which songs will he perform… will there only be 2 we haven’t heard live yet or more than that… am I going to be severely dehydrated from crying by the 18th after crying since the 12th anyway… what’s he gonna WEAR every night… when am I gonna SLEEP this year… 😨

If I ever see me tag a really good pic of Calum as just #ch jus know I typed out the most dehydrated ass mess in the tags first but then decided it was too Much even for me and deleted it

cannibalcoalition  asked:

Re: lawful wasted while sober- I get what I call 'sugardrunk' sometimes when I've been given caffeine or sugar and am in the company of interesting people with good energies. The comedown of this is called 'schmalffed.' The bad thing is you can still suffer from a hangover this way- related to overexertion and dehydration.

Duuuude, I know that state. Hell, I think @comrade-side-eyes has seen me in that state at con. But…”schmalffed”? Sounds kinda Yiddish, yanno. Careful, people might think you hang out with them crazy Jews. /sarc

xoxo-loveya-xoxo  asked:

Hi so I was purging while standing up then out of no where a sharp pain attacked my head for like 5 seconds then I fell to the ground clutching my head... do you know why this happened by chance? Thanks babe and also I love your blog! 💕💕

Thanks! <3 I could only imagine that because you purged you became severely dehydrated, or you were malnourished since your body can’t absorb vitamins if you’re not letting them stay! I don’t know much on this topic, sorry. Hope I still helped!

anonymous asked:

if sugar is so good for us, how come after i have sugar or too much, like a vegan soda or protein bars/cookies/ anything with added sugar i feel jittery, bloated then feel like i could fucking crash and fall asleep at any given moment and i notice after doing this a couple days in a row i look like i put some weight on?

1. You have insulin resistance from your previous high fat diet aka pre diabetic.

2. You have a slow metabolism because you obsviously are a yo yo dieter.

3. Your thyroid would be damaged because you use stimulants frequently and don’t get enough early nights.

4. You would also be long term dehydrated due to ‘carb paranoia’. Takes 3g of water to store 1g of carbohydrate aka when we are undercarbed we are 100% dehydrated.

anonymous asked:

Ship, this probably won't get answered but youre one of the smartest people on tumblr. I just found out that my friend just killed themselves, and i feel so unstable. I'm either on my side sobbing my eyes out or just staring at my iPad with my mind completely blank. I never even got to tell them i loved them. I don't know what to do and i just need to know if this sort of unsteady reaction is normal. I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time. Thank you.

Man… I. I’m so, so sorry. I’ve been in your place before. It feels like your gut is being ripped out over and over again and the hole filled with ice water.

Don’t worry about whether or not your reaction is normal. It is. Grief is weird and scary and uncertain and it’s never as clean as it is in the movies. Sometimes it feels fake and performative and unreal, other times it feels like physical pain. You’re going to need people and they’re going to need you, so ask for support and love and comfort and touch. It’s not going to make sense, not anytime soon, but your job right now is to breathe and eat and let yourself be loved and protected however you can.

Divination Tips for Beginners

Divination can be hard and draining, it takes up a lot of energy. For those who are still new to it, it can really drain you and result in headaches and frustrations. Here are some tips to help all you beginners out with divination and how draining it can be.

  • Drink plenty of water, being dehydrated is not fun and especially not when you are using so much energy
  • Take a shower or bath before any divination work to help cleanse yourself 
  • Meditate before big divination work to help center and ground yourself
  • Crystals good for divination and psychic work: nuummite, amethyst, amazonite, fluorite, and aqua aura quartz
  • Clear Quartz is a good energy booster and can help you feel less drained after divination
  • Drink some black tea to help ground yourself and give yourself extra energy for divination work
  • If you are starting to feel tired during divination, that is okay, take a break or take a nap. Forcing yourself to keep going will only exhaust you further and make everything more difficult. You deserve breaks
  • It is okay to use notes during divination, don’t worry what others say. Its not ‘unprofessional’, even veterans in divination use notes. Keep a notebook with you full of different meanings of cards or stones or runes, take notes as you go, write down your thoughts and keep it near you every time you practice.
  • Yellow is the color of divination, keep yellow things around you to help. Yellow blanket(s), yellow pillows, yellow candles, yellow pieces of paper; anything you can find. Purple is also another color good to help with psychic abilities and awareness
  • Herbs good for divination and psychic work: cinnamon, lemon, cherry, lettuce, grapes, orange (orange peel), mint, pumpkin, celery, lemon balm, catnip, thyme, rose, seaweed, star anise, mullein, mugwort and rosemary can all help you. Bake with them, eat them, use them in teas or keep them near you in a sachet or jar
  • Stretch and take little walks. Sitting for a long time can be killer and make you sore. Stretch your legs and take little five or ten minute walks during long readings and psychic work. Muscle and joint stiffness is never fun
  • Rather than trying to tackle large readings every day, do small ones. Like a few questions to your pendulum, pull a single card, draw a crystal from a bag, etc. Small daily practices can help you in the long run without exhausting you. 
  • Open a window and let some fresh air in while you work, it will do wonders, especially since air is the element associated with divination work.
  • Keep a small bowl or cup of salt near you, it will absorb the negative energy about you especially if you are feeling frustrated
  • Moon water is great for divination: drink it, make tea with it, spray the room with it, anoint yourself with it, keep it near you, etc
  • Cleanse your space before divination work, again it will keep negativity away from you 
  • Cleanse and charge your divination tools regularly, it really helps in the long run. Put them in the moonlight at night (especially during full moons), keep salt near them, smoke cleanse them if you can, burn white candles, use crystals/gems, etc
  • Its okay if you get confused and don’t know how to interpret something. Take notes on it and with time it may become more clear to you. Don’t force yourself to try to understand
  • Mistakes happen, you won’t always be 100% right on things. No one is, divination is not a certain thing. Things change all the time, its okay. Don’t let it get you down.
  • If you are tired, sick, stressed, or anything else and don’t feel like doing divination work that is fine. Its okay, you don’t have to do it all the time. Especially not if you are feeling unwell and tired. Rest and take care of yourself, you can continue practice another time
  • If you use tools in your work like mirrors, tea cups/mugs, cards, crystals, etc try to bond with them. Creating a bond with your tools can improve your divination quite a bit
  • You don’t have to practice on other people, you can do it for yourself and your own questions. Its an old wive’s tale that you can’t use tarot or divination on yourself, you definitely can
  • Try to get a good nights sleep before and after divination
  • Once you finish, treat yourself. Get something to eat, watch a movie or show you like, curl up with a book, snuggle into a blanket, play with your pets, take a nap; do whatever makes you happy. You did a good job and deserve some time to rest and recharge afterwards
The Desert is a Thirsty Motherfucker

for @taylor-tut - sorry it’s so small!

Three days. They had been stuck for three days. Keith was pissed, sure, but Shiro was growing more and more livid each day. After day one he stopped defending the castle’s inability and started focusing more, through the growing anger, on his fellow paladins.

Lance thought it was only fair to do his part, and share his water. Or, y'know, give it away completely.

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