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What about when they dropped Philip at school that first time?  Right before they made little Johnny.

OMG the first time he and Betsey had sex: “we could’ve just made a baby” and the he sobs into her boobs.

Rufus King leaves for Europe: “everyone always leaves me.”  Cries.

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Hi, did you make these flaxseed crackers yourself? And would you share the recipe if so? They look delicious!

Hi there! Sure, here’s the recipe!

You will need a dehydrator! 


  • 1.25 cup flax seeds
  • Water
  • Herbs of your choice ( I used parsley and Italian spices )
  • Optional: Lemon
  • Optional: I used sun dried tomatoes 

* Feel free to experiment and throw in other things like garlic, onions, chili pepper, anything to add flavor you’d like. But to make the most basic flaxseed crackers, you only need the first 3 ingredients.


  1. I used a blender, and it worked just fine (nothing fancy). Throw in the flax seeds, (this measurement is based on the fact that I used 1 cup, and wished I had just a LITTLE more mixture). Add about a cup of water, Herbs, Lemon, Tomatoes and anything else you want to add.  Blend on low to get it going, then up the speed.  
  2. Look to see how it’s going, add water as needed to reach a spreadable consistency.  I had to keep adding a bit of water until it smoothened out a bit. You want it thin enough to spread, but not so watery it’s loose. Scrape sides as you blend to keep it consistent.
  3. Remove from blender and spread onto your Dehydrator sheet. This is easiest with your bare hands.  I found it was helpful to wet my hands occasionally as it prevented the mixture from sticking to me, and made it easier to spread.
  4. Slowly work the mixture out into a flat even surface as thin as you can.  Thicker is fine, but it will take longer to dehydrate. This is what mine looked like :
  5. Put it in the dehydrator and set it for 110.
  6. After 2 hours at any time (or until the crackers are firm enough to flip), run a spatula under the crackers and flip. At this time it might be a good idea to take a butter knife and score them into the shapes and pieces you want.  This isn’t necessary, but if you want them to be consistent, they’ll break perfectly if you score them.
  7. Dehydrate until desired crispness. I did it for about 6 more hours, and they were plenty crisp.
  8. Finished!

Burning Man is such… a bizarre concept to me. 

“Lets set up a small city in the middle of this god forsaken desert with no security and no hospital and just.. socialize with random assholes.. all week, in unbearable heat”

Did I mention ive been dying


its basically gone like this:

-woke up at 3am feeling nauseated 

-3:50am got sick

-miserably stayed up till 5am

-passed out till 8am

-havent left my room all day since then and have ate things more bland than the american education system

-even after drinking constant fluids im in dehydration and getting close to being hospitalized (but I cant drink too much or too fast or I get sick again)

-my cold decided to get worse and give me migraine level pains plus this stomach bug still in affect

-ive been dying all day and hoping I dont have to go to the hospital YET AGAIN because on average I go to the hospital at least 3-4 times a year and not even from breaking something which is the joy of being a diabetic with a extremely frail immune system


Your brain is your biggest liquid asset. It is composed of more than 85 percent water. Little wonder then that if you are dehydrated, your thinking ability drops dramatically, as does the performance of your whole body.

•Water is 2nd only to oxygen in survival. A body can live for minutes without oxygen, for a few days without water, and several weeks without food.

•The human body is 60% water, blood is 90% water, muscles are 75% water, and bone is 25% water. Water is one of the main structures of the body. Drain your body of water you’ll be left with a few pounds of chemicals that are worth about $5 you guys!

•Your brain is 1/50 of your total body weight, but it receives 20% of the blood circulation, so 1/5 of your body’s water requirements come from your brain.

•Water balances and regulates almost every other system in the body — temperature regulation, digestion, and waste excretion. You cannot eliminate toxins from your body with insufficient water.

•Most headaches and feelings of fatigue are caused by dehydration.

•You lose about 10 cups of fluid each day in sweat, urine, and bowel movements. Even the air you exhale contains vital water vapor.

•If you wait until you are thirsty to drink, you are already dehydrated. Unlike hunger, thirst is a bad sign.

•Drinks that contain caffeine (colas and coffee) are diuretics, which means they lessen the body’s ability to absorb and retain water — they rob the body of water.

•It is the most time efficient way of improving your mood and overall performance. It takes seconds to drink a glass of water, but the benefits last for hours.

•Combined with a healthy lifestyle, drinking water increases weight loss.

Updated Perfect Skin Routine

This is obviously the most unflattering selfie of all time, but I wanted to post an unretouched picture of my skin after 8 months of using Paula’s Choice skincare. I started on Oct. 18, with my major concerns being cystic acne, oiliness, pore size, dehydration and dullness. However, like last time, I’m making recommendations for all skin types. As always, use this link to get 10% off your order:

Before bed:

-Cleanse with Hydralight Cleanser. This is a great option for all skin types, but especially sensitive and oily skin. It doesn’t foam, which I love because I find that non-stripping cleansers prevent my skin from overproducing oil. Since Paula is discontinuing her Hydralight line, the giant 16 oz. bottle is under $22. If you miss out on Hydralight, go for one of the Redness Relief cleansers ($17), whose ingredients are super similar. There is a Redness Relief cleanser for oily skin (which is closer to Hydralight) and one for dry skin, which is milkier and lathers slightly.

-I will never be a big proponent of using toners because there is nothing in a toner that isn’t in your serum or moisturizer - it’s basically just $20 for a bottle of water plus some beneficial plant extracts and fillers. But…I’ve started using one. I love the Redness Relief toner for oily skin. I find that it genuinely calms down inflamed and ruddy skin. Also for my trans sisters who are looking for a good aftershave - this is the one. The RR toner geared toward dry skin has a few extra silicones and emollients. Some people are fans, but it’s not my thing - the one for oily skin works for all skin types.

-I prefer BHA (salicylic acid) exfoliants over AHA (glycolic, lactic acid) exfoliants for myself, since I have oily skin and huge pores. BHA cuts through oil and shrinks pores - two things AHAs can’t do. However, for people with dry/dehydrated skin and those with a BHA allergy, AHA is amazing at restoring the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Both AHA and BHA exfoliants are equally potent, depending on concentration, at treating acne and wrinkles and sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal smooth, glowing skin without the use of a scrub or physical exfoliant.

Every night, I use the 2% BHA liquid ($28), splashing some into the palm of my hands and smoothing it all over my face, avoiding my lashline but being sure to spread some onto the milia on my eyelids. Paula also makes a gel version if you prefer that over liquid, plus a lotion version for dry skin sufferers (the liquid is the intensest and fastest-acting of those three). For those with very sensitive skin, Paula makes a 1% BHA in her Redness Relief line ($26). For people with moderate acne, the Clear Regular Strength exfoliant with 2% is a good option. For those with severe acne, there is the extra-strength version.

AHA lovers should go for the 8% AHA gel ($28), using it 2-3 times per week. If the concentration is too low, a 10% liquid is available for $35 as a weekly treatment, and for those with sensitive skin there’s a daily 5% treatment for $32.

Once per week, I use the 4% BHA foam ($35). I’m obsessed with this stuff - it’s amazing for the areas I have the biggest pores and where I’m most prone to breakouts, like my nose and hairline, respectively. It’s easy to overuse it - I don’t have sensitive skin at all but when I use this treatment too often my nostrils get flakey, so be careful. But this exfoliant is heaven for white heads, big pores and acne.

On cystic breakouts, I use one of two treatments: the BHA 9 Spot Treatment ($42) which is AMAZING for blackheads/clogged pores/whiteheads; or the way more reasonably-priced 5% benzoyl peroxide treatment ($18). There’s a regular strength (2.5 %) version for the faint of heart.

On the acne on my body (this is especially for anyone who shaves or waxes their privates, etc.) I use the 2% BHA Body Spray ($24), although people suffering from dry skin or keratosis pilaris will love the 10% AHA Body Lotion ($27). I hate its texture - it goes from thick lotion to watery liquid as you spread it, which a lot of people love I guess. The BHA version ($25) might be better, depending on preference.

-I switch around between three serums: the Redness Relief serum ($32) which everyone is obsessed with - it’s amazing for dehydration, dryness, redness, acne, etc. - and two retinol serums: the amazing 1% retinol treatment ($55) and the lighter Resist retinol serum ($40). Retinol is an amazing anti-aging treatment for pores and fine lines, as well as other skin texture issues like acne scarring. If you have dry skin and want an all-in-one anti-aging treatment moisturizer, try the Resist Intensive Repair Cream ($32).

I mix three drops of the Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster in with my serum every night, in place of a moisturizer. Not only does it keep my skin moist, but it also helps calm down my sebum glands to prevent excess oiliness. It contains all my favorite oils, from argan to sunflower seed. It’s important NOT to apply the oil directly on the parts of your face prone to white heads (I make sure it doesn’t really touch my nose).

For anyone who has dull, discolored skin a few drops of the Vitamin C15 Super Booster helps brighten and correct the complexion. I have some dark spots and hyperpigmentation from sun damage on my ass, and my roommate has severe hyperpigmentation on her face from being on wonky birth control. Both of us use the Super Booster every night all over, but we apply the Resist Dark Spot Corrector with 7% AHA directly on dark patches.

If you need a moisturizer at night, there’s a ton of options. The $28 Redness Relief moisturizer (dry/oily) is my fave and a no-brainer, but check here to take your pick.


-I usually don’t cleanse in the daytime unless I’ve fallen asleep without cleansing, which obviously is something none of us should be doing. I prefer to just rinse my face in the shower (never with hot water, which can bust your hydrolipidic film). Then I just tone and slap some of the Redness Relief serum all over.

-Everyone needs a sunblock. If you’re using a retinoid, exfoliant, or skin brightener, your skin might be more sensitive to sun damage, which obviously defeats the purpose of using any of those treatments. People with sensitive skin, and really anyone else, will love the $28 Redness Relief sunblocks (dry/oily). Even people with sensitivities to silicones and sunblocks tend not to have reactions to these formulas, so I don’t often recommend other formulas. But! Hydralight sunblock (also $28) is a terrific alternative for oily skin that needs light moisture, and for very dry skin I love the Skin Recovery SPF 30 sunblock ($28). All of them make amazing primers for foundation, but my personal favorite for oily skin is the Super Light SPF 30 formula ($32). However, Super Light is very drying and it leaves an obvious grey cast on dark skin, more so than Paula’s other sunblock formulas. @agavehoney has some smart hacks on how to prevent sunblock from making dark skin appear ashy. Be sure to encircle your sunblock around your eye area as this skin is the thinnest and most prone to damage, discoloration, and wrinkles.


How To Make Apple Chips with the Sedona Combo Dehydrator

Step 1: Slice apples into thin pieces. I recommend using the Choison V-Slicer. It’s a little pricey, but it makes cutting produce a lot easier. 

Step 2: Load them up on the dehydrating trays. Make sure they are spaced evenly and that each slice don’t touch each other so that they won’t stick together while dehydrating.

Step 3: Set the Sedona Combo Dehydrator to Combo Mode. Set the FAST mode temperature to 155 degrees for 3 hours to jump start the dehydrating process. Then, set the RAW mode temperature to 118 degrees for 5-7 hours to keep the dehydrating process going while still maintaining the raw nature of the food (118 degrees is the temperature that raw food proponents believe that food should only be heat up to to maintain the natural enzymes that are beneficial to our health). 

Step 4: Take out the apple chips from the dehydrator and enjoy!

I had a lot of fun making this haha :)

Twenty-three year old Viennese woman, before and after contracting cholera

One mid-19th century report describes cholera victims who were “one minute warm, palpitating, human organisms - the next a sort of galvanized corpse, with icy breath, stopped pulse and blood congealed - blue, shrivelled up, convulsed”. Cholera causes profuse vomiting and diarrhoea, dehydrating the body so rapidly and severely that the blood thickens and the skin becomes deathlike and blue.

Image from the Wellcome Archives


And then guess what? They let us in.

We were some of the last people in line. I think maybe five people were behind us? Fifteen minutes before closing, the line was still unbelievably long. There was no way I was gonna get to see him.

Fifteen minutes passed and the convention had closed but they allowed the people who were in line to stay over so they could meet them.

That was when I started to cry because I knew then that it was really gonna happen.

I got up there, my hands drawing to my mouth as I sobbed lightly. 

And he said, in that extremely familiar tone, “Well hey there!”

And he opened his arms and pulled me into him.

And guys. I’m no exaggerating.

Being hugged by Markiplier is literally one of the greatest feelings in the world.

It is a happiness that lingers with you.

When he pulled away, he looked at me and said, “See? Now that you’ve met me, I’m really not all that special, am I?”

And I looked right back at him, making eye contact, and even though I was crying and sobbing like a doof, I was able to clearly say, “No, no. You are.” 

He gave me a second to (somewhat) compose myself, offering sweet words the whole time, and he took these pictures on my phone. I couldn’t stop making that stupid crying face until I saw the faces he was making.

I know he had to have seen at least 600 other people yesterday. Hell, he’s probably gonna see over twice that many today. And I know he had to have said that thing about not being special at least a dozen times. 

But that moment was still mine. And it was special. Just like him.

Just like me.

Just like all of you. 


Hello everyone! I’m back with a vegan cookie recipe that I made for Tribest. Usually when I make these, I just eat them after I roll them up into balls, but this time, I experimented and tried to dehydrate them. They turned out pretty well! I left them in the dehydrator from 5pm - 9am, and the consistency of them was similar to soft baked cookies when I took them out. It was really good haha. I rate it 9.5/10.

Look out for a video of this coming up soon!

In the mean time, here’s the recipe in text form:

Banana Nut Bites: A Delicious and Simple Organic Raw Cookie Recipe


Organic Trail Mix of your Choice (a Mix of Dried Fruits and Nuts)

Organic Dried Pitted Dates

Organic Banana (Sliced)


Mince the ingredients together with the Slowstar 2-in-1 Juicer and Mincer by placing a piece of date and a slice of banana for every handful of trail mix. Then, mix the raw cookie dough and roll them up into balls. Arrange the balls on the Sedona Combo trays and flatten them with a wooden spatula or spoon. With the Sedona Combo Raw Food Dehydrator, set the Fast Mode temperature to 155 degrees for 2 hours, and then set the Raw Mode temperature to 118 degrees and the timer to Continuous (for continuous operation). Leave the cookies in the dehydrator for 5-12 hours or more. The longer you leave the cookies, the less moisture it is going to have (for softer cookies, leave them in the dehydrator for less time, and for a more solid consistency, leave them in to dehydrate for longer. Over-dehydrating food is better than under-dehydrating when trying to preserve them. The drier they are, the longer they will last).

Serve and enjoy!


Here’s more information on the benefits of dehydrating foods:



Here are the links to the products I used:

Tribest Slowstar 2-in-1 Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer

Tribest Sedona Combo Raw Food Dehydrator

Also, if you guys have any smoothie or dehydrator recipes you want me to do, just message me the recipe and if I like it, I’ll make a post/video of it and credit you! I’ve been wanting to experiment with different ingredients, which is why I renamed my Tumblr Angeli’s Food Laboratory haha. Feel free to make up your own recipe for me to try!

Anyway, thanks for all your support! Oh also, if you guys have any health tips, please share them with me and I’ll make a post about them! Let’s work on staying healthy together :)