deicide album


1992. Legion 

is the second album by band Deicide. It was released on June 9.

Legion is more musically ambitious than most other Deicide albums, incorporating more technical riffing and song structures. The band considers this album to be its most difficult, and claims it is too chaotic. When the Hoffman brothers quit the band, Eric Hoffman stated it is simply that Glen Benton refused to play longer sets and could not do technical riffing on his bass. Though the album has been praised by fans, “Dead But Dreaming” was the only track of this album that remained in their live set, though as recently as 2010 the band has begun playing “Trifixion” and “Holy Deception” as well. Unlike Deicide’s first album, this release did not use any pitch shifters or harmonizers on Benton’s vocals. However, delay, reverb, and multi tracking were among the studio manipulations used to get the vocal effects on the album.

one of the most truly brutal and horrifying albums ever.

   Glen Benton    Brian Hoffman   Eric Hoffman   Steve Asheim