captainsuckass  asked:

Wait you need to trade it in? Where I am we turn 21 and that's it. I just turned 21 and can keep my underage style license for like four more years.

Yeah lmfao not so in Colorado. Technically speaking a lot of ppl who’ve id'ed me havent deinied me alcohol or getting on a plane or whatever, but they sure ride my about it

Lmfao I’m always worried they’ll say no bc they do have that power; I’ve gotten turned away from places b4 too

My parents are basically one part ignoring it bc its “my thing” and I need to take responsibility for it (somehow)…and one part doing it on purpose bc they don’t want me to drink or go buy sex toys or go to a club or do drugs (pot is legal in my state and I can purchase it at any dispensary if I have my proper id).

Of course…this makes it hard for me to do ANYTHING that requires a license (like if they id you for getting on a plane or using a credit card, they might notice its expired and get weird about it), but most of it I don’t do or can’t do anyway so they just…don’t give a shit lol