Just a little update for my Iceland trip!

I’ll be leaving Friday June 5th in the evening out of BWI. We stay in Reykjavík for the Saturday, then Sunday we drive up to Holar University. We’ll complete the Fish Biology 399 course from Monday June 8th to Thursday June 18th. 

One the four hour trip, we’ll see things like Hvalfjörður fjord, Deildartunguhver hotspring, Hraunfossar falls, and Blönduós.

There will be two “free days”. Saturday the 13th, where we’ll do things like visit local interest sites such as horseback riding, the Icelandic Emigration Center at Hofsos, the Skagafjörður Folk Museum at Glaumbær, and whatever else we improvise for. Wednesday the 17th, is the Icelandic Independence Day and we’ll most likely hit up the local parade in Sauðárkrókur and then just goof around town. 

In our class, we have early morning lecture and then if the weather agrees, we go do field work in local streams and man-made ponds/lakes. Our main focus will be on sticklebacks and salmonids, as well as other less commonly known arctic fish. If the weather sucks, we’ll do an indoor lab. 

Friday the 19th, we return to Reykjavík and get to be touristy until Monday, when we depart back home. 

Definitely going to hit up the Blue Lagoon. There’s apparently a Phallic Museum but….well, I’m not too interested in that :P. Definitely going to buy myself a hand made Lopapeysa too.

Our instructer says we have to try the whale meat, horse meat, and the Hákarl (really old fermented shark). I’m definitely no towards the whale, I don’t want to support the whaling industry (but I won’t hold it against anyone who wants to try it). The hákarl is supposed to followed with super strong local brew but I’m underage in Iceland and I will not eat fossilized, fermented shark sober. The horse…? Maybe. I have yet to decide. I’ve heard it’s delicious but it seems rather dastardly of me to ride a horse one day and then eat it the next.


I’m really freaking excited and I can’t wait! Just need to finish this school year strong :D