illegitimate time child who is a lynx with yaoi claws and I imagine him to be reclusive and huffy about life because his dad was drunk and doesn’t know he or his sister exists but I haven’t used him yet so I don’t really know how he’ll turn out I do know that he’ll be protective of his sister though

His name is Deinde and he is less swirly and his wings and eyes glow but I can’t demonstrate this 

he’s a cat and his sister’s a bird 

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New Music Video…

Jeff Jones ft Deinde - Obimo

Following their last single “Kilode” Jeff Jones & Deinde are back with their new single “Obimo”. Download the single here:

To all fanfiction writers...

I just wanted to thank you all, for the time you spend and the energy you put to create those amazing things I would gladly call masterpieces!

You saved us from so many frustrating “what’s next?” and “what if” moments. You lighten up our days and nights and you share so much of you with us all, and I will never be able to thank you enough. But yes, thank you for everything and please never stop doing what you do ❤️

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Catullus 5

More Catullus in NZ vernacular: 

Vivamus mea Lesbia, atque amemus,
rumoresque senum severiorum
omnes unius aestimemus assis!
soles occidere et redire possunt:
nobis cum semel occidit brevis lux,
nox est perpetua una dormienda.
da mi basia mille, deinde centum,
dein mille altera, dein secunda centum,
deinde usque altera mille, deinde centum.
dein, cum milia multa fecerimus,
conturbabimus illa, ne sciamus,
aut ne quis malus invidere possit,
cum tantum sciat esse basiorum.

hey Lesbia, let’s rent a flat together in Herne Bay,
and we won’t pay any attention to what
stupid old farts say in the Herald.
and at the end of the day,
the night’s for sleeping, isn’t it.
hey Lesbia, let’s get our kiss on,
let’s go flat out,
let’s go all in,
let’s go all out,
letting it all get a bit out of hand.
and when all’s said and done,
no muppet’s gonna know
the exact number of jaffa’s rolled down Baldwin St,
so to speak.