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Had a wonderful time shooting our Dragon Age costumes in an authentic castle with my Canadian crew. I’m actually really insecure about my cosplays (more specifically: me in them) and I’m so happy with the photos Lazlo took because they actually make me look way cooler than I actually am :) 

@kolibrichan (myself) as Leliana

Photo by Lazlo @ Häme Castle, Hämeenlinna, Finland, July 2016
Costume done by me
Inquisition brooch and buttons done by @dei-sandvich

Which Homestuck Cosplayer Should You Fight?

I loved allegro-designs’s “Which Homestuck Artist Should You Fight” post so much, I had to make a cosplay version!  Is this a meme?  Please let this be a meme.

Who wins: Pyropi
You have made the grave mistake of attempting to fight someone who actually goes to the gym.  The only question is whether she will kick your ass via a foot to your glutes, or whether she’ll settle for verbally sassing you into the next calendar year.  And which of ten different Terezi costumes she’ll wear while doing it.

Who wins: Nobody
Chairman-Miaow is like twice your height.  What is wrong with you?  Everyone watches uncomfortably as he picks you up in one of his Gamagori hands and smacks you to the moon with one of many massive 100lb props.  It’s like watching a great dane poke a chihuahua in the face.  Nobody is enjoying this.  Nobody wins anything.

Who wins: Pearlgirl
You may attempt to fight Pearlgirl, but upon stepping into her personal bubble you find yourself struck by a surprise attack of Pearl Is Looking At Me Oh God She’s So Cute.  It’s super effective.  You lose 100 willpower and find yourself a gibbering pile of mush compelled to pinch her cheeks over and over again.  Pearlgirl effortlessly adds you to her growing zombie hoard.

Who wins: You
Fight her.  Terieri likes to pretend that she is good at things like arm wrestling, but can easily be reduced to a complaisant pile of impeccably-made Ampora accessories with a well-timed burst of Music Of The Night and some good Eridan fanfic.  Wear a pair of Sollux glasses for some extra sneaky points.

Who wins: You
Yaexrae is an Adult with Adult Responsibilities to tend to when she is not working her second job bending physics as a magical sewing fairy.  Attempting to fight Yaexrae will probably win you a sad pat on the head and a phonecall to your mom.  And then while you wait, she’ll spend the next hour showering you with some excellent advice on how to fix your hems and applique your stripes.  Your next cosplay is going to be awesome.

Who wins: Fromgilbowithawesome/Regdichab
Attempting to fight either Fromgilbowithawesome or Regdichab will invariably lead to the other teleporting to the fight scene, keen on kicking your ass.  A barrage of apologies accompanies the sound of your glutes being solidly handed to you as they both smack you and then apologize for hitting you in the first place.  When the beatdown is done, they offer to let you join their next humanstuck cosplay group.

Who wins: You
You win on a technicality because Caledbuttscratch spends the entire fight laughing at you.  And then she lets you win because it’s funny.  Victory is yours, but it’s hollow.  You spend the rest of your time there eating homemade donuts while she sketches up a storm and grills you for opinions on her next cosplay.

Who wins: Nobody
As has been previously established, trying to fight Saccharinesylph is like trying to fight everyone’s mom.  You attempt to punch Fandom Mom in the face.  Fandom mom gently cradles your head, asking what she did to make you so upset.  How can she make it up to you?  A heartfelt drawing?  A cosplay design?  Fandom Mom just wants to make you happy.  You begin to feel really bad about your life choices and hold Fandom Mom as you both wallow in your mutual distress.

Who wins: Thesparkofrevolution
Why do you keep trying to fight all these nice people?  Did you have a rough week?  Thesparkofrevolution doesn’t want to fight you.  She pulls down her Signless hood and channels her character, trying to talk you out of it.  When you refuse, she smacks you in the face with her giant flag prop and leaves for her next cosplay change.  You regret everything.

Who wins: Everybody
You attempt to fight the double team conglomerate known as Kisbe and Dei-Sandvich.  You probably need an MRI but sure, okay.  Why not.  They both proceed to immediately laugh in your face and crack open a beer.  They have better shit to do.  You realize that fighting is pointless and follow them inside where they allow you to gaze upon their hoard of impeccably-made costumes.  You try to absorb some of their skills through osmosis, but it’s time to fire up the grill.  You leave a more enlightened person.


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Oh my GOD this took me forever. But it’s done: My headcannon Beta trolls.

Karkat: avoidradiators

Aradia: damaramegido

Tavros: askirltavros

Sollux: carcinocarnivals

Kanaya: hwasun

Nepeta: belledecam

Terezi: sweethobgoblin

Vriska (left): boxed-hobo

Equius: princekaweewee

Gamzee: msundeadrainbow

Eridan: dei-sandvich

Feferi: tsubasahime