예헷 / 데헷 (yehet / dehet) = Is one type of korean Aegyo (cute act). It has no spesific meaning as it’s an aegyo, but it’s rarely used and is considered as an embarrasing act, that losers would do. However, it is also used for fun by “nonlosers” around in Korea.

Note: Many people had discussed these two expressions after they were mentioned by exo in EXO showtime. Exo, in these cases, used 예헷 and 데헷 as in a form of a joke.


Ken (@keken_0406):

데헷>< #켄 #좋은아침 #おはよう #추어오

I’m puffy Ken~
Dehet>< #Ken #GoodMorning #ItsCold

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

[150527] Twitter Update - L.Joe



스포나 해볼까나

Should I give away a spoiler

나 염색함 끝!

Done dyeing my hair!

이번에도 키스신 찍으면 나 엔젤들한테 죽겠징?

If I do another kiss scene, will Angels kill me?



스포 해주고 싶어도 티오피가 무서워요

Even if I wanted to give a spoiler, I’m scared of TOP Media too

그런 의미에서 엔젤 뽀뽀 ㅡ3ㅡ

So I’ll just give Angels a kiss  ㅡ3ㅡ; fyteensontop