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your tags on that dane dehaan fancast post are SO RELATABLE I FEEL YOU

!!! honestly !!! I really feel Dane Dehann as Draco. One of my favorite dualities in Draco is the way that he embodies both masculinity and femininity? I feel like he’s encouraged socially to be hyper-masculine in terms of violence, stoicism, and dominance? But his descriptions have always struck me as very feminine or delicate, and I think his dramatic flair can also be interpreted as a bit feminine or effeminate? And I love that canonically he kind of falls apart in terms of failing to fulfill the terms of masculine dominance that he is expected to live up to, specifically in regards to his failure to kill Dumbledore & his emotional breakdown in 6th year where that hyper-masculine shell kinda crumbles?? And I think that Dane can embody that so well??? That like vaguely threatening femininity, and masculine posturing in order to mask extreme emotion. 

look at my gentle malfoy child

look at my aggressive malfoy child