deidrarichelle replied to your post: in response to something ages ago; there’s nothing wrong with wearing big ole heels when you’re tall. gotta make the most of what you got. i’m 5ft 1 paha and i hardly ever wear heels. some people are destined to be long and sexy, others shot and cute. advantages to both sides tho so i’d never be jealous of a tall gal :) just sayin’ xo

Forever 6’4” in heels.

hell yeah! and PROUD!!!!! hahaha

deidrarichelle replied to your post: So last night I had a guy stay over

kind of, i feel like if he’s stayed over before you guys have some kind of thing, right? idk, i’m assuming. so i would just let him sleep unless you have some other shit to do then just wake him up and say sorry bro you gotta go.

Yeah we have a thing, I ended up just letting him sleep. He probably thought I was nuts earlier though because the second he got up my dog ran downstairs so I knew he had to be getting up, so I followed the dog and he had barely gotten off the couch when I came down lol