deidara's tears

anonymous asked:

random fact: up until i read his death scene, i thought deidara was a woman. Deidara tearing off his shirt was a HUGE shock to 14-year-old me.


I can imagine.

  • Sasori: Deidara, what are we standing in?
  • Deidara: would you believe it's strawberry milkshake?
  • Sasori: no, I would not believe that.
  • Deidara: melted gumdrops?
  • Sasori: no
  • Deidara: some of God's tears?
  • Sasori: tell me the truth deidara!
  • Deidara: it's the lovely elderly couple from 2B
  • Sasori: I cannot believe what I am hearing!
  • Deidara: I will not apologize for art

kokoro4kakashi  asked:

omg... hidan's embarrassed/pouty face is my new favorite thing! i'm also wondering if deidei ever accidentally used his exploding clay for his facials? *giggles* (no worries if you've got an eon's worth of queued requests ^_^ i just couldn't resist sending this before i go back to page whatever-i-was-on here to continue rebloggin' stuff! <3 yer blog!)

[[ Thank you so much! ^_^ ]]