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Ghana import 30 million condoms but dem no use am - BBC News
Ghana AIDS Commission dey worry say people no dey too like to use condom.

“But e be like say people no dey use dem. Ghana AIDS Commission dey worry say people no dey too like to use condom.” 

Population: Exploding
AIDS: Spreading
Condoms: dey no like to use dem

This new BBC African branch is really an eye-opener.

Listen up y'all Sebastian wearing thigh high lace up leather heel boots gives me life. I mean, just look:

Certainly we need to talk to you,“ said Carrot. "Do you want a lawyer?”
“No, I ate already.”
“You eat lawyers?” said Carrot.
Brick gave him an empty stare until sufficient brain had been mustered.
“What d'y’ call dem fings, dey kinda crumble when you eat dem?” he ventured.
Carrot looked at Detritus and Angua, to see if there was going to be any help there.
“Could be lawyers,” he conceded.
—  Terry Pratchett, Thud!
WTF: Pidgin vs. Creloe vs. Patois

At some point or another, most people have heard of pidgins, whether through history as a side note to colonialism or heard that pidgins are not languages, but dialects or something along that. One again, instead of using ‘language’ or ‘dialect’ I will try to use ‘variety’ within this post, however the section concerning ‘Patois’ I will make a backwards step, due to the lack of understanding, in general we have of what is considered a Patois.  

Firstly, what is a pidgin?

A pidgin is a variety which is influenced by contact with another variety. The dominating variety usually serves as a basis (structure) whilst the local variety brings words. Through this process of creating a pidgin, words are borrowed from the dominate variety and mashed with local ones, or sometimes the pronunciation is changed for phonetic ease. 

 The point of a pidgin was to create a mutual communicative link between colonizers and the local population. An interesting fact that you can spread around if you like, states at the time of the colonial period that had numerous varieties were usually subject to pidgin construction, however those that had a few, that bore similarities, were subjected to adopting the colonizers variety, completely. Many base pidgins were developed in part with French, English, Portuguese, 

What is a Creole? Now that we know what a pidgin is, a creole is similar, except for one massive difference, evolution. Children who were born in communities where a pidgin had been established, learnt the pidgin as their L1 (first language). Meaning that the children would grow up without the local variety. But this is not all, children (everywhere in the world) change language over time to reflect their own circumstances. New words are constructed, rules are created and eventually, the pidgin becomes recognized, not as a variety of communication, but a transmitter of culture and identity. Now, the pidgin has become a creole. Creole’s can also gain significant legitimacy by becoming official languages of the state.  

So….then what is a Patois? This doesn’t have so much to do with pidgins and creole’s, but more to do categorization (grouping) of varieties. As such there is quite a lot of debate about what constitutes as a patois. A basic, and simple definition is that a patois labels any ‘language’ as divergent or non-standard. As you know, i’m not a fan of using ‘language’, and especially the understanding of standard and non-standard varieties, which implies that one is inferior to the other. For now, i will use such terms as this is how a patois is commonly defined. A patois then is a category that any or all pidgins, creole’s, ‘dialects’ that are considered to be inferior to the standard form (whatever that may be). A good example is the Jamaican Creole or Jamaican Patois (Patwa) which is a variety that holds similarities with English and Spanish and the local variety. In Jamaica the official language is ‘standard English’. Why it is a patois, is unclear, since there is only one Jamaican Creole. To this end, a patois sits in a grey zone, we aren’t quite sure what it is, nor what could be considered a patois.     

Example of a Pidgin:

Ghanaian/Nigerian Pidgin English Dem dey go chop rais – They are going there to eat rice

Examples of Pidgin turned Creole:

Tok Pisin (PNG; Papua New Guniea) Longpela taim mi no lukim yu – Long time no see 

Bislama (Vanuatu) Mi wantem bia – I want beer.

Example of Patois:

Jamican Patwa: Di bwoy big, eeh! – He has gotten big!


BEST OF 2014 TRINIDAD SOCA - 180 Big Tunes

0:05 Bunji Garlin — Carnival Tabanca (Shot Master J Roadmix)
1:53 Bunji Garlin — Truck On D Road
3:20 Machel Montano — HMA (Happiest Man Alive)
4:45 Kerwin Du Bois — Too Real
6:10 Shurwayne Winchester — Carnivalian
7:10 Bunji Garlin — Soca Run Town
8:30 Destra — Just a Little Bit
9:42 Erphaan Alves — Ram and Full
10:53 Farmer Nappy — Big People Party
12:17 Erphaan Alves — Bumper Bounce — Addictive Riddim
12:53 Patrice Roberts — Pull Me Over — Addictive Riddim
13:40 Machel Montano — Bruck It — Addictive Riddim
14:46 Machel Montano — EPIC
16:23 Machel Montano — Haunted
18:16 GBM Nutron & Shal Marshall — Addicted
19:06 Erphaan Alves & Blaxx  — Contagious (We Drinkin)
20:11 Kerwin Du Bois & Lyrical — Lockdown
21:27 Benjai — Come Out to Play — Vintage Riddim
22:49 Kerwin Du Bois — Galavanting
24:09 Patrice Roberts — Somebody — Festive Riddim
25:12 Ronnie Homer — Bouncing Up
25:53 Machel Montano — Ministry of Road (M.O.R.)
27:23 Patrice Roberts — Turn It Up Loud
28:45 Destra — Mash Up — Emergency Riddim
30:23 KES The Band — Ram Jam
31:20 Shurwayne Winchester — Raise It Up
33:03 Machel Montano & Major Lazer — Sound Bang
33:58 Patrice Roberts — Di Most — Buggy Riddim
35:09 Fay Ann Lyons — Done D Party — Oil Stain Riddim
36:30 Noey — Thick Gyal Army
37:32 Giselle D Wassi One — Wassi
38:19 Farmer Nappy Ft Imani — Addiction
39:07 Patrice Roberts — Pong It
39:54 Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick — Monster Wine Remix
41:03 Machel Montano — Shameless
42:11 Timaya ft Machel Montano — Shake Up Your Bum Bum(remix)
43:11 Farmer Nappy — All Ah Dat
44:10 Kerwin Du Bois — Spoil Myself — Titans Riddim
45:20 Machel Montano — She Coming — Titans Riddim
46:01 KES The Band — True Masquerader — Titans Riddim
46:54 Destra — State Of Mind — Titans Riddim
47:48 Blaxx — Carnival Virgins
48:53 Patrice Roberts — Bomb Drop
50:12 Nia — No Body
51:06 Denise Belfon — Challenge
51:55 Ravi B — Gyal Wukkin
52:29 MR Famous — Play More Local
53:22 KES The Band — Never See Come See — Chuku Chuku Riddim
54:06 Denise Belfon — Chuku Chuku — Chuku Chuku Riddim
54:45 Farmer Nappy — Family — Sando Riddim
55:36 Isaac Blackman — Soca (Soul of Calypso) — Sando Riddim
56:22 Preedy — Wining Champion — Sando Riddim
57:10 GBM Nutron & Jaiga — Gyal Season — Sando Riddim
57:48 Machel Montano — Drop It Down — Sando Riddim
58:36 Patrice Roberts — Doh Rough Meh — Sando Riddim
59:09 Destra — First Time
1:00:19 Farmer Nappy — Down Low
1:01:13 Super Jigga TC — I Feel — Early Bird Riddim
1:01:44 Destra — Aye You! — Early Bird Riddim
1:02:48 Benjai — Give It All To Meh
1:03:27 Bunji Garlin — All O’ Dem — Soca Hero Riddim
1:04:30 Shurwayne Winchester — All Inclusive Jam — Soca Hero Riddim
1:05:34 Bunji Garlin — Red Light District
1:06:43 Kerwin Du Bois — Doh Beg
1:07:25 Kerwin Du Bois — Forget About It
1:08:16 5 Star Akil — To Meh Heart
1:09:58 Kerwin Du Bois — Press A Button — Coconut Shell Riddim
1:10:41 Fya Empress — Cool Scene — Coconut Shell Riddim
1:10:58 Shurwayne Winchester — My Team — Coconut Shell Riddim
1:11:48 Kerwin Dubois — Fight D Feeling — Old Thing Riddim
1:12:58 Blaxx — Ten To One — Old Thing Riddim
1:14:01 Rayzor & Leonce — Bess Fete
1:15:16 Cali — Push It Back
1:15:58 Lyrikal — Conquer Meh
1:16:55 KES The Band — Play De Music
1:18:04 5 Staz — Handle It
1:18:53 Jamesy P — Hit n Run
1:19:45 Juby & Chingee — Soca Fighter
1:20:12 Ravi B — Break Away
1:20:58 Bunji Garlin — Find Me In Trinidad
1:22:11 Benjai — Lick It In
1:23:39 GBM, Shal Marshal, Nutron & Reina — Come Over
1:24:45 Jungle Ft. Diamond — All Night
1:26:15 Fay Ann Lyons — Gimme That
1:26:58 Super Blue — Champion Daddy
1:27:59 MR Renzo — Take Control
1:29:16 Shurwayne Winchester ft Farmer Nappy — We Doh Sleep
1:30:09 Swappi 4D  — 4D Carnival
1:32:03 Avinash Maharaj — End Of The Day
1:32:47 Fay Ann Lyons — Whine Nah Boy — El Dorado Riddim
1:33:20 Swappi 4D — Don’t Let Go — El Dorado Riddim
1:33:55 Nutron — Bubblin
1:34:46 Orlando Octave — Keep Ya Body Movin
1:35:46 Destra — Road Call
1:36:36 Shal Marshal — Drink Something
1:37:23 Shyann Bailey — Feeling Good — Red Rum Riddim
1:38:17 Patrice Roberts — Carnival Spirit — Red Rum Riddim
1:39:13 KES The Band — Feel It
1:40:00 KES The Band — Siddung
1:41:04 Benjai Come Nah — Come Nah Riddim
1:41:57 Chucky — Take Your Time
1:42:50 Destra — Give It All To Me
1:43:35 KI — Professor Feter — Bad Influence Riddim
1:44:30 Lyrical — Part Ah Yuh Nature — Bad Influence Riddim
1:44:53 Nadia Batson — Bad Influence — Bad Influence Riddim
1:46:04 KI & 3Veni — Ranaway (Soca Chutney)
1:46:49 Nadia Batson & Lyrikal — Loose
1:47:35 Patrice Roberts — Make Me Out
1:48:41 Shal Marshal — Feel 2 Wuk
1:50:03 Cassi — Man In Yuh House
1:51:10 Drupatee — Dulahin
1:52:08 Darnella — Can’t Get Enough
1:52:51 5 Star Akil ft Nadia Batson — Never Done
1:54:08 Nutron — Just 1 Wine
1:54:41 Nadia Batson — Prisoner
1:55:30 Patrice Roberts — Hold On Tight (Madahouse Remix)
1:56:23 Dil E Nadan Ft Blaxx & Dr Seales — Carnival Nice
1:57:29 K Rich — Go Down
1:58:19 Kahblis — Don’t Disturb Mi
1:59:12 KES The Band — Country Gyal
2:00:03 MR Smooth — Ah Like Dat
2:01:19 Bunji Garlin — Gi Dem Dey — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:02:24 Jaiga ft Shal Marshall — Juice — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:03:24 Lyrical — Party Nuh Dun — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:04:00 Olatunji — Wa Yuh Drinkin —The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:04:45 Swappi 4D — Tek Wine — The Stag Riddim Part 2
2:05:34 Christian Kalpee — Doh Wanna Go
2:06:24 Fay Ann Lyons — Catch Me
2:07:21 K Rich — Las Lap
2:08:21 KES The Band — Bad Habbit
2:09:37 Machel Montano — HMA Remix
2:10:28 Makamillion — Wuk — Soca Antidote Riddim
2:11:22 Pamputtae — Shake Um Bumper — Soca Antidote Riddim
2:11:55 Yankey Boy & Dev Gimie — Liquor — Soca Antidote Riddim
2:12:42 MR Renzo — Anywhere
2:13:24 Nadia Batson — The Anthem
2:14:28 Destra — Trailer Load — wildness Riddim
2:15:30 Jaiga — Hard Wuk — wildness Riddim
2:16:10 Lyrical — Soca Beast — wildness Riddim
2:16:47 Shal Marshal — Wining Partner — wildness Riddim
2:18:00 Bunji Garlin & Major Laser — It’s a Carnival
2:18:58 Syo — In the Air
2:19:44 Asten Isaac — Lean — Optimus Riddim
2:20:39 Benjai — Dance — Optimus Riddim
2:21:31 Collis Duranty — Pave The Road With Love — Optimus Riddim
2:22:07 Sexy Trisha — Duh Stop Meh — Optimus Riddim
2:22:54 Blaxx & Macka Diamond — Mash Up D Road — Stupse Riddim
2:23:44 Terri Lyons — What Will You Do — Stupse Riddim
2:24:15 Blaxx & Skinny Fabulous — Extra Bad Pon De Road
2:25:01 Jaiga — Keisha
2:25:42 Nadia Batson — Agressive
2:26:18 Swappi 4D — Last Forever
2:27:50 Blaxx — Fettin Away
2:28:53 KI & 3Ven —i No Conduct
2:29:21 KI & 3Veni  —Carnival Symptoms
2:30:15 Denise Belfon & K Rich — Jammin With You (King & Queen)
2:31:11 Lil Bitts — Roll It
2:31:37 MX Prime & Kerwin Du Bois — Welcome To Carnival
2:32:50 Denise Belfon & Prophet Benjamin — Ah Comin
2:33:38 Blaxx — Hooray — Carnival Riddim
2:34:38 JW & Blaxe — Somebody — Carnival Riddim
2:35:36 KES The Band — Spirit — Carnival Riddim
2:36:27 Nikita Browne — Solo — Carnival Riddim
2:37:25 Olatunji — What We Know — Carnival Riddim
2:38:32 Super Blue — Spankin
2:39:50 Olatunji — Fete Ram (Chutney soca)
2:41:20 Daddy Chinee & Gayatones ft Fya Empress — Tassa Jam
2:41:57 Lyrikal — Bumper Dystruction — Lava Lamp Riddim
2:42:50 Cassi — Hearing Ah Talk
2:44:02 Shal Marshal — Touch D Road
2:45:00 Fya Empress — Doh Linger — Faze Juan Riddim
2:45:55 Nadia Batson — Rated R
2:46:40 K Rich — Masquerade
2:47:52 Ronnie Mcintosh — We Bringing It
2:49:00 Olatunji — Mad Up In This — Jab Jab Riddim
2:49:58 Iwer George — Jab Jab — Jab Jab Riddim
2:50:43 Destra — Dutty D Road
2:51:45 JW & Blaxe — Going
2:52:35 Ms Alysha — On The Truck
2:53:45 Swappi 4D — Run To D Front

Dio whenever any joestars aren’t around: Constantly having deep philosophical discussions and making bold, thought provoking statements on humanity
Dio whenever any joestars are within a 50 mile radius: OOOOOOOOO!!!! OH!!! DEM JOJEYS!!! DEY GON’ GET IT!!!!!111 RAAAAA!!!!!! IM DIO AND IM A BIG RAGE FILLED DUMMY!!!!!!!!


The following is a poem written by Kid Blink “ as an evidence of his continued interest in the cause” after he is accused of selling out the strikers for $400 from the newspaper owners on July 26, 1899.

(NOTE: Because of its nature as a poem, I have kept the original dialectical spellings.)


Der wus a row in Frankfurt-st.,
And de fight it wusn’t slow,
Between de Newsboys’ Union
An’ some fellers wat’s got do’.
It started in de mornin’
And it quitted late at night,
And wen we got troo doin’ tings,
Dem scabs dey was a site.

Fer it was strike! strike! strike! yes,
Strike ’em on de head!
Oh, smash ‘m in der smellers,
Stick togedder, fellers,
In Frankfurt-st. near to de park.

Der wus a row in Frankfurt-st.,
De newsies dey went out;
Dey called de coppers on us
An’ we met ’em wid a shout.
De scabbies hid behin’ ’em,
But it didn’t do no good;
Fer we wuz out to do ’em,
An’ we did ’em w’en we could .

Fer it was strike! strike! strike! yes,
Strike ’em on de head!
“Kid” Blink begun de holler,
An’ de rest wus quick to foller,
In Frankfurt-st. near to de park.

Der wus a row in Frankfurt-st.,
An’ wot we did was much;
Wid Monix an’ de Corp’rul Assisted by Scabbuch
We tore der papers an’ blacked der eyes.
Der wus an awful whoop–
An’ w’en ’twas near a finish,
Dem scabs was in de soup.

Fer it was strike! strike! strike! yes,
Strike ’em on de head!
De coppers dey was much too slow
And de yellers dey is got to go;
In Frankfurt-st. near to de park.

Bubble Tea Date With Sehun

the boys were at practice and you were at the dorm cleaning up for them while waiting for your boyfriend Sehun and the rest to come back. When you finished cleaning you learned how to make bubble tea because Sehun loves bubble tea.

-admin chungoo & admin klay

u wer @ da boyz dorsm nd u decied to clean for dem bc dey nastee xcpt 4 xshoooomin bc he lowkey gey (4 luhan)nd u kne ur boufrn sehunnie luv bublt tee so u decided tolearn how to meak som whikl he was out @ pctice wit hus boufrns so wen da boiz cem hom dey wer so tierd dat dey jus fel slep jus lik dt, u nd sehunnie wer jus likd der so u wer ilk u i mek bblt tee nd he was lik yehet nd u wer lik ye nd he was lik ohorat so u med de bblz tee nd den u wer like here and pretend 2 hand it 2 hem nd then u wer lik /yEET BOIII U THOT LIK SHIT BOI SIK,E LOK SHIT BPI nd he was lik u lil BENCH nd u sat on da coiunter nd put da teez behind u so he couldnt rech it nd den he jus lik strts toching ur thigh nd lik kissd u and sed “jegiyahhh ur anoyin meh im a figt chu!!!!!” nd den he *not rap but seduingc u* strt feling u up nd den u totly 4gt bout da tee nd he got u in da moodz 4 six nd then he stol da bbubl tee nd run awy stickin up da mid figs @ yo dum ass then u strt chasin him bc u aint no pussy so you runin nd den u fckin trip over fckun kongsooys crepy lookin ass and u strt cryin bc u a loky feg nd den sehub her ur cryin nd wat not so he go 2 u nd is al lik yo wats ur damage kongsoo nd den hella smoke strt formin aronnd kongsoo dat u cnt see him no mor nd u wer like wat de hell is dis nd u luk @ sehu nd all u c is de terror in his eys nd u wer lik wat goin on men wat ur damage ksngsoo nd den a larg boom com kongsoo dirctin ndu see dis devil wid nice silky blak bowl hiar cut nd all da membr s wke uo and wer lik SEhub wtas ur probz dude u brought da dmon insid ksoo nd he wa lik it was aktsident so den seuhbf strt apollogizing 2 kongsoo nd den kongsoo says itz ok but u gotta slep wit 1 i open l8r bc ksoo da drvil. sinc th membrs r wake dey raelised u med bbul te nd they strat attcking u 4 d bbl tee so ur ovr her all overwelmed nd sht nd sehub cn c it in ur eyez so he wnt 2 b all gentlmn nd shit so he hellp u mak da tee 4 da greedi hose

Wile u nd sehub r makin da tee sehub gose 2 boyil da blek ballz and since he is THe sehub nd he wnt 2 b ceut al da time he strt playin arnd da kitckthen nd i gess he 4got da stove ws heat so he aktsidentily burn his hend and let out a big yel tha scred te shit owt of yhu nd so u turnt arnd 2 c wat hapen nd u c sehub cryin bc he brunt his hend nd so evry1 in da hous go 2 sehub 2 mek sur da maneke is ok nd den u nd sehub go 2 room nd hav the 6