Choosing A Deity/ Being Chosen By The Divine

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There are several methods for discerning which Deity you choose to follow. It can hard for beginning Pagans/Wiccans/etc to know if they are worshiping the “right” Deity. Hopefully this short guide can help clear this up a bit for beginners.

I’ll start by saying there is no “right” or “permanent” Deity for you to follow if you are an eclectic witch. There are some branches of Wicca (and I’m sure other religions too) that focus on only one of two deities exclusively. Know that if you officially join one of these branches people will expect you to be following the Deity(es) of that specific branch.

I say there is no “right” Deity because we are all different and we all have different needs that we would like met by the divine. We all come from different backgrounds. For example someone who has a rough relationship with their mother may have trouble connecting with Goddesses like the triple goddess, Hera, or Isis. I say there is no “permanent” deity because the universe is always changing, as are we. This is another thing that depends on individual person and Deity. Some people like to have one permanent Deity that they are devoted to for their entire life, and that is perfectly ok! I’m just stating that you shouldn’t feel guilty if you start to feel like a new deity is calling to you. As we change the Deities that seek us out will change also. Someone starting to go through an identity crisis may no longer like to worship deities that represent what they used to be (be it gender, sexuality, morality, life goals, etc).

So when it comes time in your life to choose a Deity, or if you feel that one is choosing you, where do you start? How do you identify what new being is trying to enter your life?

1. Choose based on your ancestors. Some people like to go back to their roots when choosing a Deity. They feel that worshiping the same Deities their ancestors worshiped bring a closer connection with both their past lives and the Deity.

2. Choose a Deity that has some of the same qualities you already have. Find a Deity that you identify well with. One that you feel like you share a craft/hobby/way of life with. If you are athletic chose a Deity of sport or hunting. Artsy? Worship a muse or a Deity of art! Love plants/nature? Music? Math? Romance? Meddling in other people’s affairs? There is a Deity associated with almost anything. If you feel you and the Deity are alike in some ways it will make it easier to communicate.

3. Choose a Deity based on qualities you want brought into your life. There are a lot of people who worship based on what they want brought into their life. The same way that farmers use to worship Deities who brought good harvests to their fields. Do you want protection? Bravery? Courage? Strength? Love? Intelligence? There are many Deities that if you follow them devoutly can bestow these gifts upon you.

4. Use divination to contact any Deities trying to connect with you. You have to be careful with this one. Any time you open up for spiritual contact you have to be very specific in what you’re looking for and adequately protected, or anything could show up. Using divination can give you clear and direct results which is nice. This is a good method if you want to see which Deities are seeking you out instead of you choosing yourself. This can be beneficial because if the Deity is choosing you they must want you as a follower and you know they will be present in your rituals.

5. Meditation. Meditation is another good tool for connecting to spirit. Here again please be careful and know what you are calling out to. There are endless guided meditations on YouTube that you can use to help you connect with any Divine beings that what to make contact with you. Again this is helpful if you want to know that the Deity you are following is definitely listening.

You should choose whichever method feels right to you! Everyone follows a slightly different path. I wish you all the best.

Good luck!

Blessed Be

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themonkeywhy asked:

Is Emeria named after emrakul or just a coincidence (see shrine of the forsaken gods flavor text).

Hey there!

Yes, it is! See, it’s been six thousand years since the Eldrazi were trapped in Zendikar by Nahiri, Ugin and Sorin. In the last millenia, however, facts blurred into myths, and historical reminiscences became the base for religions. Before Rise of the Eldrazi, the deities of the two major faiths (merfolk and kor) were these.

Before we were introduced to Emrakul, Doug Beyer made these remarks about the other two titans.

Notice anything about those two Eldrazi names? Kozilek. Ulamog. It almost seems like they’re derived from the names of two of the merfolk deities, Cosi and Ula. It’s almost as if the Eldrazi legends form one more column of the chart o’ deities—one more metaphysical parallel that creates the spiritual skeleton of Zendikar.


Yes, they match up. Yes, the Eldrazi legends belong on the same tripartite chart. But the chronology is backwards. In truth, the merfolk deities Cosi and Ula are derived from dim memories of Kozilek and Ulamog. If you’re at all a spiritual person on Zendikar, it’s horrifying realization time.

Religion is thousands of years old on Zendikar. But the Eldrazi came first.

Art by Mark Tedin

Then, concerning Emeria, he stated…

As the memories of the Eldrazi faded over time, the mythology of Emeria and the other deities grew. Nostalgia painted a golden halo around Zendikar’s disastrous past. And the terrible silhouette of Emrakul against the sky became Emeria, a vision of salvation on white-feathered wings.

Well, this is the big picture. There’s also another way to tell this story: from a subjective perspective, Nahiri’s recollection of the facts. She spent centuries teaching lithomancy to the kor to create a resistance to an eventual rise of the “gods”, as she called the titans. But she hibernated a long time, lacking motivation to live, and when she woke up the kor culture had made her a “prophet of Kozilek”, and the three monstrosities were being worshipped as deities. 

Art by Daniel Ljunggren

And for those first few centuries, she had lived—really lived—among her own people, the kor. She had cooed at babies and wept at funerals, laughed around tables piled with good food, and fell in love…twice. She had taught lithomancy to a long, long stream of students, showing them how to use stone and the metal within it to form objects and weapons.

She had trained the kor to keep watch over the Eldrazi prison, leading bands of them on long pilgrimages across the plane. She showed them the focal points of the hedron network’s power, and taught the stoneforgers among them how to test the walls of the prison, to make sure the—she had called them “gods,” to help the kor understand—to make sure the gods did not emerge to ruin the world.

This was her reaction when she discovered how her warnings were interpreted through time.

The city had changed, even before its abandonment. Taller buildings had replaced familiar ones here and there, and a whole block had been destroyed and rebuilt since her last visit. A huge stone structure now stood, mostly intact, in a place that had been tenements. Curious, she stepped through its front arch.

Just inside, she saw herself carved in stone, stretching her arms wide in welcome.

She stopped and stared. It was definitely her. The figure was carved in relief from the wall, one leg protruding as if she were about to step from the stone. It must have been a stoneforge mystic, probably one of her students, who drew her features out from the rock. She traced her fingers along the smooth cheek of her stone incarnation, then her eyes fell on the wall from which the relief emerged.

She stepped back to see it better. Engraved behind and around the relief was another figure.

“Kozilek?” she said. “What—”

But it wasn’t the Eldrazi titan—at least not exactly. In its overall outline, the figure could have been Kozilek, but the features were those of a male kor wearing a strange geometric crown that mimicked the bizarre obsidian plates that hovered over the titan’s alien form. The kor’s arms were spread wide, above the stone Nahiri’s, and each hand gripped the hilt of a sword whose broad blade extended back along his forearm to the elbow, suggesting the Eldrazi’s bifurcated limbs.

Above the male figure’s head, an arcing banner proclaimed the subject of the artwork: “Nahiri the Prophet, Voice of Talib.”

She turned her back on the sculpture and strode out of the building. Outside, she raised her hands and clenched her fists, and a cloud of dust billowed around her as the building collapsed in on itself.

It was her fault. She had been the first to call Kozilek a god, and apparently the kor had remembered that word more than they had remembered her dire warnings about the gods destroying the world. She felt sick.

I hope this answers you question. Thanks for asking!


The second entry to my first digital painting series, “The Standard Model”, which will depict the Mane 6 showcasing the element they represent as well as their own inherit magic in some way. Being living embodiment of the Elements of Harmony has inhanced the Mane 6’s magical prowess so that it surpasses that of the average pony when they aren’t directly using them, and have their magical power increase significantly when in direct use of the Elements (to deity-like levels to be specific). Just in case it’s needed, here’s the link to my headcanon on magical elements and their subcategories.

This time it’s of our trusty, good ol’ country cowmare, Applejack!

Before I get any questions:
-No, she isn’t male here
-No, she doesn’t have boobs here

If you’re wondering about what sort of anthro style I’m using here, it’s basically semi-anthro. Anthro enough to be bipedal and have hands, but not so much to actually have a need for clothes. They’re all also gonna lack noticeable boobs because none of them are expecting or lactating, so there’s no need for anything all that prominent. o3o

One of the many things I’m always told was that I made my version of Applejack look “masculine”, and at this point you’d think folks would catch on that it’s intentional. Applejack, at least in my eyes, isn’t the stereotypical female with nothin’ but soft, supple curves (I avoid that stereotype when drawing anyway). She’s a farmer, a hardworking one at that, one that works day and night and keeps herself in top shape. She’s physically powerful and I want to depict that, and as such, I draw her the way I see it: heavy, muscular, and solid. Which also helps solidify my headcanon revolving her around her magic.

Applejack is obviously associated with the Earth element (look at the above link if you need more info on my headcanon of magic elements in general), and not just because she’s an earth pony. It’s because of her ability to grow luscious fruits and vegetables, especially apples, but it’s also because her advantage lies within brute strength paired with a level head. She has the geokinetic ability to manipulate the solid earth as she sees fit (if you’ve seen Avatar: The Last Air Bender or its sequel, it’s similar to earthbending). Applejack is a relatively powerful magic user; the amount of magic she has paired up with her discipline in magic use has allowed her to master the art of creating miniature earthquakes at will with a strong, magic-powered stomp of her hooves.

While the initial plan was to have the Mane 6 kinda floating in their given space, I decided Applejack would be more suited to be grounded. I went with darker colors for her to both represent the solidarity of earth as well as the harshness that is the truth. Honesty is neutral, and can be enlightening just as much as it can be hurtful. It’s how you go about that honesty that makes the difference.

I think that’s all I got for this one. Two down, four more to go! If this keeps up I may do “special editions” of the Standard Model series that will include the Princesses, Discord, Chrysalis, and maybe even Sombra to make it even. o3o

Anyway, feel more than free to ask me questions if you have any, and I hope you enjoy!

If you like my work, perhaps consider pledging to my patreon? c: $
1 will get you stuffs, and the pledge will always be much appreciated! ^.^

Requested notes from someone doing a project about adventure time, just in case anybody else wants this info

Known folk characters:

  • Koschei the Immortal, a Russian fairy tale villain –> The Ice King
  • Finn McCool –> Finn the Human

This post needs to be updated, but here is Azusa’s deities post:

If you have more questions, you can message her @kawaiinosai


Some other importance art that Adventure Time references

  • Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, particularly the Hell panel is referenced in the Nightosphere episodes
  • The Unicorn in Captivity tapestry–beginning scene from “The Lich”

“Glob is dead” –from “Astral Plane” is a reference to the philosopher, Nietzsche

Adventure Time’s basic idea is that it’s supposed to mimic a stereotypical fantasy/dungeon crawl/dnd type thing

You could talk about how it subverts fantasy archetypes

and if you wanted to take it even further, I’m sure all those fantasy archetypes are based in (western) European mythology

and lastly,

anonymous asked:

A!Daichi would sometimes wonder how such an beautiful omega like Suga would ever got any interests in someone like him.

Daichi always thanks every deity he can think of for letting him have Suga. Suga had so many alphas who wanted to court him, but the omega refused them all, accepting Daichi’s. Daichi loves watching Suga cook, or when they cuddle. A warmth fills him from head to toe just looking at Suga, and he can’t believe how much lucky he is to have the omega.

anonymous asked:

I'm beginning my craft after a while of studying, but I wanted another witch's opinion on this: Would it be fine to make a combined offering to two deities? They are similar in their ways so I think it shoud be okay. What do you think?

Hello there ~☽♡☾

Unfortunately for this question, I am a secular witch, and know very little about deity offerings and communication ~ Perhaps ask a witch who also works with deities? And if any of my followers have the answer, they are free to chime in! Hope you can find some other opinions 

➺ Rainy


For national foundation day my friends and I took a cute road trip up to Izumo in Shimane to check out Izumo Taisha, one of the most important and ancient shrines in Japan. The deity of the shrine is known for good relationships and marriage, so it felt kind of fitting to go just before Valentine’s Day.

Shimane is adorable. @kim-in-japan @meopat and @kawaiilo–ren are so lucky to be up there. All the people we came across were incredibly friendly and they all seemed so happy.

Silver’s Mod Bio

Tumblr name: khaleesikorras (personal blog)

How long have you been practicing?
*Officially* I would say about 7ish years, but I was raised with slightly pagan undertones.

Tell us a little about your religious practice:
I’m an initiated 1st degree Wiccan, though I can honestly say I’m not sure if I will continue on much more with my current coven. Time constraints and the like, seeing I’m a student and working several jobs trying to pay for school. I tend to like to keep things simple and am not one for huge ceremonial magic type stuff, though I do enjoy it on occasion.

Do you work with a pantheon?
No, not exactly.

Do you have a deity?
Yes, I feel a strong connection to Hecate. My relationship with her is rather personal, though.

Are you solitary or do you work with a group?
I do work in my Coven on occasion, but haven’t met with them since before Yule due to scheduling conflicts. I’ve been with them for about a year and a half, though.

How did you find your path?
As I said, I was raised with slightly pagan undertones. Living in a rural area my grandparents own a farm and I was always taught to live in harmony with the land, use natural stuff whenever possible, respect the animals you ate (because yes, we ate our cows and pigs), ect. My father was Methodist, but I never really felt the connection to the church that I did when I was out in the fields with the cows/horses/whatever other animal we had at the time. I found Wicca when I was about 14 and was very reluctant to call myself a witch for about 2 years. I delved into it, found an amazing friend/teacher and I became like a second daughter to her. We both have a very down and dirty type craft, and are both currently studying towards our second degrees in or British Traditional Coven. We are both still kind of questioning our place in the group (since we live quite far and have other family/school/work matters to attend to), but we are fairly content.

Tell us a little about your magical practices:
I love gridding with crystals and tarot cards. It is my main form of spell casting. I do throw the occasional sigil in there to charge it up a bit or to carry the charge with me but mainly it’s just grids. My altar is always a mess of stones and cards, but it’s organized chaos, I promise. I like to use candles when I’m at home (dorms do not allow candles at my college) and there’s nothing more satisfying than throwing a sachet of herbs in a bonfire.

Do you practice any forms of divination?
Tarot is my main form (I’m in the process of setting a side blog with my friend dedicated to our tarot practices), and I do dabble in runes and scrying.

Do you have any familiars?
Yes! Long story short, my Loki-Cat was born in my backyard in a very dark time. He’s been by my side ever since.

Favorite pagan/witchy books and authors?
I enjoy reading Cunningham as he was one of my first steps into the community. I read a variety of books, though. I don’t really have any favorite non-fiction books. Fiction books are another story.

Opal! And my birthstone is Amethyst.

Favorite herbs, plants, flowers, trees?
I love roses, lavender, my sage plants (grown myself from seeds!), lemon balm, and catnip.

Favorite element?
Water or fire.

Anything else?
I’m currently 14 weeks away from a bachelors in Anthropology and a minor in comparative religious studies. I plan on going on to graduate school in a year or so. My focus is on gender identities in religious practices. I did my senior thesis on Gender in Modern Day Witchcraft Traditions, so I’m fairly knowledgeable on that front.


[The Mod Squad]

Take a moment of your day just to pray and talk to the Gods. To open our heart and comunicate to the deities makes your relation and connection becomes closer and stronger.
Blessed Be ☽O☾

Tire um momento do seu dia apenas para orar e falar com os Deuses. Abrir seu coração e comunicar-se com as divindades faz com que sua relação é conexão tornarem-se mais próxima e mais forte.
Abençoados sejam ☽O☾

****Se vc gosta das minhas postagens e deseja colocá-las em vinculação em outra rede social, não se esqueça de por a referência do blog, pois nada do que escrevo aqui extraio de livros ou blogs, escrevo de inspiração própria e mtas fotos são próprias, tiradas por mim, portanto não é legal a reprodução do conteúdo sem a citação da fonte. Agradeço a compreensão.