed, I make spreadsheets. Comparative lists of TAZ NPCS and death ratios according to gender, sexuality, and familial relation to named characters of another gender (Marked by an X). NPCs from bonus episodes are excluded except for determining familial relation, most NPCs without any speaking roles excluded. Deities excluded. NPCs are generally listed in order of appearance. Visual ease ranking on these; very bad, for the record.

Male and Female are used here to avoid the awkward passive voice of “characters that are men,” but let the concept of biological sex burn. For the purpose of this spreadsheet, Taako is included as a male character despite his “I am not a man” line. Sorry Taako, the nuances of sun elf gender are likely vast enough to be owed their own entire spreadsheet. Onward to WHAT WE LEARNED.

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So there’s a Kamitube???


Okay so Super as we all know has it’s stupid parts (I like to call them stuper moments) and it has it’s cool parts. But I’m sure we can all agree, that Kamitube is one of it’s most ingenious ideas, and should be considered cannon by all! But this startling new revelation that the gods of the dragon ball multiverse have some sort of communications network which presumably works much in the same way as the Earthly website YouTube, in which any deity can make their own channel and upload videos, for the rest of their heavenly colleagues to see, while they stream it on their TVs, phones(?), and staffs, begs one very important question. What type of channel would some of our favorite god-tier Dragon Ball characters have? Here’s what I think:


He’d probably name his channel something like ‘Sojourn to Clarity’ where he’d give his viewers guided mediation exercises, helping them quell the turbulence in their hearts, and the torrent of thoughts in their mind, so that they can achieve a higher level of enlightenment and clarity, and not to mention brew the sweetest tea. Occasionally he also gives calligraphy tutorials for the language of the gods, as well as some of the more beautifully complex ones, found all around universe 10.


Kaioshin wouldn’t have wanted to call his channel anything fancy or pretentious really it could be as simple as ‘Shin’s channel’. I Like to think he knows how to play many different kinds of instruments, most of which are in the string family, he uploads himself playing his favorite songs, as well as his interpretation of the most popular ones, from around universe 7. Occasionally he might post a video with techniques he’s found personally useful when dealing with stress and anxiety. He might also film a gorgeous waterfall, or flowery meadow, on a planet he’s created, that he’s particularly proud of.


Her channel is called “Healthy Cooking made easy” and yep you guessed it, her channel primarily consist of cooking tutorials for recipes that are low in fat and high in nutrition, with the occasional fitness program thrown in. Her channel is kind of like Russian roulette, while some recipes are pretty good others might leave your tongue cursing you for having wasted so much time, so you can torture it.  Vados has a humble but decent amount of subscribers. When he’s feeling particularly frustrated, Champa will make a new account under a pseudonym so he can send her mean comments. These fall off of her like water since she knows who it is.

Lord Beerus

Beerus’ channel is insanely popular. (am I being biased? Abso-freaking-lutely!) He probably called it, “Epic battles”. Now we found out that in Battle of the Gods, that Beerus watches anime. His channel mostly consists of clips taken from animes hailing from all around the multiverse, but universe 7 in particular, usually of the climatic fight scene, or the ones in the middle that were well, epic. His channel also includes footage of actual fights to the death between rivals, and those that have taken place in tournaments. That video Gowasu was watching, that brought the super dragon balls to  Zamasu’s attention was probably from Beerus’ channel. Every once in a while you’ll get some food porn uploaded to the channel.

Elder Kai

His channel is named ‘Girls of Universe 7 Gone Wild!’ Basically he uses his ‘omniscient vision’ to peer into every corner of the universe for events and festivals taking place on any given planet. When he finds one in which the people have taken to throwing away their inhibitions a long with their clothes, he’ll instant transmission and start filming. Elder Kai has exactly 0 subscribers. Deities are generally enlightened beings, and as a result the great majority are not perverts. To bad, he’d probably be pretty popular on Earth.


He couldn’t think of anything better then “The Road Ahead” for a channel name. It’s mostly a personal vlog, of his experiences as a apprentice supreme Kai, his subscribers are mostly other kais in training, which is the same type of channels he mostly subscribes to (he’s a fan of Epic Battles though). Unfortunately most of his vlogs turn into angry rants by the end, even if he intended it to be positive when he started filming himself. He’ll jut be like; “Today was also most challenging, Gowasu-sama left me with a task, that answered little questions, and had me contemplating many new ones. He told me I was to watch over the emerging civilization on the planet Tank, but he was unclear about a purpose if there was any. Anyways at first I was amazed by the developments, the Tankseijins are amphibious by nature, they ordinarily cannot travel to far without water as they need to keep their skin moisturized. However using natural spongy materials, one of them devised a suit which retained water allowing her to venture further and explore the lands in great detail, she discovered new variety of plants, which intern allowed for the development of new medicines. Naturally this got the attention of other tribes, one day when she ventured to the surface she was assaulted, her suit stolen, but of course they beat her to death for good measure…All human-like creatures are the fucking same! WHY DO WE BOTHER? I’m sorry I just…I just get very frustrated at times you know? I wonder if there is any meaning to our work? If builders construct a building on a shaky foundation, do they not demolish it and start anew? Sometimes I wonder.

Lord Champa

Champa named his channel “The best Channel on Kamitube’ but then decided it was to long and simply shortened it to 'The best Channel.’ While it’s definitely arguable as to whether or not it is in fact the best channel, it is without a doubt the most random channel. You’ll get anything from food porn, to videos of Champa dancing, many many angry rants about Vados’ pushiness and her terrible cooking. Occasional rants about Beerus and how full of himself he is. Very violent and graphically detailed descriptions about what he wants to do to Hit and Frost, and anyone else who has pissed him off lately. He’ll also make step by step tutorials on how to turn every day house hold items like books and pillows into secret hiding places for your ‘stash’ of goodies. Very rarely he might make an emotionally moving video about body positivity, encouraging the viewers to love themselves no matter their waist size. ( The supreme Kai, of universe 6 is his number one fan.)


Whis has two channels one just like his sister’s is a cooking show he named 'Absolute decadence’ however the purpose of his channel is the exact opposite of his Vados’. Here Whis shows you how to concoct the most indulgent culinary creations from around universe 7, from ice scream sundaes to giant snickers bars. (Champa is the most devote fan of this channel) His other channel is considerably less popular. He called it ‘The unique vocal stylings of Whis’ here he sings the most popular songs, from around the multiverse. He has a total of 3 subscribers. Vados and Beerus, subscribed out of pity, and Kiaoshin subscribed because Whis always leaves the most positive comments on the videos where he’s playing his instruments, so he doesn’t have the heart to not subscribe to Whis’.

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Hey there,you've probably been asked this before,but what's devotion to the Morrigan like? I imagine that she/they can be pretty firm. And,is devotion to Irish/Celtic deities generally very ceremonial?

For the record, I view the Morrigan as a singular entity. The Macha/whoever/what’s-her-face sister thing is too confusing for me.

I’ve always approached deities from an eclectic perspective. I do what works for me, my schedule, my energy levels, etc. Crow Lady doesn’t seem to care one way or another for a fancy altar, regular offerings, etc. If I choose to do any of that, she’ll do whatever it is that equates to a nod of acknowledgement for an incorporeal entity.

My time with the Morrigan has been focused primarily on personal growth. One person might call it shadow work, another introspection, whatever. What matters is she pretty much tells me to shut up if my thoughts wander toward some form of self-hate. Usually does this by throwing a crow into my line of sight.

That kind of sense of humor keeps me on my toes, for sure.

As for your other question, the level of formality or ceremony a Celtic deity asks for is going to vary from devotee to devotee. No one deity is the same, as is no one devotee the same. The relationships between both also have a wide range of natures. Friends, lovers, siblings, parent-child, etc.; devoteeship can take many forms.

Deities are generally pretty good about saying whether or not they approve of something, even if the way you find out isn’t direct. But communicating with deities is a whole other can of beans.

Personal Relationships With Deities

A very common topic of conversation in the pagan/polytheist/etc. communities on tumblr recently has been the discussion of personal relationships with deities and what constitutes a “valid” relationship and a “healthy” one.

A recent piece of drama is the idea of the gods being demanding or “abusive” towards devotees, and saying that a person shouldn’t do everything that their gods say because that could evolve into an abusive relationship with the deity. First off, you need to remember that the gods are neither purely good or purely evil (for the most part. There may be some exceptions.) Since they are not purely evil, a true god will never ask you to do anything extremely harmful. Sure, a god might ask you to make personal sacrifices or do things that might hurt in the moment, but usually there is some sort of reasoning behind it. It could be to help strengthen your faith or to help the god gain something that they want. A god would never ask you to do something extremely harmful just for the fun of it and then smite you when you refuse. The gods know what you are and aren’t capable of doing. They would have nothing to gain by tormenting humans who can’t fight back; they have better things to do than that. So, if a god asks you to do something, you should probably do it. Of course, you can always ask for support if you genuinely believe you are incapable of doing something for the sake of your gods. (For example, if you are suddenly ill and cannot worship like you promised you would before you became sick.) Chances are, you’ll probably be allowed to make a compromise that better fits your ability. However, if instead of becoming ill you just became lazy, you might get a little or a lot of backlash for breaking an oath, depending on the severity of the situation and the temperament of the god in question.

So, deities are not (usually)  the evil, abusive monsters that some people on tumblr are making them out to be. However, they aren’t fluffy bunnies like some other people like to think. Sure, there are definitely people who have very close personal relationships to their gods. But those close relationships aren’t forged because the gods want to be your BFFs because you’re super cool, it’s usually through intense devotion and respect. It’s through doing everything in your power and ability to worship. The gods aren’t like people. Unless you are one of the few lucky ones who have a very close bond with your gods, the gods probably don’t really care much about your day-to-day life. Of course you can always petition them for help and assistance as needed, but they aren’t here to hold your hand unless you genuinely need it.

So, please stop generalizing deities as either being evil monsters or super-powered teenagers.


Amulets from ancient Egypt

“Egyptian amulets functioned in a number of ways. Symbols and deities generally conferred the powers they represent. Small models that represent known objects, such as headrests or arms and legs, served to make sure those items were available to the individual or that a specific need could be addressed. Magic contained in an amulet could be understood not only from its shape. Material, color, scarcity, the grouping of several forms, and words said or ingredients rubbed over the amulet could all be the source for magic granting the possessor’s wish.”

Norse Mythology - Basic Introduction

Hey Guys! I’m Madison, aka Queenofvanillasparkles, and I was given the honor of being added to this group to help anyone with heathenism, the Norse pantheon, and astral travel. Sweet, right? Frank asked me to make a basic intro post in regards to Norse mythology, so here goes nothing! (I promise to do my best and keep UPGs out). Keep in mind that this is a really generalized and basic post on Norse Mythology. 

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This slothful goddess of destiny takes the form of a young woman. She is short and has a lean build. Her round eyes are red. She has dark skin. She is usually portrayed as wearing a bizarre uniform that is mostly smoke-gray in color, and which incorporates circular designs. She also wears various amulets. She carries a bell. She has hollow cheeks. She knows the past and the future, and can impart knowledge of it.

what i just finished in my stream


“Plutarch translates the name Isis to mean wisdom, and he affirms that many ancient authors believed this goddess to be the daughter of Hermes; others held the opinion that she was the child of Prometheus. 

This Egyptian deity under many names appears as the principle of natural fecundity among nearly all the religions of the ancient world. She was known as the goddess with ten thousand appellations and was metamorphosed by Christianity into the Virgin Mary, for Isis, although she gave birth to all living things–chief among them the Sun–still remained a virgin, according to the legendary accounts.

The statues of Isis were decorated with the sun, moon, and stars, and many emblems pertaining to the earth, over which Isis was believed to rule.

According to the ancient philosophers, she personified Universal Nature, the mother of all productions. The deity was generally represented as a partly nude woman, often pregnant, sometimes loosely covered with a garment either of green or black color, or of four different shades intermingled-black, white, yellow, and red.

The figure of Isis is sometimes used to represent the occult and magical arts, such as necromancy, invocation, sorcery, and thaumaturgy.

In one of the myths concerning her, Isis is said to have conjured the invincible God of Eternities, Ra, to tell her his secret and sacred name, which he did.

This name is equivalent to the Lost Word of Masonry. By means of this Word, a magician can demand obedience from the invisible and superior deities.

The priests of Isis became adepts in the use of the unseen forces of Nature. They understood hypnotism, mesmerism, and similar practices long before the modem world dreamed of their existence.

 - Manly P. Hall: The Secret Teachings of All Ages 

Fortune’s Fool (Chapter 1)

Marinette is a Goddess of Luck, well-loved by the people of earth and living a happy divine life. But a pair of brilliant green eyes and a kind smile catch her attention, and she finds herself falling hard. But a goddess falling for a human can never end well, can it…?

  • Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
  • Rating: Teen and Up (for mild swearing and action scenes)
  • Warning: None
  • Categories: M/F
  • Relationships: Ladynoir
  • Additional comments: Goddess AU

Inspired in part by this post. But my mind took the idea and kind of ran with it. This part is slow, really just an introduction, but things will start happening next chapter.

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Atheistic Satanism

   LaVeyan Satanism.. Its core beliefs and philosophies are based on individualism, secular humanism, religious skepticism, free thought, epicureanism and “eye for an eye” morality.

  Contrary to popular belief, LaVeyan Satanism does not involve the worship of “the devil” or any such deities, it is an atheistic philosophy that uses the character of “Satan” as a symbol of pride, carnality, enlightenment, undefiled wisdom, and of a cosmos which Satanists perceive to be permeated and motivated by a force that has been given many names by humans over the course of time.

  In The Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey describes Satan as a motivating and balancing dark force of nature. Satan is also described as being the “Black Flame”, representing one’s inner personality and desires. Satan is seen as analogous with nature and even, conceptually, with certain concepts of a supreme deity or god.

  Satan appears in mythology and literature around the world as a trickster, rebel, and classical figure seeking the destruction or subjugation of man. Figures such as the Greek Prometheus are said to perfectly exemplify the qualities of Satan, the prideful rebel. Satan is seen as the powerful individual who acts regardless of what others might say.

  Satanists do not believe that Satan is a god or godlike force; rather, the function of God is performed and satisfied by the Satanist themself. That is, the needs of worshipping, ritual, and religious or spiritual focus are directed, effectively, inwards towards the Satanist, as opposed to outwards towards a God. Religious acknowledgement and spiritualism are essential to one’s development and continued well-being, but should not be sourced from true belief in a deity.

  Instead, LaVey proposes that if all gods are creations of humans, worship of an external deity is worship of its creator by proxy. He then suggests that the rational Satanist should instead internalize their gods and, therefore, worship themselves; hence the Satanist maxim, “I am my own god”.

  It follows that Satanism shuns the idea of belief in all other deities as well. Belief in any such externalized deities is generally considered grounds for excluding someone as a Satanist. Devil-worship in particular is considered nothing more than a misguided perversion of Christianity, and practicers thereof are regarded as on par with Christians or other adherents of the ‘Right-Hand Path’.

  The Nine Satanic Statements

  1. Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence.
  2. Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams.
  3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit.
  4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates.
  5. Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek.
  6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires.
  7. Satan represents man as just another animal (sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all fours), who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all.
  8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification.
  9. Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years.

The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth

  1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
  2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.
  3. When in another’s lair, show them respect or else do not go there.
  4. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy.
  5. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
  6. Do not take that which does not belong to you, unless it is a burden to the other person and they cry out to be relieved.
  7. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.
  8. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
  9. Do not harm young children.
  10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
  11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

The Nine Satanic Sins

In 1987, Anton LaVey has stated that followers of LaVeyan Satanism should avoid the following actions, calling them the “Nine Satanic Sins.”

  1. Stupidity
  2. Pretentiousness
  3. Solipsism
  4. Self-deceit
  5. Herd Conformity
  6. Lack of Perspective
  7. Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies
  8. Counterproductive Pride
  9. Lack of Aesthetics.