[AUDIO] 140313 D&E Hiroshima | EunHae acapella to “With You” CUT

[Fancams] D&E Japan Concert Tour

I was asked to share some fancams from D&E concert but to be honest I haven’t found many fancams except for tons of Nagoya. And also, check my “video” link for video related media because you might be missing my posts and thinking I’m not posting any fancams. 

Anyway, I’ve shared (below) the links I could find.
And I’ll add more as they are uploaded.

140306 In Nagoya

List of Nagoya Fancams

140309 In Osaka

Marry U (with Wook):  Here 

Hyuk “With You” solo: Here & Here

Bambina: Here

Ten Years: Here & Here

Haru: Here & Here

Love That I Need: Here

Still You: Here

Kiss Kiss Dynamite: Here

End Talk with Wookie: Here

140312 In Hiroshima

Hello: Here

Haru: Here

140317 In Fukuoka

She wants it: 

Still u: 

Hae’s solo: 

[Fanaccount] 140313 | D&E Hiroshima - Fridge

Donghae: In order for me to say thank you to Eunhyuk, I have prepared a picture. *pic of himself and the fridge*

Hae said it was a birthday present from hyuk and after he said he wanted it, hyuk bought for him. He said that Hyuk is normally stingy, he doesn’t buy things for others. So that day was the day where hyuk was the coolest.


*photo above is from 131028 leedonghae’s instagram