I tried to recommend the ones that haven’t been mentioned before, but if you see a repeat, that just means you must read it. The ones with a star ( ★ ) are the fics that I absolutely love and those that I’m keeping a close eye on because they’re sooo good  ♥  I put the list under the cut because it’s too long. Also, © means the fic is complete, (O) is for ongoing, and (1) is for oneshot. ENJOY!

PS: You might wonder - why ShisuixHinata? Well, just read the fics below to find out. I might be able to convert you *evil laughter*

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the prompts for deihina month

(deihina month will be held in august. you can totally do art, fan fics, anything! just tag me if u do smth on tumblr so i can reblog it here! i’m excited to see what u guys have in store for this month!)

Day 1 – Firsts (i.e.: first kiss, first fight, first meeting, ect.)

Day 2 – Traitor

Day 3 – Broke (eh, this was meant to be more financially, but i guess it can be emotionally)

Day 4 – Love at first fight (i cried writing this down. i suck, i know. i’m not creative, okay!)

Day 5 – Breaking the rules (*screams into the void* cliCH É AF)

Day 6 – Fireworks/Explosions (yeah i know, a deidara cliché, but i’m not creative, man !!)

Day 7 – Childern/Babysitting

Day 8 – College!AU

Day 9 – Letting go

Day 10 – Mythology (idk, like Hades and Persephone????? idk)

Day 11 – Having the family over

Day 12 – Their Song

Day 13 – Hospital/Sever injury

Day 14 – Hidden in plain sight

Day 15 – Distractions

Day 16 – Tattoos

Day 17 – Fashion (i.e.: hipster, goth, punk, ect.) (if u do punk i will find u and kiss u)

Day 18 – Disney/Dream works (or a combination of them for you jelsa lovers ;))

Day 19 – Summer Vacation/Beach (pls don’t sexualize hinata)

Day 20 – Rivaling Gangs

Day 21 – Dawn/Sun set watching clichés

Day 22 – Surprise! (like, one of them surprises the other,,,)

Day 23– Just be friends

Day 24 – “You’re so corny/cheesy!”

Day 25 – Hinata’s view on art

Day 26 – Winter

Day 27 – Window shopping

Day 28 – Procrastination

Day 29 – Trains/Train station (ha i’m making this a proMPTTT)

Day 30 – Book store

Day 31 – Endings/Break ups/“We weren’t meant to last, we were meant to make a lasting impression ”

irlsasori  asked:

Deihina? :)

Deihina? Interesting.

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who’s the cuddler:  Out of the two? Hinata.

who makes the bed: Hinata. Deidara I imagine is always messy when it comes to keeping his room clean.

who wakes up first:  Hinata. I always pictured her as a morning person.

who has the weird taste in music:  Deidara. I imagine he would like a lot of weird things like Scottish Pirate Metal.

who is more protective:   Deidara. Of course, he will act like he doesn’t care, but he would care a lot about Hinata. He knows full well she can handle herself though, despite her deceiving innocent demur. But he will get VERY PROTECTIVE over her if other guys hit on her, or if she’s in danger.

who sings in the shower:  They both do. <3

who cries during movies:   Hinata… but she doesn’t cry as often as you would think at the movies.

who spends the most while out shopping ………………Deidara.
Explosive Clay doesn’t grow on trees…….(technically it comes from the ground but… )  Deidara is a long range fighter so he needs to buy more things for fighting. Hinata is mainly close range and uses her fists.. so she just needs to buy ninja tools. Deidara would end up spending a lot of money for his weapons and art supplies.

who kisses more roughly:  Deidara. He wins by default with his mouth hands. (however I do have a headcannon that Hinata is very forward in bed.)

who is more dominate:  surprisingly, Hinata. Deidara was impressed/embarrassed by how much she ended up controlling their first time.

my rating of the ship from 1-10:   5 I guess.

Fairly neutral. But I can see it working.

I can see them as friends more. Like Hinata would try, or attempt to be his friend. His stubborn attitude and his passion reminds her a lot of Naruto. Deidara wouldn’t really care about becoming friends with her, but Hinata will have a honest interest and curiosity and appreciation for his art. This would stroke his ego, and I think he can find a friendship in Hinata.

Their horoscope romance is considered a perfect match:

Taurus x Capricorn

So I see no reason why Deidara and Hinata couldn’t work. =3

Fanfic Rec - Chaos Theory by Renaerys

I don’t usually make text posts, but I feel like I can’t contain my exuberance over this story by Renaerys. I’m almost finished, and it feels like I’ve just been to another world entirely. It has everything I’ve ever wanted in a fic with Hinata. She is such a strong girl in this fic. And she’s grown so much from her relationship with Dei (not just in a romantic way, but also in a purely platonic way). And I’ve seen a side of Dei that I’ve barely glimpsed of from the Naruto-verse. This fic sheds so much light on his character, and in such a believable and realistic way that it feels like Kishi himself couldn’t have written him any better if he went back and expanded his character. 

Everyone should give this a chance even if you like only one of the characters. It’s not a fic solely focused on putting them together as romantic interests, but as partners who grew, learned, and expanded their world together through each other. It made me feel a whole spectrum of emotions. I teared up, I held my breath, I chuckled, I ranted, I melted, I froze, I fangirled, and I cheered. I suspect I’ll probably bawl too once I reach the ending

I could sing praises about Chaos Theory all day (night), but please, if you like either of these characters, or together as friends, or more, or if you’re just curious about this incredible story starring two people who at first glance couldn’t seem more different than day and night, but compliment each other surprisingly well, give this story a read!!! 

Edit: Yup, I cried my eyes out in the end. :,)

DeiHina Art Drabble

Alexei: I’m reading this SasuHina/DeiHina fic called Common Delinquents written by Fanfiction user ProbablySatan (Which all of you should take the time to read because ohmygawd it’s amazing) and it inspired this little DeiHina drabble of my own. Despite being a closet DeiHina fan this is my first fic of the pairing, so no stabbing please


“There’s just something wrong with it.” Hinata pouted, glaring at the paint covered canvas.

“It looks fine, un.” Her blonde partner sighed, rolling his eyes at the girl’s frustration. “In fact it’s spot on, so basically what you’re saying is that there’s something wrong with the way I look.”

“Shut up. There’s nothing wrong with the way you look! Just the painting.” Hinata huffed, uncharacteristically annoyed. She tended to get that way whenever she painted. Sketching was never a problem, but something about an acrylic mixture gliding over a white canvas always got to her. It was probably the fumes. Most people never got to see this side of the girl, but the eventuality of it happening became apparent when her college art professor assigned her an unsuspecting partner for a portrait painting project.

“The painting looks fine,” said partner tried to assure her. He had become accustomed to her sudden shifts in mood after the initial shock of it had faded. She would always apologize afterward, embarrassed to have acted like such a brute, but he never really minded. It was certainly a refreshing change from the shy, secluded girl he saw three days a week in class. He dare say it was attractive, the way that she would suddenly explode with emotion.

“Of course it looks fine. It looks great.” Hinata wrung her hands before running them through her hair. “It’s just… it’s missing whatever it is that makes it you, not just a painting of you. There is something missing, something that is distinctly Deidara, but I don’t know what it is!”

“Why don’t you take a break and come back later. It’ll still be here in an hour.”

Hinata was about to scold the clay sculptor when he quickly grabbed up all her brushes, holding them about his head and out of her reach.

“Break time, un!”

There was a pause in which Hinata stared at the blond, mouth agape, before her thought processes started working again and she retorted, “You realize I can paint with my fingers, right?”

“And risk smudging that beautiful face?! No way!” Deidara gathered up her pallet before she could further protest. “Ha!”

Hinata couldn’t argue that he had a beautiful face. Painting it had allowed to analyze it enough to accept that. His hair was golden and looked unbelievably soft, and she had spent ten minutes mixing and (nearly) perfecting the various shades of blue in his eyes. He was rather attractive. It wasn’t that Hinata was attracted to blonde hair and blue eyes either, despite what her high school record might have otherwise suggested. It was simply that she had never met an unattractive person who had that particular combination of features.

“I have more bottles of paint in the cupboard,” she realized aloud, nearly forgetting why she was saying it in the first place.

Deidara pouted. “You, Hinata Hyuuga, are a spoilsport. That is what you are, un.”

She let out a surprised bout of laughter. “I suppose I could use a quick break.”

“Good.” Deidara sighed, putting down the various supplies. He noted the yellow paint that had gotten on his hand and wiped it on his already clay-covered jeans. “Because I don’t have that many arms. I was seriously contemplating just keeping you away from the paint instead of the other way around.”

The girl blushed, and he was almost sad to see her retreat back into her shell.

“I’m sorry. I’m making this more difficult than it needs to be.” Deidara almost cut her off, but she continued, staring at the painting and sighing. “It’s just that this is so frustrating. I’m always so nitpicky with my own work, I guess most people are, and like I said it’s a great painting. No one else would argue that, but I know that there’s something missing and it just makes me so upset and angry and sometimes I just feel like blowing it up!”

Deidara stared at his partner in awe for a long moment.

“Hinata, un?”

“Yes, Deidara?”

“Marry me.”


Alexei: That came out way more fluffy than I meant it to…

renaerys  asked:

omfg please ignore that typo i meant to say deihina!!!! your deihina art is FABULOUS. sorry for that typo -___-

I-It’s that fabulous writer who wrote that fabulous DeiHina fic sjkfhakjsdfha ofsfkjhfdjkf kdfk /sobs /dies /I can’t stop reading it over and over and idk sdfksdf QuQ;;;

Nononononoo omg it’s okay, really…!! Aaah I’m so happy you like them!! 

Your fic was really an inspiration and and DeiHina is a great pair I love this ship so much sigh bless you for being so amazing thank you so much!! ; ;;

Top 10 Naruto Ships

Thanks for tagging me @sasukehinata. I hope people don’t mind that most of them are gonna be Hinata ships lol 😅

1)NaruHina - This ship has been cute since day one and I just love that they were always positive when it came to interacting with one another. It was obvious to me that they were gonna be end game from the beginning, just like with SasuSaku (even though I have a love/hate relationship with ss)

2) SasuHina - I just think that ship is so beautiful to look at, plus people have brought the fact that this ship has so much untapped potential. If I wasn’t so against certain ships happening if it meant that SasuHina would be canon, I would be so happy to see this ship sail.

3) GaaHina - I know this is just as unlikely as SasuHina, but I literally squeal every time I see something related to this pairing. They are just so freaking quirky and awkward dorks if you ship them during his kage days, and just so hot and unpredictable if you ship it during his crazy days. There’s just so much you can do with this ship that its simply amazing!

4) NejiHina - I love them as a brotp and also as otp. I just love how protective Neji is towards her after his fight with Naruto. Neji treats her like a princess and Naruto SD doesn’t help my shipping heart towards them any better. I know incest is gross and taboo, but I just can’t help it, okay? Don’t judge me.

5) LeeSaku - Do I even need to say why?? The way that Lee was so precious when he was around Sakura was the cutest thing to me. And the way that Sakura treated and cared for Lee during the Forest of Death onwards was the best part of Sakura that I have ever seen. That’s the Sakura that I can get behind.

6) KibaHina/ShinoHina - Again, do I need to say why?? I love them as a brotp and also as ship too. I love how the boys are so protective and caring towards Hinata. They are like her big brothers and she’s like their little sister. I also love how Hinata treats Shino and Kiba and Akamaru. She’s treats them with so much love and respect. This is just adorable overload. I can’t.

7) BoruMitsu/BoruSumiMitsu/SaraCho - Its fairly new but I already love how they are with each other. Boruto is just a fluff ball when it comes to his friends, and I love how no matter what Mitsuki or Sumire do because of their upbringing, Boruto is there to knock some sense into them and be there for them unconditionally. As for SaraCho, I love their friendship so much, but I would love to see them together as well. These ships have set sail and I’m not looking back!

8) InoSumi - Inojin’s sassiness and Sumire’s hawawa nervous tick, plus the purple color scheme just sets my heart fluttering with fangirlness. I can’t help it y'all.

9) AkaHina - What can I say? This is the best way for me to say that I ship Hinata with all of the Akatsuki members 😅 Its not my fault that I thinks she is super cute with people okay? When you have a favorite character, you tend to think that she/he would be perfect with everyone 😂

10) ShikaHima/MetalHima - Himawari is a precious cinnamon roll, Shikadai is a precious troublemaker, and Metal is the king of nervous adorkableness! Those boys deserve a bit of Sunshine Himawari love! Sue me!

Bonus: Literally almost every Hinata ship you can think of, girls and boys equal! I can’t help myself. Hinata has so much love to give. Sue me. I also like some of the canon ships, but like I said, I have a love/hate relationship with one of them. (Thanks a lot fandom)

I guess I’ll tag @bluewind1246, @unpopular-ship-queen, @sp2512, @hinatamyqueen, and @lady-nounoum just cuz these were some names that popped up. Have fun! 😄