Stupid compressed Deinterlaced PS2 480i footage

I have to compress all the footage of this stupid Nightmare Before Christmas game to review so Premier Pro CC doesn’t freak out trying to play the footage.

the only studyblrs i follow

i know i did a follow forever last year but i never got a chance to do one this year. that being said, i still wanted to make an academic/school/studying focused follow forever just to show that tumblr is actually useful to my everyday life. i love following these blogs because they post a great deal of original content and give great advice which, more than pretty pictures with coffee and highlighters, actually motivates me to put my head down and work. 

Composite Image of Yuzuru Hanyu’s Layback Ina Bauer from the 2013 Japanese Nationals Men’s Free Skate

Nearly 270 degrees of Yuzuru’s Ina Bauer goodness!

Video source for this composite image was from the Yuzuru’s Time of Awakening DVD (too bad I don’t have a bluray reader, the bluray quality would’ve probably been even better and I probably wouldn’t need to deinterlace).

I had a hard time overlaying this and the skew and overlap is not quite right so I took a best guess at aligning things using the boards as my guide. I think the arc on the Ina Bauer in his Romeo & Juliet 2 program is the best so far (seems even more dramatic than in Phantom of the Opera).

…that’s it! No more Ina Bauer composite images for a while - they were driving me crazy. I actually finished this last week but with all the outpouring of news from Fantasy on Ice I got caught up watching all the videos. This final product was probably my third or fourth attempt along with the other two I posted the other week to capture his Ina Bauer. I tried creating this for the longest time with the 2013 GPF video but it wouldn’t align  (I blame the ads on the boards). Nice thing about using the video from the DVD is I don’t have to worry about the tech counter or broadcast station logos.

Remember to click the link to view in full size.