Do you ever think about how in the Arena Stage production of Dear Evan Hansen, when Jared is talking about Evan’s crush on Zoe he says “I get it. You wanna spoon. Very heterosexual.”

Because I think about it all the time and if that doesn’t make him canonically gay or pan I don’t know what does at this point

Stay tuned for me screaming more about how not straight Jared Kleinman is and his hopeless one-sided crush on Evan (and probably Connor too because he’s just a hopeless gay for every hot boy)

EDIT - I posted a clip of the scene on my account!

It's Very Heterosexual
Arena Stage (July 12th, 2015)
It's Very Heterosexual

I needed to put this out there for the world related to my last post (also don’t notice the phrasing is very off from what I put the pre-off-broadway run constantly changed stuff.  Cynthia’s cut solo?  I believe it’s only in the first couple of audios and then just…  Doesn’t exist after that.  I just really like the little banter before the line in this one)

Only LGBT people speak like that ever so Jared?  Definitely gay or pansexual

Good for you

I know there’s already a Dear Evan Hansen AU for Ducktales but i think even without it “Good for you” would fit pretty well.

I mean the whole “Do what you think and leave everyone behind” is a lot like what Dewey did. Just without the dead person.
So yeah, just wanted to say.
(Please, can someone make an animatic? I would, but i cant draw lol)
i’m wasting my young years // chapter seventeen

Connor lets Evan picks the music, immediately regretting it when he finds his secret collection of Savage Garden albums and puts on ‘Affirmation’. It feels more like driving to a picnic by the riverside than driving to a fight.

Eventually, Evan’s hand joins Connor’s over the gear stick, more laid over his hand than holding it, but it’s comforting anyway. Evan sings along loudly to the music, obviously trying to distract himself as they see Las Vegas rise above the horizon.

Everything is suddenly becoming real.

Co-author: @followedbymercy

Dear parents,

Refrain from yelling at your child. No matter what they did, no matter how they react to punishment, be patient. Yelling can and will hurt your child. It will screw them up and make their teen and adult life much harder.

Do not INSULT your child. NEVER insult your child. Parents and caretakers are supposed to be the biggest supporters, parents are supposed to be the biggest inspirations, parents are supposed to give their children motivation and happiness. Insulting them, degrading them, bringing them down… It will make them feel worthless. It will make them feel unloved. Do you want your child to grow up thinking they can’t do a thing? Or that they’re horrible in some way?

Support your kid. If they tell you they’re gay, or lesbian, or trans, or non-binary. If they tell you their dreams, what they want to do when they grow up. If they believe they have a mental disorder, if they tell you they need help. Support them. Even if you don’t understand, try to. Try to understand, support your child. It will mean the world to them.

You can be their parent AND their friend. Make your child happy, make your child feel free, make your child feel like they can take on the world. But remind them that you are teaching them, remind them that you are still the parent, remind them that everything you do is so they can become a wonderful, thriving adult.

Raise your child correctly, raise your child with love, raise your child to become great. And you too will be great.




I realize that the first paragraph is insisting /never/ to yell at the child. That wasn’t my intention. In some cases, it could be beneficial to yell. I meant to say that always yelling at a child is what’s harmful. Parents can yell at children, but if it’s a constant, that will be a problem. I’m sincerely sorry for the misinterpretation.

Have a nice day/night.

EDIT #2:

Yes, I admit I haven’t yet raised a child of my own. I do not count babysitting my sister and younger cousins as raising them. I did this because I’ve experienced these from my own parents. Constant yelling for the smallest things, degrading and belittling, pushed aside and being unsupported, I’ve gotten these from my parents. And in the past, it led me to do things I wish I never did, it gave me thoughts I don’t want to have. It has interfered with my life. Could some of my information be wrong? Yes. Information isn’t always correct, it will always have some sort of mistake.

Again, have a nice day/night.