Hey pals I’m gonna ask again since I couldn’t figure it out last week but does anyone know how to watch DVDs on Windows 8 in actually good quality? Because I’m using VLC media player and the quality sucks no matter what I do to the deinterlacing and stuff (it’s super fuzzy and I haaaaate it and sharpening makes it look even worse lol RIP). Anyway if you know a thing or two about computers and would like to help that would be lovely :D 

::first time:: park jimin x reader (smut)

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader
Genre: SMUT

NOTE: mature content ahead.

First smut I’ve ever written of BTS. Hope you enjoy ^-^


You stared at the messages on your phone, nervously, and the way your feet patted against your bed was the proof of it. Just five minutes ago you had texted Jimin to come over to your house as soon as possible. As your best friend, he obviously did as you asked in despair.

You had decided. Tonight was the night you were going to confess to Park Jimin. You guys had been best friends for five years yet only one year ago you had realized that you loved him. You loved everything about that little dork, and not just physically. You loved the way he laughed at your jokes or when he made fun of you when you obsessed over other boy groups. You loved the way he always put his heart on every task, every rehearsal you had been able to assist, every tiny thing that requested some effort of him. Park Jimin was the one and only in the whole world who knew the person you showed off, who knew the darkest parts of you and, most importantly, your true self. He had become more than a best friend to you, you had convinced yourself that he was now your soulmate: you were inspired by him to be a better person. He had always believed in you before anyone else or even when anyone else hadn’t and when you were hitting the cool ground, he’d show up immediately to pick you up. Park Jimin was the one person you wanted to carry on with you until your last breath and there wasn’t anything or anyone capable of changing that.

Tonight was the night. It had to be. Since the beginning of the day, you had been feeling a strange feeling in your chest. It didn’t take long of you to realize what that was all about. It had to be tonight, because if it wasn’t, you were scared that all of your courage would disappear.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door and you felt your stomach becoming smaller and tighter. Rushing over to the door, you opened it just to see Jimin standing in front of you with a worried expression.

What happened?” He burst inside and you simply couldn’t move or speak. You were too amazed at how concerned he was over a text message. “Are you okay?

You nodded. “Yeah, I’m alright. I… Hm, I need to talk to you.”

As you headed towards your room, Jimin followed you. Once both of you were in, all he could see of you was your covered back and your head bowed down.

Y/N, what’s wrong? You’re acting weird.” His voice was smooth, yet impatient.

I let out a breath I had been sucking in for too long and turned to face his eyes. “I need to tell you something because I’m tired.”

Tired of-” He begun, but you were faster and cut him off.

“I’m tired of feeling so weak everytime I’m around you. I’m tired of having this sick feeling crushing me over and over again whenever you’re at my door. I’m tired of trying to read inbetween the lines, to try to find some sign that tells me you feel the same way. I’m tired of being in love with you and not knowing if you are…too.”

Your lungs filled up and drained out with air like you just had ran a marathon. Jimin held your gaze, intensively, and you felt exposed. He wouldn’t open his ajar mouth and it made you even more anxious than before. As obvious, you expected the worst to come.

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” You sobbed. Perhaps the pressure and the overwhelming situation had made you more anxious than before and therefore, you started to cry. You didn’t even fight the tears. Letting go was the only thing you knew how to do properly at this point. “Please tell me that you don’t feel the same way so we can end this and-”

In a fraction of second, something thick yet soft and sweet at the same time crashed onto your mouth.

Your eyes widened in surprise as Jimin’s lips closed and opened in sync against yours. Soon enough your eyelids sild shut as you enjoyed the moment. Your hands travelled up to embrace his neck and you felt him smile into the kiss. Jimin guided his hands down your spine and halted in the hem of your sweater, pulling you closer. Each touch of his sent shivers through your whole body and you could already feel your most sensitive parts wettening in excitement.

All of a sudden, realization came to you and your palms softly pushed his muscled chest, pulling yourself away from him.

“Jimin” You breathed out, already turned on by what was happening.

You lifted your head a bit in order to stare at his irises, which were glittering with lust and desire. He wasn’t the only one pulsing in eagerness to grab the other, you wanted that too. Even still a virgin, you knew Jimin was the right person to give yourself to.

His hands rested upon your waistline as he studied your expression, confused.

“I don’t want you to be doing this just because you pity me.”

He frowned, almost like he felt offended. “If didn’t like you, I wouldn’t have kissed you, Y/N.

“You…like me?”

He chuckled. “Does this serve as response?

Your body was taken aback once again by the sudden attack of his lips on yours, yet this time, Jimin kissed your mouth more urgently than before as he could never get enough of you. Your eyes slipped shut as your arms embraced his neck and brought him more into you, deepening the kiss. You felt his wet tongue grazing softly against your lower lip and you gladly allowed it in, starting a love fight between your teeth.

“I want to…” You said while every bone of yours recieved a pair of pleasurable sparks. His arms squeezed tightly around your waist and a breathed moan rolled out of your mouth when you felt both of your intimate parts pressing against one another. Soon enough his lips travelled on an imaginary line down your neck, leaving traces of wet kisses along the way. He sucked on your skin, leaving marks that would definitely be difficult to cover up in the morning.

His fingers hid beneath the sweater you were wearing and slowly begun to lift it up. You broke the kiss connecting the two of you and allowed him to take your clothes off, leaving you exposed only by your underwear. Tossing the sweater to the floor, Jimin’s eyes studied your body from head to toe as a light smile grew upon his thick lips. “You’re gorgeous, Y/N.

You blushed at his compliment, timidly.

With one hand back to your bare waist, Jimin linked your lips together for the third time tonight and carefully let you fall down onto the sheets, as the other hand helped him settling you down. Not even for half a second he separated the contact, he never pulled away or was forced to stop the kiss.

Jimin was now hovering over you and you decided that it was time for him to be pulling off some clothes too. Therefore, the hands involving his neck were now sliding down to the sheath of his shirt. Your fingers curled around the fabric and started to pull it off, revealing Jimin’s perfect and defined muscles and abs. The tips of your fingers drew random patters along his naked torso as you looked up to meet his eyes.

His stare was however focused on the little gap between your lips. Feeling more confident by now, you made your head reach for his and kissed passionately, bitting his bottom lip everytime you pulled away just a little to tease him. You were getting more and more turned on as his hands fumbled gently every inch of your skin from the very top of your neck to your thighs. He started to focus on the hem of your panties, letting his fingertips tickle around the area, which made it hard for you to breathe properly.

You needed him. In anyway, you knew you did. Your hands rushed over to the button of his jeans and once he got the message, he kicked them out with the help of your feet. You were now even in terms of nudity as both of you were on your underwear.

Jimin’s lips were now giving attention to the V curve inbetween your covered breasts as his fingers were still playing each other on your inner thigh. You kept your eyes closed, enjoying the feeling that was being brought to you by his gentle touches. The air in your lungs was sucked in and expelled at an irregular pace, leading you to a complete distorted state of mind.

Are you sure you want to go on?” Jimin asked in a husky voice. You gazed at him before resting your palm on his cheek.

“It’s everything I want the most right now.”

He gave you a wide smile, showing how satisfied and glad he was with your reply. His index finger arrived to the strap of your bra and deinterlace it from your arm. You arched your back and allowed him to undo your bra with just a snap of fingers. Your breasts fell loose with a slight pump and Jimin started to outline your left book with a trace of wet kisses as he threw what had been covering it away. Between his thumb and index, he pinched the nipple of the other boob. You let out a continued series of whimpers as you tried to rock your hip against his so you could feel how hard he was for you.

Jimin understood how desperate you were to get him into you so he quickly repeated the process on your right boob. His lips never left your skin as he went his way down and bit the fabric of your panties. You opened your eyes just to watch them being taken off between his teeth. You were now completely naked underneath him and you coudn’t deny: you were loving it.

After this, he faced you again. “I need you to be very wet before I do anything else, so I’m going to put a finger first, okay? It might not hurt so much then. Are you okay with this?” His fingers caressed your cheeks up and down.

“Y-yes…” You whispered under great thrill.

He gave you a long kiss on the lips and you slid your eyes shut, preparing yourself for what was coming next.

His hand slowly made its way to your slit and Jimin pressed one finger against your wetness, which only withdrew a gasp of pure pleasure from you. He massaged your pussy lips smoothly to be sure you were confortable with him touching you in your most intimate part. His fingers started to draw imaginary circles around, slowly, as your juices were spread along your sex. You moaned and cried out at how wonderful it felt to have Jimin touching you intimately. If you reacted this way just at his fingers, you couldn’t even imagine what would it feel like when-

“Aw, yes…” You groaned loudly once one finger was inside. After few series of pushing and pulling his middle finger in and out of you to make you adjust to the feeling, he increased the pace as you felt like being driven insane. Your moans were out of control as you buried your fingernails into the fabric of your pillow. “Jimin, I-”

Noticing you were about to cum, he slowly removed his finger from inside of you and sucked it between his thick lips. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, but you shouldn’t have stopped… I was almost…”

He giggled as he stole a kiss from you. “I was just preparing you, Y/N. Now I want you to look me in the eyes and promise me that you’ll tell me if you want me to stop.”

Jimin was talking very seriously and your eyes smiled tenderly at how concerned he was about your first time. With both of your hands, you cupped his cheeks and rubbed your thumb agains this soft skin. “I promise.”

“It might hurt a little.”

He placed his mouth on your neck one more time, leaving a wet kiss there before undressing from his boxers and tossing them away. You heaved in anxiety each time his warm, erect member brushed against the cool skin of your inner thigh. Sudden flashes of lightning started to take over your entire body as Jimin posicioned himself at your entrance. He looked you in the eyes, asking for permission, and you nodded at him in aknowledgement.

Your lids slid shut, and Jimin pushed in.

The first thrust was slow and superficial yet it was strong enough to rip out a long gasp from your throat. He was right, it was painful at the first series of thrusts. Although, as he continued to push himself in and out of you, you began to feel less tighter around his erection and soon enough physical pain turned into sex pleasure. Your hands ran up and down Jimin’s back frantically as you tried to hold all your mixed feelings together. Being like this with the person you loved was one of the most beautiful things in life. You were his and he was yours. Nothing else mattered as long as you stayed together, protecting and loving each other like no one else would have.

Quiet moans left your lips as Jimin kept slamming into you, faster with each thrust. The faster he was, the louder you whimpered. On occasion, he would slow down and ask you if you were okay but all he could get as a response was your desperate “don’t stop” cry outs. He would chuckle and go back to pleasuring you and also himself.

Jimin’s hand bounced down to reach your clit and he began to outline fast and sloppy circles around it. Immediately, in the pit of your stomach, a ball of pleasure started to gain form and you felt your muscles tense. Moaning and groaning louder, you wrapped your legs tighter around his waist so his hand could reach for your sex and rub it easily. His heaves and grunts mixed with your pleasure sounds filled the area of your bedroom.

“Jimin, I think I-” You whimpered.

“Me too…”

With one last, deeper thrust, you both reached your climaxes together and Jimin road your orgasm, removing yourself from you afterwards. Your chest was rising and falling, trying to catch your breath, when your best friend, the boy you loved, rolled out of you and rested on your side.

“You were wonderful.” He said, turning to face you.

Pushing the covers closer to your face, the blood warmed up your cheeks. “Me? I did nothing.”

He chuckled and brought his face to yours, kissing you tenderly and sweetly, action which you responded to too well. “You did. If you had never let me know your feelings about me, I’d never let you know of mine. And this would never had happened. So thank you, Y/N.”

A smile full of pure happiness filled your lips as you dovetailed into Jimin’s body. He put one arm around your waist and glared into his dark eyes.

A soft kiss iniciated a make out session but after some time of caressing and laughing, both of you decided to fall asleep spooning into each other, so you turned your back on him as he pulled you closer to him.

“Saranghae.” You heard him whisper.

Then, you closed your eyes and slept with his voice on your head.

the only studyblrs i follow

i know i did a follow forever last year but i never got a chance to do one this year. that being said, i still wanted to make an academic/school/studying focused follow forever just to show that tumblr is actually useful to my everyday life. i love following these blogs because they post a great deal of original content and give great advice which, more than pretty pictures with coffee and highlighters, actually motivates me to put my head down and work. 

Stupid compressed Deinterlaced PS2 480i footage

I have to compress all the footage of this stupid Nightmare Before Christmas game to review so Premier Pro CC doesn’t freak out trying to play the footage.