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can u pls post the tru explanation of the dress please im freaking out

idk science but x

edit: altho apparently also this: x (thanks jam) but i’m still seeing it the same way idk 

edit again!! this seems like a SMART explination but idk what the truth is anymore other than that one day i will be free from this flesh prison bound to this frozen capitalist hell rock, and i can’t wait for that day

And at the end of my day
When I can hardly walk for standing
And can barely hold up
My head
A broad arm encircles my shoulders and a misshapen knee bumps my own

Perhaps four tired sore legs are better
Than two
Hale and whole

Perhaps gnarled, calloused fingers
Will be a compass
So I make it home

The fire in my bones is as good as the fire in His forge
He cannot carry me
But perhaps we will make it home together

—  littlefaunwitch . 4:36am
Ice Blade "Astralkus"

PP01/0061EN Ice Blade “Astralkus”
"A downpour of raining lights. Before that, what would you see?"
Size 3 Monster / Legend World / Asgard - Deity - Light - Water / 10000 Power / 4 Criticals / 10000 Defense
■ [Call Cost] [Pay 4 gauge]
■ When this card is discarded from your hand, you may pay 2 gauge. If you do, call this card from your drop zone without paying its [Call Cost]

Information on Fen’Harel
The Dread Wolf

Fen’Harel is also known as the Dread Wolf, He Who Hunts Alone, Lord of Tricksters, The Great Wolf, Roamer of the Beyond and Bringer of Nightmares. He was known as kin to both the Creators and the Forgotten Ones. His supposed betrayal of both clans of gods by sealing them away in their respective realms, never again to interact with the mortal world, is sometimes used to explain why the elven gods—particularly the benevolent Creators—did not intervene to prevent the fall of Arlathan. Indeed, Fen’Harel has allegedly never been fond of the elven people and is said to have spent centuries in a far corner of the earth after his great deception, hugging himself and giggling madly in glee.

The Betrayal

The deceit of Fen’Harel itself— known as the Great Betrayal —is sometimes described as a truce suggested by the Dread Wolf, and other times as a hunt by the Creators and Forgotten Ones in the Heavens and the Abyss, respectively, for a blade Fen’Harel promised would stop a war. It may even have been a bid by Fen’Harel to rule the Fade—or even Elvhenan itself—without the interference of the other elven gods.

*SPOILER* Hints within Dragon Age: Inquisition seem to indicate that the Betrayal was likely a much more complicated situation than originally believed. Cryptic conversations between Cole and Solas do not deny that Fen’Harel sealed away the other gods. However, they seem to imply that the Dread Wolf may have felt he had no choice in doing so, that in fact it was a decision made with great regret in order to save them and the elven people from internal war and civil strife, and that he expected the future to be better for the elves and was shocked to find it otherwise.

Abelas also indicates that Mythal was murdered, not sealed away, and that the Dread Wolf was not responsible for what happened to her.

Relationship with Mortals

Dalish elves generally consider Fen’Harel an evil god. In the past, however, it is said that the Dread Wolf was called upon by elves for aid and advice in various matters… but always with a price. In spite of this, offerings of thanks were often given for Fen’Harel’s help as he did follow through on promises of aid, if in an unorthodox manner. Since the fall of Arlathan, however, this practice has understandably fallen out of favor as a rule. In the modern day, statues of Fen’Harel are set facing away from any Dalish camp, as a reminder that the Dalish must always be wary, or else to protect against evil spirits.

Furthermore, Keepers wear rings of sylvanwood depicting Fen’Harel’s betrayal of the elven gods as a reminder of their duty to protect their clan from him.

Despite this wariness, Fen’Harel is reputed by the Dalish to continue to interact with elves, sporting with them or dispensing dark knowledge at his whim. He is also said to gleefully patrol the Fade, feasting on the souls of the dead.

In spite of Fen’Harel’s reputation, however, he has been known to be invoked by Dalish elves to express dismay at unexpected events (“By the Dread Wolf!”), to demand the annihilation of an enemy (“Dread Wolf take you!”), when all seems lost, and as a wary farewell (“May the Dread Wolf never hear your steps”). Furthermore, some Dalish elves still erect shrines to him and make offerings; perhaps as a form of appeasement, but still a sign that the fearful wariness in which the Dread Wolf is held by modern-day elves is not absolute.

Indeed, according to David Gaider, Dalish elves do still honor Fen’Harel in their own way; it is simply not the same as how the other gods are worshipped. Dalish elves do not bring statues of him with them as they might do with those of the Creators, as his always remain outside elven camps and nevertheless remain a way to honor him no matter where they are. Therefore, Fen’Harel’s statues remain common in the Dales at large in any place outside of a Dalish settlement, explaining their comparative ubiquity.

Source: Dragon Age Wikia



"My Goddess -Cat, with cold intuitive heart,

I feel your moon-breaths oread on me above.

Let me touch your silver glow circle,

make my mind open for this wonder.”