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Charity Anderson -

 ‘‘…de world is ‘gettin’ wicked'er, sin is bolder and bolder, and religion grows colder and colder". ‘‘

‘’ But honey chile, all white folks warn ’t good to dere slaves, cause I'se seen pore niggers almos’ tore up by dogs, and whipped unmercifully, when dey did'nt do lack de white folks say . But thank God I had good white folks, dey sho’ did trus’ me to, I had charge of all de keys in the house and I waited on de Missy and de chillun.‘‘

‘‘…and as for paying my fare on de boats, I neber had dat to do, when ole Captain John Quill wars livin’ he allus lowed me to ride his boat fo’ nothin anywhar I wanted to go. But what’s the use thinking about dem times, dey’s gone, and de world is 'gettin’ wicked'er, sin is bolder and bolder, and religion grows colder and colder". 

African-American Slave Testimonies (3/?)

Bubble Tea Date With Sehun

the boys were at practice and you were at the dorm cleaning up for them while waiting for your boyfriend Sehun and the rest to come back. When you finished cleaning you learned how to make bubble tea because Sehun loves bubble tea.

-admin chungoo & admin klay

u wer @ da boyz dorsm nd u decied to clean for dem bc dey nastee xcpt 4 xshoooomin bc he lowkey gey (4 luhan)nd u kne ur boufrn sehunnie luv bublt tee so u decided tolearn how to meak som whikl he was out @ pctice wit hus boufrns so wen da boiz cem hom dey wer so tierd dat dey jus fel slep jus lik dt, u nd sehunnie wer jus likd der so u wer ilk u i mek bblt tee nd he was lik yehet nd u wer lik ye nd he was lik ohorat so u med de bblz tee nd den u wer like here and pretend 2 hand it 2 hem nd then u wer lik /yEET BOIII U THOT LIK SHIT BOI SIK,E LOK SHIT BPI nd he was lik u lil BENCH nd u sat on da coiunter nd put da teez behind u so he couldnt rech it nd den he jus lik strts toching ur thigh nd lik kissd u and sed “jegiyahhh ur anoyin meh im a figt chu!!!!!” nd den he *not rap but seduingc u* strt feling u up nd den u totly 4gt bout da tee nd he got u in da moodz 4 six nd then he stol da bbubl tee nd run awy stickin up da mid figs @ yo dum ass then u strt chasin him bc u aint no pussy so you runin nd den u fckin trip over fckun kongsooys crepy lookin ass and u strt cryin bc u a loky feg nd den sehub her ur cryin nd wat not so he go 2 u nd is al lik yo wats ur damage kongsoo nd den hella smoke strt formin aronnd kongsoo dat u cnt see him no mor nd u wer like wat de hell is dis nd u luk @ sehu nd all u c is de terror in his eys nd u wer lik wat goin on men wat ur damage ksngsoo nd den a larg boom com kongsoo dirctin ndu see dis devil wid nice silky blak bowl hiar cut nd all da membr s wke uo and wer lik SEhub wtas ur probz dude u brought da dmon insid ksoo nd he wa lik it was aktsident so den seuhbf strt apollogizing 2 kongsoo nd den kongsoo says itz ok but u gotta slep wit 1 i open l8r bc ksoo da drvil. sinc th membrs r wake dey raelised u med bbul te nd they strat attcking u 4 d bbl tee so ur ovr her all overwelmed nd sht nd sehub cn c it in ur eyez so he wnt 2 b all gentlmn nd shit so he hellp u mak da tee 4 da greedi hose

Wile u nd sehub r makin da tee sehub gose 2 boyil da blek ballz and since he is THe sehub nd he wnt 2 b ceut al da time he strt playin arnd da kitckthen nd i gess he 4got da stove ws heat so he aktsidentily burn his hend and let out a big yel tha scred te shit owt of yhu nd so u turnt arnd 2 c wat hapen nd u c sehub cryin bc he brunt his hend nd so evry1 in da hous go 2 sehub 2 mek sur da maneke is ok nd den u nd sehub go 2 room nd hav the 6

Certainly we need to talk to you,“ said Carrot. "Do you want a lawyer?”
“No, I ate already.”
“You eat lawyers?” said Carrot.
Brick gave him an empty stare until sufficient brain had been mustered.
“What d'y’ call dem fings, dey kinda crumble when you eat dem?” he ventured.
Carrot looked at Detritus and Angua, to see if there was going to be any help there.
“Could be lawyers,” he conceded.
—  Terry Pratchett, Thud!