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Pairing: Klaus x Reader (Ft. Damon)

Warnings: NSFW

Word Count: 2579

Prompt Request: “78, 77 and 79 with my bby klaus” - @chimerahs

After finding out that Damon, your boyfriend of 2 years, cheated on you, it devastated you to your core. He’s the one who turned you into a vampire in the first place, so there’s no doubt you expected a forever with him. You know your worth and you’ll never stick around with a cheater, so you immediately dumped him.

Niklaus Mikaelson, the infamous original hybrid was one of your closest friends and even the shoulder you cried on. When you needed company or even needed someone to chat with on the phone to take your mind off of Damon, Klaus was always there even though he had other crazy things going on in his life like constantly coming across people out kill him. He even offered to kill Damon himself for breaking your heart, but you just couldn’t bare seeing Damon’s grey, lifeless body since you still love him.

The Salvatore home was your current place of residence and you had nowhere else to stay, so Klaus opened his mansion to you being as there’s many bedrooms left unoccupied and you accepted. There would be times where Nik would leave for days and there would be times where he spent his free time painting. Your favorite days were especially when he stayed home to paint while you laid on the couch nearby him, reading a book with a warm mug filled with coffee beside you on the side table.

As time passed, the easier it was for the wound on your heart to heal. Being that your best friends Elena, Caroline and Bonnie are in the same circle of friends as Damon, you still weren’t ready to join that circle again just yet. So instead, you would either meet up for coffee with the girls or have an enjoyable girls night out.

Your 3 best friends would always question you on your motives with Klaus, always having the assumptions that you two are an item, which is not true. As of now, you and the original hybrid are just friendly roommates. You have admitted to them though, that Nik does have a special place in your heart and if something sexual or romantic were to happen, you wouldn’t complain. But, you never kept your hopes up because he is a complicated man with a busy agenda. Riding the wave was your motto.

There was finally a time when his life wasn’t such a mess and he could finally be at ease, making amends with people. He also kept his guards up knowing that it can be disrupted any day now, so he found it as a cause to celebrate by throwing a party at his mansion, compelling people to send out invites to the entire town of Mystic falls.

Currently, the walls surrounding the Mikaelson Mansion was filled with a large amount of invited guests, with liquor and performers entertaining the crowd. You were ecstatic seeing the faces of your three best friends Elena, Caroline and Bonnie walk through the doors. Every now and then Klaus and even Kol would join in on taking shot after shot with the four of you which was a blast. There was one particular guest who you had no knowledge of their invite, making your heart sink into your chest, your ex boyfriend, Damon.

Since many months has passed since the break up you were over him already. But, there’s a small ounce inside of you that’ll always love him
and at the same time, will always feel betrayed by what he has done. Meaning, he isn’t even worth being involved in your life as a friend.

Damon was looking left and right as if there was someone at this party he was meeting with. You tried hiding the look of shock plastered all over your face, swallowing before getting any words out. “What is he doing here?” You asked your friends, but they looked just as lost as you did. And since Damon did have vampire hearing, he heard every word that fell from your mouth which caused him to turn his focus to you.

He clenched his jaw, not taking his eyes off of you with almost a look of guilt before walking towards you. You couldn’t help but tense up. It’s been months since you’ve spoken and even seen him, so you didn’t know how all of this was going to go.

“Let us know if you need anything. We’ll be close by.” Elena implied, clearing her throat as a signal for Bonnie and Caroline to follow her elsewhere. You responded with a nod, then grabbed a shot from a butler walking by with a tray filled with them.

“What brings you here Damon?” You place both hands on your hips as you await his answer, almost looking impatient.

“Everyone in mystic falls is here, it’s basically a ghost town out there.”

“Okay? So you’re coming to a party in the house that your ex that you cheated on lives in?” You couldn’t help but get straight to the point, which the liquor aided in. Besides, you didn’t exactly get any closure.

“Wow okay.” Damon went wide eyed, acting surprised by your sudden bitter statement. It annoyed you, so you scoffed, heading the opposite direction to get away from him, but he grabbed you by the wrist. “Hey hey, Y/N. I’m…sorry okay. I screwed up.”

You shook his grip on your wrist, “Let me ask you this.” Crossing your arms in front of your chest, you shot your ex a glare. “Did I actually mean something to you, ever?”

“Pfff. Of course you did. I was stupid. I was stupid and dru-”

“Now what do we have here?” Klaus interrupted the heated conversation. “Rekindling an old flame, I see.” Damon narrowed his eyes at Klaus’s assumptions.

“My ex boyfriend was just leaving.” You said.

“The least you could do is let me explain myself and apologize.” Damon pleaded. You’ve never seen him so apologetic, but it didn’t change your mind in wanting him out of your sight. “I did love you, Y/N.”

“Explain what? You cheated. There’s nothing to explain.” You gestured your arms out in disbelief, then back to keeping it crossed in front of your chest. “Apology accepted. Now go.” You demanded with veins forming under your eyes. Klaus just stood there and smirked at your frustration towards the Salvatore. He was more than ready to watch you rip Damon’s throat out. But since there are mortals hanging about the mansion, you held back.

“You heard her, mate.” Klaus used a shooing motion with his hand. “Now, don’t make me compel you to forget her existence.”

Stefan popped out of nowhere to guide Damon out of the mansion. You figured he was listening in with his vampire hearing from afar. “Let’s go, brother.” Stefan patted Damon’s shoulder. Damon listened to his brother’s command to follow him out the door, feeling shocked on how thick-skinned you’ve become. Stefan nodded at you with a half smile to assure you that you’re not a forgotten friend to him.

“Thank you.” You mouthed to the brown-haired Salvatore. Once both Salvatore brothers were out the door, you exhaled from relief.

“You alright, love?” Nik asked with concern. He always was protective of you more than anyone and you never really understood why, but it’s the last thing you’ll ever worry about.

“Huh? Oh yeah I’m fine. It’s been months already and I’m over it. I just don’t care to see him ever again.”

“You have quite the tough interior. I’m impressed.” 

“Yup.” You popped your lips and suddenly started feeling more than buzzed from the liquor. “Well I’m hungry right now actually.”

“I’ll fix you a plate if you’d like.” Klaus pointed his arm towards the room occupied with 5-star buffet style food.

“No no no. Not that, silly.” You chuckled and Klaus immediately got the hint that you meant human blood.

“Ah I see.” He raised his brows while making a 180 degree motion with his arm towards the crowd of people. “Take your pick.”

After you made your choice on who will be your victim, as well as Niklaus’s, you compelled her to follow the two of you in an unoccupied room.

You did the usual by compelling the poor lady not to scream and to forget it ever happened. Your eyes almost rolled in the back your head from the feeling of ecstasy while your victim zombied her way back to the party.

You didn’t realize Klaus standing there pursing his lips are he brushed his chin in thought watching you. He looked so damn sexy to you at this very moment. Something came to you, causing you to rush towards the blue eyed man, clashing your lips together as if his entire body was your own personal magnet. The feeling of courage could be the liquor filled in your system or the cloud nine feeling you got feeding off of the party guest or both.

He didn’t pull away which was a good sign. You were hoping it’s because the feelings are mutual, not because he had an obligation to from feeling bad that your ex almost ruined your night.

One thing led to another if it wasn’t obvious by now. Some furniture and decorations ended up getting destructed from your naked bodies being in sync with one another.

Not even a minute after finishing each other off, you can hear Caroline from afar calling out your name. “Y/N! Y/N! Hello?”

“Oh shit.” You cursed, going wide eyed just before speeding to get all of your clothes back on which was scattered across the room. Klaus took his time, starting with his boxers first while admiring your body which he thought is a work of art.

“I must say. You are loads of fun, sweetheart.”
Klaus licked his lips remembering how delicious of a meal you were just moments ago.

Finally you were fully dressed. You bit your bottom lip reminiscing on how magnificent Klaus was to your body. The door was now your view. Turning the knob, you opened the door. “Heh. You too.” You implied under the door frame, then strolled out.

It has been almost a month now that the fling between you and Niklaus has been going on. His attention has been elsewhere so this wasn’t something that goes on regularly. You’d say about once or twice a week, depending on his mood and yours. There have been a couple of times that liquor aided in the fucking sessions. Which wasn’t a surprise because alcohol tends to help you feel more courageous. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but it isn’t a good thing either.

Most of it was at night. Night is what gets the loneliest for you. It tends to get lonely for most people around the globe. Nothing beats the feeling of having someone you love and adore be the last thing you see before you go to bed and the first thing you see when you wake up. And you didn’t favor the feeling of not feeling wanted in someone else’s slumber, so you always excused yourself to your bedroom. Every time, it would look like Klaus needed to say something as you walk away, but he never does.

The more of these sessions you’ve been having with Klaus, the more your feelings grew for him. But, he’s the notorious bad boy. He’s never shown himself as the type to fall in love or have any genuine feelings. For crying out loud, he’s daggered his very own blood siblings countless times for being something as simple as annoying. 

You were downstairs in the kitchen preparing a quick meal for yourself after you hear some commotion going on upstairs. The nosiness in you couldn’t help but find out what is going on. As you started continuing closer and closer, you can hear by now that it is Rebekah and Klaus.

“Just wait and see, Nik. Sooner or later Y/N is going to fall in love with you and your stubbornness is going to break her little heart!” Rebekah blurted to her brother with frustration with her back facing towards the opened door. Instead of responding to her statement, Klaus freezes up seeing you standing under the door frame. Rebekah turns around, exhaling deeply seeing you. “Sorry.” You apologized for disrupting even though the topic was about you.

“I’ll give you two a minute.” Rebekah said, then shared a half smile with you as she’s walking out the room.

This was a first that you’ve seen Nik struggle to speak. “I needed to speak to you anyways.”

“Of course.” The blonde haired hybrid pulled a bar stool out for you before sitting on the one beside you. “I’m all ears, sweetheart.”

Those pet names like ‘love’ and ‘sweetheart’ always forced you to melt. There was something about those names that sounded like silk coming from his lips. “What am I to you?”

“You must be more specific.” He reached over his mini bar for a bottle of bourbon and two glasses. One to pour for you and one for him.

“This thing that we’ve been doing. Does it mean anything to you at all?” You glanced at your poured glass before grasping it to take a sip.

“Indeed, love. I care for you, but-”

Oh no. He hesitated before continuing his response which you automatically assumed you were getting friend zoned. ‘But’ in a sentence was never a good sign, which caused you to snap. “You know what, Klaus?” You chugged what was remaining in your glass, then plopped yourself off of the bar stool in anger.  “Let’s face it! I’m just one of your many booty calls!” You started walking away, assuming that he wouldn’t come after you, but he did. Nik used his vamp speed to rush just inches from your face.

“You did not let me finish.” He softened his voice so that you would listen, which was a first for him because normally people who shouted in his face either get daggered, their neck snapped or their hearts ripped out of their chest. 

“Okay.” You crossed your arms in front of you as a response that you’re listening to him to continue.

“I…I care for you, but I assumed you wanted nothing more than what we have. Seeing as that wanker of a boyfriend Damon hurt you-” Klaus gently untangled your arms, taking your wrists in his hands, gluing them on his chest. “-I thought you didn’t want to love again.”

“Wow.” You said in disbelief. The Klaus Mikaelson is capable of love? Capable of caring for another human being? You were in awe, being utterly speechless.

“What do you say, love? Must we purse this?” 

A smile swept across your face knowing that he’s been feeling the same as you have. It was like a dream. “Yes.” You answered. Your wrists were now out of his grasp, cupping his cheeks as you reel in for a kiss tip toeing to reach his height. The kiss was passionate, not like the kisses when you were in bed with him. This time it felt like there was a real feeling to it.

You pulled away to give the Mikaelson time to breath and he said to you, “And no, you’re nothing like them.” You shot him a questioning look, forgetting what he was referencing. “Those booty calls as you may call it.”


A small sort of thing
In the forest at night
Sees somebody strange
And a puddle of light

My senior thesis for MassArt, class of 2017! Sound by Mattia Zucchelli.

And I Forgot To Tell You I Love You (Harry One Shot) *Request

A/N: Here I am being a broken record again; I’m so sorry this took forever and a day to finish. It’s so very sad, it was difficult to dive into it like I wanted to. 

This is technically a request, one that got wildly out of hand, for an angsty blurb about being married to Harry and finding yourself at odds with each other. So, my dear anon who requested that, please consider this your blurb! 

I should say that this one shot surely wouldn’t have been finished without the help of two wonderful people, Carly (smut-reading-mum) and Vanessa (vanessavanessafoundaboy), both of whom listened and offered advice and guidance when I repeatedly went crying to them for help with this. I don’t think I’d be posting this without them, so thank you! 

And of course thank you to all of you who waited patiently for this! I hope you like it xx

((oh and btw, from here on out italics will indicate a flashback))

Mornings with Harry used to be your favorite. Every single one was a gift; the hotel mornings where he ordered breakfast and smiled softly at you when you thanked him, the early mornings, yawning every thirty seconds and blinking sleepily at Harry as he readied himself for some pre dawn obligation. The mornings far far apart, when he was in a distant time zone and managed to squeeze a Skype session in to share coffee over. The mornings where you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. The hangover mornings after a long drunken night, the sad mornings where you only held each other, the crazy mornings with hardly a moment to spare to sneak in a kiss. The happy birthday mornings, the lazy mornings, the rainy mornings, the lie in mornings. Every one was unique and every one was perfect because you got to spend it with him.

You exchanged vows, and the mornings were even better, waking up with his ring on your finger and hearing him call you “Mrs. Styles”. You got pregnant with your first child, and you got used to feeding schedules and wandering down the hall to find Harry asleep, long legs dangling off your child’s bed, with the young one dozing on his chest.

You don’t know when that ended, when the mornings lost their brilliance, with the hours in between quickly following suit. You don’t remember when the thought of waking up next to Harry didn’t fill you with warmth from head to toe.

Somehow you let it slip through your fingers, and every breath you take feels like one less in the way of a catastrophe.

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Shockwave headcanons: affection and intimacy.

Shockwave is an incredibly emotionless mech and is more inclined to shoot you than to even consider a relationship even verging on becoming a friend, so a fully fledged romantic bond is near impossible to achieve- but there are exceptions, and when in these bonds he acts considerably different to mechs he believes are worth his time.

  • He cannot facially express emotion because put bluntly he doesn’t have a face. Instead he emotes through his antenna and audials, which have a surprising degree of motion. Something noted is they twitch when excited, and tilt forwards with a slight helm tilt for a smile. Laughter, is when they cannot keep still.
  • Less commonly, but still something that occurs are his affectionate nudges. He can’t kiss, not directly. Instead, there is a tiny arc of static which could feel ticklish wherever he decides to ‘kiss’.
  • His armour and arm canon, despite being intimidating are removable if you know where to unlatch them. Should you be invited back to his berth under his complete trust, he would remove his angular chestplate where his spark chamber and inner wiring would be completely exposed, only a glass casing with a simple latch mechanism protecting what keeps him alive.
  • As for his canon, it’s inconvenient and vaguely unpleasant to remove the cord attaching from under his left side of the spinal strut to his main weapon but it can all be removed to just the forearm where his original arm ends. A shadow of the scars and damage cast upon the worn metal which has seen much.
  • Make no mistake his affection doesn’t mean he would submit during interfacing. On the contrary he has utmost confidence and an air of intimidation even during his most vulnerable which maybe some smaller mechs couldn’t handle. Demanding, aggressive, but not selfish. He gives, just as much as he takes, using his superior stature to his and his partners advantage.
  • He is a mech of few words, preferring to use actions but he makes the words count. Actions however tend to be practical gifts to help aid whatever his partner is trying to achieve. Better useful and efficient, than pretty and useless. Or dead.
  • If anyone crossed his partner in a way he was aware of, that person would of signed their life away to his next batch of experiments. That mech is HIS. Anyone trying to touch something that belongs to Shockwave will find that any defences they have rapidly vanish in a short amount of time, before ultimately their hiding place is discovered, breached and they are held at gunpoint. Resistance is illogical, it took one angry scientist to destroy all you built. What chance do you have?

(I feel it would be appropriate to submit this from my ask blog, as I see very few Shockwave head canons around the fandom and decided to make my own <3 ) 

these are fuckin awesome!!!! this world needs more of good ol shockers!!! thanks for sharing!


[ LISTEN @ 8tracks ]

Breathe me in into the light
Slowly heal the darkness in my heart
I hear you now a taste was all I needed
I feel your love loud and clear to the end
It’s you and me I’ll follow you to the end
I’ll follow you to the end


I. Lean On - Dillon Francis & Jauz Remix - Major Lazer  / II. Lovers Friends - Boy Kiss Girl Remix - Möwe  / III. Do You Want It Right Now - Deep Edit - Ku De Ta, Degrees of Motion / IV. If (Feat. Hazel Fernandes) - Freemasons 2009 Re-Rub Edit - Freemasons / V. Middle - DJ Snake / VI. Love Somebody - Mr. Carmack Remix - Ta-Ku, Wafia / VII. We Did Alright - Jam Xpress Remix - Jumpstar / VIII. What You Don’t Do - GRADES Remix - Lianne La Havas, GRADES / IX. La Lune - Madeon / X. Sing Me To Sleep - Alan Walker XI. The Seconds (Feat. Jano) - Porter Robinson / XII. Follow You (Fractal Chill Mix) [Feat. Danyka Nadeau] - Au5

krazykariana  asked:

Tell us about that Toucan, what a cutie!!! I've never owned a pet bird, and always loved cats more, but that birdie is pulling at my heartstrings. >w<

I’d love to! I (Poe’s owner) have been answering questions about him privately to try and separate business / personal stuff on here, but the volume of Poe-related questions we’ve gotten has suggested I might be better off making a post about it. This will serve as a big Poe FAQ, info post, and overall masterpost (masterPoest?) dedicated to my favorite toucan!

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Above the Earth
Accidental Dignity
Accidental House Ruler
Adverse Aspect
Age Harmonics
Air Element
Air Signs
Air Triplicity
Akashic Record
Anaretic Degree
Apparent Motion
Aquarius Age
Arabic Parts
Aries Point
Ascending Node
Aspect Configuration
Astrological Age
Astrology Gem Stones
Average Daily Motion

at my first PT appointment on halloween i only had 15 degrees of motion in my arm and today i have 80!!!! the process is so slow and sometimes i feel really hopeless like i’ll never really use my arm again but that puts it into perspective and i feel good about it!!!

anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your pieces about emery and niall and I was wondering if you could give a little more insight into the missus and emery's father's relationship. Like maybe about how unworthy she felt because of him and niall trying to prove to her how amazing she is

She graduated with a certificate in Photography with a degree in Motion Picture and Creation. She interned with a prestigious photographer, who offered her an assistant career as soon as she graduated - travelling around the world, photographing and meeting new celebrities and stars each day, admiring and studying a photographer she aspired to become. 

She had a boyfriend back home, messaging her each morning and night, waiting on her (or so she thought) return home, where she could be in his embrace and kiss him once more, before she was moving onto a new country.

She didn’t plan her pregnancy. How could she have? She was only eighteen. She was happy. 

Her career was soaring and her adrenaline never ended. She met tonnes of celebrities she dreamt of meeting - photographing their interviews, landing her pictures, in Rolling Stones magazine. She couldn’t have dreamt that her lifetime aspiration would finally become reality.

She discovered her pregnancy in New York City, early in her morning, a nauseous feeling settling in her belly and refusing to end, morning sickness rolling through her body, her instincts travelling to her last moment with her boyfriend - their intimacy hurried and careless, unknown if contraception had been used at all, and in that moment, she knew.

She was petrified to call him. He’d only just graduated in his police academy, starting his career as a security officer hours away in a jail she’d never heard of before. Her heart sunk, his phone being answered by an all-too-familiar tone - her best friend. She didn’t need an explanation to have known what had been going on as she travelled.

He cheated.

She didn’t think he would’ve ever hurt her. But, here she was, thousands of miles away, having to confess her pregnancy within a phone call, which she knew had been heard by more than his ears. He yelled, panicked, trying to persuade her into an abortion, or adoption, anything but keeping their baby. He didn’t want it

She broke. Her heart shattered and drained. She cried more tears than she imagined her mind could handle, and her brain hurt. She couldn’t tell her mother. She would disown her. Her brother would kill him. Her father disappeared when she reached a young age of four, and she hadn’t spoken to him since her eighth birthday when he expressed his disinterest in her life. Her sister would be happy, supportive, ready in every way to help and love her and her baby, as if she were her mother, and their relationship had never been stronger.

Connor didn’t care. He was happy, excited for her. He expressed how “he couldn’t wait to have a baby on board”, and whenever she needed anything he would be there to support her - he was her best friend. He accompanied her to every doctor appointment, waited patiently as she went in labour, her sister and brother-in-law by her side as she gave birth to a beautiful, baby girl - Emery Lilly Y/L/N.

She couldn’t believe how lucky she was - her baby girl was healthy and happy, her best friend supported her and loved her and her baby, her sister and brother-in-law readily helped and babysat during her travels, her brother never failed to express his admiration and love - she had a wonderful support and love with her, which was a lot more than she could’ve ever imagined.


He didn’t realise how horribly she had been treated until their very, first fight. He’d gotten upset because she wouldn’t let him help her pay her utilities and rent, even though he’d nearly moved in with her and her daughter, and she wouldn’t listen to him. She didn’t need his help. He’d known she wouldn’t accept his help outright, and he decided to be one step ahead of her - he’d paid her bills, weeks in advance, before she would have an opportunity to be angry with him.

His tone became harsh and angry, his voice booming and echoing in his bedroom, his fingertips pulling on his brown locks in frustration as he paces, nearly oblivious to her shaking figure on his mattress, her face in her palms, tears streaming down her cheeks as she hugs her thighs against her chest. His heart broke, dropping into his stomach, a soft sigh rolling off his lips as he notices her figure flinch away from his touch on her knees, his palms cupping her thighs as he carefully and gently nudges between her legs, wrapping his arms around her shoulders, holding her tightly against his chest, his lips touching her hair as he apologises, her fingertips gripping his tee shirt as she sobs.

“‘m so sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I’m an arsehole. I don’t deserve you.”

“I don’t deserve you! Niall, you’re way too good for me. Jesus, you take care of my daughter as if she’s your own and I can’t even have an argument without crying, like a child. I’m horrible.”

“Hey, hey, no. No, baby, you’re not horrible. He’s horrible. He didn’t deserve you. He treated you horribly and he doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near you or Emery. If I could kill him, because of what he did to you, I would. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled. I should’ve talked to you about paying your bills. I shouldn’t have done that without you. I just want to take care of you and Piglet. Jus’ let me take care of you. It’s not all on you anymore, baby.”

“I’m scared. I’m scared you’re going to realise how much stress and worry being a parent is. I’m scared you’re going to get bored with me, because I can’t be adventurous and travel whenever I want. I’m scared I’m going to lose one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”

“Hey, you’re not losing me, ever. I love you. I love you so much. I love you and Emery more than anything in my entire world, and nothing could change that, okay?”

“Do you promise? I can’t take anymore heartbreak.”

“I’m not breaking your heart - I promise.”

anonymous asked:

just followed you and i am in love with your art! everything you draw has really nice expressions and i dont know if this is the right way to describe it but motion? action? and it's great how they interact with other characters. everything that i draw is just an expressionless headshot facing the left or someone awkwardly standing in place. do you have any tips? thanks!

thank you thank you omg ;;;v;;;;!!!!

as far as emotions go…

ill try my best to explain everything i can lol… but here goes. most of the character interactions in my comics i try to emphasize on gestures and facial expressions to really portray their emotions. you can really create a lot of emotion with the eyebrows especially (a big selling point actually)! kind of like furrowed eyebrows can represent concentration, frustration, and or sadness, etc. eyebrows can be placed higher to emphasize like surprise or happiness lol. 

dont be afraid to experiment with wrinkles/etc. i find its a REALLY good characteristic for trying to sell the emotion youre trying to portray compared to something more subtle. kind of like how when we cry, our mouths sort of contort/frown downward, and our lips kind of tenses up and narrows. when we cry, theres boogers, tears, and everything, so dont be afraid to draw them. (a+ for big ghibli tears lol). you can make a table/chart with emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, etc. to practice drawing emotions. you can add more varying degrees of said motion to really practice if you want to also. (ex. sad –> grieving)

more under the cut

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Adam in Watercolor

PSA: the phrase is “free rein,” not “free reign.”  It is a horse metaphor, not a rulership metaphor, referring to loosening the pull of the reins on the horse’s mouth, which gives them a degree of freedom of motion unavailable to them if you keep them on a tight rein.  

It is related to the phrase, “I gave him his head,” although “free rein” is more frequently used these days because “I gave him his head” is a delicious and almost too easy opportunity for innuendo :’D

Man, Taylor Swift’s show was awesome. Right, guys?

I’m starting to think that all those guys who say they’re “taking one for the team” by accompanying their daughters or their significant others to Taylor Swift concerts have an ulterior motive.

Stay with me here. As I write this, T-Swizzle’s show at Time Warner Cable Arena Monday night just ended an hour ago, and here’s what’s sticking out in my mind:

▪ To my right, the twentysomething guy who was more proficient at reciting the lyrics to “Blank Space” than his female companion.

▪ The dad, about 15 feet in front of me, who was working on a set of moves during “Out of the Woods” that appeared to be a close cousin of Elaine’s dance from “Seinfeld.”

▪ The middle-aged man in the floor section, with his wife, who spent half the night trying to get a decent selfie in which he could make out Tay Tay shaking it off in the background.

Frankly, the past two times I’ve seen Swift at this same arena – in March 2013 and November 2011 – there seemed to be noticeably fewer male ticketholders, and the ones who were in attendance back then spent a heck of a lot more time with their butts in their seats and their cellphone browsers dialed into

So what’s changed? The big thing is: She’s 25 now, and with each passing year, it’s gotten slightly less awkward for older men to find her attractive. She struts around her stage with confidence, she has a body that wouldn’t look out of place on a fashion runway and a face that appears not to have a flaw.

She also gets better, with each passing year, at creating earworms. Songs like “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” are two off her “1989” CD that have burrowed into the brains of women and men alike, waiting to pop into your head when you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, then keeping you up for two hours.

But otherwise, Swift is pretty much the same young woman she was when she came here two years ago, aside from the fact that the former country singer has completely abandoned anything resembling a Nashville sound.

Swift is still segueing into songs by telling cute but rambling stories that wind up being mini-pep talks designed to boost her fans’ self-esteem. (Truth be told, all she has to do is talk directly to her audience in a way that doesn’t feel rushed and they’ll squeal as if she’s just announced she’s treating everyone to a free ice cream cone.)

She’s still changing outfits more often than an indecisive teenager shopping for a prom dress at Belk, with most of them baring midriff, showcasing her aggravatingly perfect legs, or blinding you with sequins. Or doing all three at once. (Outfit of the night: the lightbulb-covered dress she wore during “How You Get the Girl,” which blinked, twinkled, changed colors and generally increased the tour’s electric bill.)

She’s still finding a way to thrust herself closer to her fans without ever touching a single one of them, in this case rising a couple dozen feet above the floor via a catwalk on a hydraulic lift system that could achieve 360-degree range of motion, sweeping out over the entire floor. (During finale “Shake It Off,” Swift and her 12 male backup dancers were up there as it spun, she in a shimmery green dress, them in purple tuxes with short-pant bottoms.)

Perhaps most importantly, though, she’s still getting it done. Still grabbing a guitar and whipping her hair around like Dave Grohl during “We Are Never Getting Back Together”; still twisting and remolding well-known hits in daring ways (here turning “I Knew You Were Trouble” into a darker, moodier piece of music); still sitting down at a piano and putting peers to shame by playing it ably while achieving perfectly pitched vocals on “Wildest Dreams.”

All the marks of a big-budget stage show were still present, too: In addition to the massive/fancy catwalk, there were fireworks, confetti, smoke, her backup dancers, four female backup singers, giant paper airplanes, doors on wheels, light-up parasols, streetlamps that doubled as poles for those backup dancers to dance on… whew, hang on, almost done… and a massive video screen showing everything from clips of the pop star with her cats to montages of celebrities like Lena Dunham and Selena Gomez talking about how amazing and adorable Swift is.

To top it all off, the tour distributed 15,000 radio-controlled wristbands that flashed on cue, in various colors, making the place look like it was overrun with rave-ready fireflies.

And though you had to squint through the darkness to tell, if you looked hard enough – past all those girls and young women dominating the arenascape – you would have seen that that twentysomething guy had one on, and so did the dad doing the bad dancing, and so did the selfie-obsessed middle-aged man.

I wasn’t wearing one, though. Yeah. I think I’m sticking with that story.


Device Captures Energy From Chaotic Motion

Though we go scrambling for an electrical socket or a new battery when our smartphones or other electronics need a boost, the energy to do the job is all around us. A ship bobbing up and down in the water or a jogger running in the park unleashes enough energy in their movements to potentially provide usable power. If only we could figure out how to harness the energy unlocked by chaotic movement and store it for use when it’s needed.

The machine above is called the WITT (Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer) device. It consists of two pendulums, which pivot around shafts that transfer chaotic movement in any direction to an attached flywheel. The torque from the spinning shafts is funneled into spinning the flywheel in a single direction, which stores energy in its rotation. That stored energy can then be tapped to generate smooth power output. Two patents have been issued for the chaotic motion energy harvester. Learn more below.

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