dehumanization of trans people

Just a reminder to our cis allies:
Transgender Day of Remembrance is NOT the trans equivalent of Gay Pride. We aren’t throwing parades. We aren’t throwing parties. We aren’t celebrating.

We are reading the names of our dead. We are trying to make it clear that more than half of all LGBTQIA non-suicide deaths are murdered trans women. These are almost entirely trans women of color. We are mourning our dead and raising awareness of the danger and presumed disposability of trans lives.

We’re drawing the clear line of cause to effect between the transphobia that pervades our culture and society and the murders of trans women of color. When you’re pointing out the routine dehumanization of trans people, when you’re talking about the transphobia suffused through all of the news coverage of trans people (and the conflation of trans people and Intersex people - see the coverage of Taylor Leann Chandler today), make sure you’re pointing out how it directly leads to violent murders and the lack of investigation and urgency in solving those murders. 

We have exactly one state in which defense attorneys are prohibited from using the “Trans Panic” defense to justify their clients’ murdering trans women. It’s routine for women who manage to survive attempts on their life to be arrested and jailed (usually in men’s prisons) for daring to defend themselves. 

The goal of Transgender Day of Remembrance is to create a world in which it no longer needs to exist. Raising awareness is great, but make sure you know what you’re raising awareness of on TDOR. Talk about the poor trans women of color and LOUDLY value their lives, don’t just advocate for middle class trans women and trans men. Go ahead and talk about how 50% of LGBTQIA homeless youth are trans, how they get kicked out of their homes and put in dangerous living situations because they are trans. Talk about how 41% of trans people have attempted suicide. Talk about how many people are dying through those means, but don’t you dare forget the trans women of color whose lives we are recognizing and whose deaths we are mourning today. Make sure you’re talking about the link between them.

a post on some shit i’ve seen

“I have a male character, but they’re very feminine so I think they might be a trans woman.”

This is not how being trans works. Being gender non-conforming =/= trans. Here is a list of reasons why this is sexist and transphobic.

  • It implies that men and women must behave a certain way and that anyone who does not adhere to these gender roles must be a different gender.
  • It implies that gender non-conforming trans people do not exist.
  • It negates sex dyshoria.
  • It enforces gender roles.
  • It enforces stereotypes and misconceptions trans people have been fighting against for a long time.

Your male character can be feminine without being trans. They are still a man.

“It’s offensive to describe trans people as being ‘born in the wrong body’.”

No, it’s not.

This is a narrative that many trans people use because it is an easy and succinct way to describe sex dysphoria. Dysphoria is more complicated than this, but this narrative is not offensive.

Stop silencing dysphoric people. Your character can describe themselves like this if they so choose to.

“I have a male character, but I picture him as having little body hair and wide hips, so I think I might make him a trans man–”

This is offensive. If you make a character trans because they posses physical characteristics that are seen as “undesirable” or “not typical” on people of their sex, then you are sexist and transphobic. 

Cis men can have wide hips and little body hair. Trans men can have narrow hips and a strong jaw. Cis women can have lots of body hair and a deep voice. Trans women can be short and curvy.

“My character is androgynous and it’s difficult to tell their gender so I’m making them non binary.”


  • By claiming that non binary people are always androgynous appearing, you are creating a new set of gender roles and expectations while simultaneously doing everything in the first thing I talked about.
  • “Non binary” and “gender non-conforming” are not synonyms, but this doesn’t mean non binary people can’t be/aren’t gender non-conforming.

“Cis people are boring so my characters are all trans.”

This is the wrong mindset when talking about representation for trans people and when writing trans characters. When you equate “cis” to “boring” and “trans” to “cool” and “interesting,”, you are fetishizing and dehumanizing trans people. 

We are not trendy accessories that will make your story better simply by being there.

BTW, boring trans people exist. Because, you know, we’re people and not this year’s most popular Christmas gift.

“Reveal that your character is trans by showing their scars/body.”

Allies and transphobes alike have a fascination with the bodies of trans people. It has gotten to the point where “allies” spread private information about the medical lives of trans people to the general public. This has turned into a “how to spot a trans person” game.

Your characters do not need to be half-naked to show that they are trans.

“Dysphoria is self-loathing and can end up bringing too much angst to your story.”

Dysphoria is not self-loathing. This is a huge misconception. Dysphoria is a disconnect between someone’s brain and their physical sex.

When people experience sex dysphoria, their sex characteristics feel foreign. It is not simply “hating your body.” That narrative should not be used in fiction. Ever. It is false. Body positive feminists (both lib and rad) use it to vilify sex dysphoric people.

Do not ignore dysphoria. A lot of people don’t know what it actually is and confuse it for internalized misogyny. Dysphoria needs to be a part of fiction featuring trans characters so that we can work to end the misconceptions about it.

Also, do not “cure” your character’s dypshoria with love or romance or sex or self-acceptance. That’s not how it works.

look, I don’t care what your opinion on the us military is. I don’t care if you absolutely despise the us military and think that it is the most evil force on this planet. because we all know that this isn’t really about the military. this is about the trump administration denying rights to trans people. large-scale oppression always starts with the little things. this is the beginning of a deliberate attempt to oppress and dehumanize trans people. that’s why it’s a big deal. 

misconceptions about trans people that need to be cleared up (may not be applicable to EVERY trans person):

1. we are not mentally ill because we are trans. we have a conditon called ‘gender dysphoria’ that has been essentially medicalized in order for us to gain access to hormones and surgeries we want/need to transition.
2. trans people are not necessarily 'born in the wrong body’. to extend this, some of us feel dysphoric about parts of our bodies that don’t feel right to us. the great thing about having a body is that it’s ONE’S OWN CHOICE to change parts about our body!!!!
3. we’re not confused. for the most part, anyway. i would guess about 99.99% of us are not confused about our gender identity in any way, shape, or form. the great thing about having a gender identity is that it can CHANGE and DEVELOP as we get older. much like an opinion on pineapples on pizza!! (it is NOT as simple as that, i’m holding your hand through this. just bear with me.)
4. not all trans people are dysphoric. repeat after me: not. all. trans. people. are. dysphoric.
5. we don’t stalk or kill people in bathrooms. we just don’t? we’re usually the one’s being actively targeted in bathrooms? hello? also, if someone wanted to commit a crime in a bathroom, i don’t think they would care about dressing up to match the little gender marker that is on the bathroom door. duh.
6. we are not 'cisphobic’ when we air our grievances about cisgender people to our fellow trans friends/whomever. we are just fucking sick of all the shit that cis people spread about us that isn’t true/is demeaning/is dehumanizing. ditto for when we feel more comfortable dating other trans people. (is it a fucking crime to want to be with someone who understands our struggles??? like?????)
7. you can have a 'trans friend’ and still be completely fucking transphobic!!!! also, chances are if you have to seek validation from me by saying you have a trans friend.. i am going to be even less likely to listen to you lmfao.
8. we will usually see statements such as “omg you’re so much prettier than me!” (usually with the tacked-on “…and i’m cis!” at the end) as suspicious, and if not suspicious, then highly transphobic.
9. WE DON’T LIKE BEING FETISHIZED. if, in pursuing a trans person, all you’re after is to 'check a box’ (date, sleep with, kiss, fuck a transperson for no other reason to say that you did it. or something to the effect of that.), then you’re fucking gross. (NOT fetishization: dating us, loving us, sleeping with us because you are actually interested in us as people, and NOT JUST because we’re trans! a-ok!)
10. more than one type of trans person exists; that is to say, not all trans people are white, cis-passing, able bodied, able to deal with cis ppl’s bs, etc. some of us are: POC, gender non-conforming, non-passing, stealth, differently abled, neurodivergent, closeted, etc. expand your horizons.
11. not ALL of us want to pass/be seen as cisgender. I KNOW, gather all of the things you just dropped on the floor. our main goal in transitioning is usually to be seen as VALID in our identity. this means!: we want our gender to be taken seriously. just like you want your gender to be taken seriously. period. end of story.

i cringe every time i see someone use “it pronouns” because it’s not like those “pronouns” dehumanize people and are still used against trans people as an act of calling trans people inhuman and thrown like insults at them or anything. it’s not like trans people have been fighting against that or anything. it’s not transphobic or anything lmao /s

I have a lot to say about why rad/fem’s /ter/fs ideas are bullshit but I’m exhausted and drained so I’ll just say this:

they’d likely be 100% attracted to a fully medically transitioned trans woman, who is in every way physically the same as a cis woman. just as straight men can be attracted to trans women, and so on. it’s mostly about passing, really.

attraction isn’t so cut and dry as they place it and their transphobia becomes clear as day when they realize any one woman could be trans and they’ll never know.

edit don’t fucking reblog this, im gathering my thoughts for a new post, Jesus people get a life and quit being so butthurt over a post I made to collect my thoughts! and quit acting like you can tell a trans person how treatment works bc you’re gonna BE WRONG

edit 2:

the point:

‘any one woman could be trans and it’s false to assume anyone can tell, so obviously anyone attracted to women only can easily be attracted to a completely cis passing trans woman, and the same respect should be given to women who don’t pass because judging people as cis or trans based on your attraction to them is downright wrong.’

what y'all think I’m saying 'you MUST be attracted to someone absolutely all the time’

could you stop with your victim complex for two seconds because it’s getting real old how you make out anything saying soley woman attracted people are attracted to trans woman as a threat!

but go ahead tell me how I’m threatening you or am a trans woman myself, I’m nb and I like girls but try harder. y'all succeeded in shitting your pants about a post I made to gather my thoughts, congrats on being five year olds and creating arguments based solely on dehumanizing trans people.

This is your regular reminder that this blog is not a welcoming space for TERFs, radfems, "gender critical" politics, or whatever new term gets made up to try to conceal an ongoing and aggressive attempt to dehumanize trans people.

We’re getting close to 2018 and I’m just kinda wondering why it’s still acceptable to use homophobic slurs against lesbians as “slang” or how it’s still acceptable for people to casually refer to trans people as deeply harmful and dehumanizing slurs. 

Marshmallowfury’s “apology” literally was nothing but a strategic move. 

Instead of acknowledging her violently transmisogynist viewpoints and her MULTIPLE sideblogs to vent about it and how she lied to her trans fanbase and close trans friends to save face, she spoke about her transfeminine character Shauna as if that was the main reason why people were mad.

Nope, people are mad at you because you’re dehumanizing real life trans people, we don’t give a fuck about your silly little bunny girl in comparison to the heinous shit you’ve shared and posted as your honest to god viewpoints.

There’s a huge prevalence of conspiracy theories about trans people and especially trans women. Our existence is variously blamed on the medical establishment, patriarchy, “cultural marxists” (anti-semitic dogwhistle), illuminati, satan and so on.

We’re not seen to exist for ourselves, with our own agency- instead we’re pawns in an evil masterplan, the puppets of a greater power corrupting society.

It’s an obvious symptom of the widespread dehumanization of trans people and the near universal refusal to listen to our own perspectives. And it’s rooted in misogyny, the notion that nobody would ever “choose” womanhood so there must be hidden forces at work.

question for terfs and radfems

what exactly is so empowering about calling trans people a dehumanizing slur.

what exactly do you gain by intentionally misgendering trans people(especially trans minors) in public and putting them at risk.

how exactly does calling trans bodies ugly, hormones a waste, and surgery a mistake show how important and powerful feminism is.

because so far i’m not seeing a empowering movement, solidarity, etc. i just see people blinded by transphobia and hatred for a group of people who are affected by gender dysphoria & are trying to elevate said dysphoria.

Don’t use it pronouns

Using it/its/itself pronouns is transphobic as shit :)))) 

I’ve seen a few afab, cis-passing people use it pronouns today and I am going to fucking puke.

Being called “it” have been a method of violence and dehumanization of trans people for centuries. Using it pronouns on a human is inherently transphobic.

No, you can not reclaim it. It is still used as a slur. It is still used to dehumanize trans people. Especially if you’re clearly presenting in tune with your aab sex and therefore cis-passing and it has never been used against you. I’ve been called “it” by people who wanted to express their disgust in me being trans. Don’t use it pronouns it’s gross and you have no right to do it. Unless you accept that you’re a transphobic little cunt and contribute to the transphobia trans people experience every day of their lives. Then fuck you. 

a quick note on free speech online

The other day I saw a tweet stating that online trolls are the canary in the coal mine of free speech. These people consider themselves heroes, noble crusaders in a world in which censorship runs amok. 

People who might charitably be referred to as “online trolls” like to regularly send me vile tweets insulting and dehumanizing me as a trans person. These people are not radicals fighting against oppressive institutions. They support the transphobic, transmisogynistic status quo. They are part of the reason why I live in a world that is hostile to trans people, why I never forget when I leave the house that I, as a visibly trans person, am entering a world that hates trans people. 

Now, I could care about the right of these people to freely express their hatred of trans folks online in the name of “free speech.” Or, in the name of “free speech,” I could care about the right of tomorrow’s young trans woman to leave her apartment and enter the world, inhabiting herself fully and speaking herself honestly without the fear that comes from living in a world in which you are hated simply for being who you are. 

Should people have the right to express racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or transphobic ideas? I suppose, and in any case they do have that right. But in a sensible, equitable culture that recognizes the full, intrinsic humanity of people who are currently marginalized and dehumanized, these ideas will be distasteful and their expression frowned upon. Instead of trans people being afraid simply to leave their homes for fear of assault or murder, transphobes will be afraid to express their transphobia for fear of being shunned for their hateful ideology. 

Make racists afraid
Make misogynists afraid
Make homophobes afraid 
Make transphobes and transmisogynists afraid

so that women, people of color, queer and trans folks might live and speak their truths without fear in a world that does not hate them or dehumanize them simply for being who they are.

anonymous asked:

So those scrubs basically made an entire comics to fulfill their sex Ed fetish?

I feel like Floraverse didn’t start out that way. It was never good, especially the writing, but it had a plot and development and a direction it was going at least.

But now you literally cannot know the full story unless you also read the porn comic, and it’s pretty obvious that PK cares more about Forbidden Flora than they do Floraverse.

So, yeah, at this point, PK is just using Floraverse as an excuse to draw porn and expose children to porn.

Which wouldn’t be bad (except the exposing kids to porn part) if they would just admit it. Just admit you have fetishes, that you’re only into PiV sex and using caricatures of trans and intersex people to make your love of PiV appear progressive, stop trying to pretend you’re providing us with positive representation, stop trying to expose minors to porn, stop calling trans people who criticize you dehumanizing slurs/TERFs.

Basically just stop being a useless, evil human being and you’ll be good, PK.

someone told me i suffer from ‘fragile masculinity’ because i said that people should stop dehumanizing trans people and talking to/about them like they’re animals

  • Dysphoric trans person: using neopronouns is sorta hurtful and dehumanizing you know
  • tucute: haha look at these silly cis people saying im dehumanizing people lol theyre so dumb
  • Same trans person: actually I would like to remove my tits-

anonymous asked:

do you think you will ever post pictures of your surgery results?

No. If someone sees my results it’ll be because I chose to show that person specifically. I’ve seen pictures stolen and posted without permission, people trash talking surgical results in the most heinous and disgusting ways imaginable, and both of those actions being seen as acceptable far too often to ever trust the general public with my pictures. When you’ve gone through these operations people, trans and cis, completely dehumanize you and act like your basic right to privacy or respect is gone. The person those surgical results are attached to seemingly doesn’t exist. People act like we don’t see the comments that are made or that those comments are okay because it’s “just their opinion” or whatever else. I care about my emotional well-being enough to not subject myself to that and it’s unfair to expect that of anyone. My thoughts might change in the future but right now the only photos I intend to share publicly are of the phallus under clothing and the donor sites healing. I do intend to privately share photos with close friends and to allow some people to see my results in person but both of these will be in highly controlled situations.

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terfs have worked with far right anti lgbt groups to deny us rights. just because they're not directly murdering us doesn't mean their rhetoric doesn't lead to our murder. they can understand how dehumanizing other groups leads to harm against them but it just. doesn't click when it's about trans people. that's how large scale violence happens, dehumanization. once a group is viewed as less than people violence against them is ignored.


Can anyone tell me where people got the idea that radfems want to (or even have) hurt/kill trans people? I’ve never seen any radfem wish harm or death upon any trans person, even when i was in the discourse tag.

That’s not to say radfems don’t like to dehumanize and disrespect trans people by refusing to use their pronouns and ignoring the fact that even though radfems don’t believe in gender as a concept, trans people DO and might find comfort in it, especially if they’re dysphoric.

But I’d really like to know if there’s anything backing the “terfs want trans people dead” thing, cause I don’t see it.