Richy:lolol hateeeee uuu

Me:Haters gonna hate .. potatoes gonna potate
hah a

Richy:oh gawd -_____-

Me:lol .. you know you like it dun deny it haha

Richy:oranges gonna orange
LOlyep yep hella comeback

Me:tomatoes gonna tomate
comback that B****

Richy:fine ill google tat shit
dont make me haha

Me:waiters gonna wait … and i’m waiting lol

cant find any fruit tat ends in ate lol
creaters gonna create this shit

Me:graters gonna grate

Richy: wtf is a grater lol

Me:google it lol
lol wow
haha I win YAY

Richy:ummm.. wait
graders will grade ur lines and drop u a F

Me:haha wtf ????
any how I still win YAY me !!!!

Ever had that moment when you feel so pressured and depressed on one certain thing? 

IN college life is truly bizarre and miserable when you get a horrible instrutor.  Not because they didn’t teach good, Its actually because their home-works are overloaded, test questions don’t even relate to the lectures, and most importantly their strong ACCENT that make students go crazy !!!! 

These are questions where we students always have.

What the hell had I got into ?

Why do professors go off topic ?

why is this so confusing?

How can I raise my grade?

Do we need to know this ?

Why do i studied so hard and still failing the class ?


As for me, The best advice would be, If you don’t need that class don’t take it.  If you don’t like that teacher DROP the class as soon as possible before the DROP dateline.

今天发了个梦。 在梦里我梦见了外公。 他跟我说了很多话, 可是醒来后头脑就迷迷糊糊的忘记了外公所对我说过的内容,只是觉得这梦好怪异。 心想, 难到是我最近太过 stressed out 所以才会梦到他来跟我聊天? 还是我太想念我的亲人了? 毕竟他在世时,是最疼我的。梦也不过如此, 希望是我想太多了。 


I admit it now …. I HAVE NO LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!   It’s already the 2nd week of college, and I still haven’t meet up with my old high school friends, instead I’m stuck in the Library almost everyday…. working my butt off on freaking essays  and math HOMEWORK !!!! Professors WHY are u making my life so miserable !!!!! Professor you have gave me no choice, but to have no life !!!!! FML !!!!!!!! Forever Alone !!!!!