“Materialistic” directed by Tyler Mitchell

Materialistic is a short documentary that follows the lives of the Lucid FC twins, Betts and Chet DeHart who hail from Atlanta. Directed and filmed by Tyler Mitchell, the film paints a picture of the two 18-year-olds trying to make it in the streetwear industry. 

Thousands Affected by Deadly Flooding In Northern Haiti

Thousands Affected by Deadly Flooding In Northern Haiti

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(Photo courtesy For Haiti With Love)

In April, parts of northern Haiti were in drought. Now, they have the exact opposite problem, says For Haiti With Love president, Eva DeHart. “Everyone is praying for sunshine. We need the rains to stop so some of this stuff can start draining off and people can find out where they are [in terms of damages/loss].”


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Call for Donations -- Used Childrens’ Books for Fire Survivors

Hi, everyone! I’d like you to meet my mother, Saro:

She’s been with me since I was, you know, smaller:

I mean, since it was in style to tuck a flowery shirt into cloth shorts, and I think we can tell how long that was! (1986, I am the baby)

Unfortunately, as of this Friday, this was her house:

(Photo taken by Nathan DeHart, a guy I went to school with, who’s been documenting this tragedy)

If you haven’t heard of the #valleyfire, trust me: you’re lucky. It’s the worst wildfire we’ve ever had to deal with in Northern California, and my county has been wracked by poverty for decades. The fire only took 6 hours to burn through two cities, Middletown and Cobb, leaving hundreds homeless, and not everyone made it out alive.

Neither my mother nor her husband were at their house at the time, and didn’t even have time to go up to grab a single family photograph, since the firestorm swept in so quickly. When I talked to my mom later, I asked what she needed, and she almost started to cry. 

“I don’t mind not having a lot of things, but I used to bring children’s books with me when I taught, because most of the schools I volunteer at don’t have them,” she told me. 

My sister set up a GoFundMe for my mom, and anything that you could donate would be a huge help. However, more important to her is having children’s books to take with her. She’s taught high-risk elementary school kids and preschoolers for decades, and not having any books to bring the kids makes her sadder than anything.

(mom rocking the pink tights/denim skirt combo, she even loved me when I wore a t-shirt as a dress)

If you have any used kids’ books, or know anyone who does, please send them to her! The evacuees are still able to get mail forwarded to them, and this would make her day so much brighter. If she happens to get more than she can use, she knows dozens and dozens of families who have lost everything.

If you could even send a card, or a note for well-wishes, that would mean so much to her, but a children’s book would mean the most of all. She also loves music–she and her husband used to sing at local restaurants, but now all of their instruments have been burned. :(

(Mom used to be smol)

We never had a lot of money growing up, but some of my best memories are of my mom reading to me from Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter, Robert McClosky…the idea that she won’t be able to read to her grandchildren that way makes me so unhappy.

Please send any books to:

Saro Deacon
P.O. Box 1001
Cobb, CA

Please help my mom read to her grandkids. 

If you can’t send help, please signal boost this!! My mom means so much to me, and she didn’t deserve any of what happened to them this week.