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revision of that post:

everybody will go through an experience that could be considered traumatic. but not every person will be traumatized by that experience. 

the death of a family member is a universal experience. grieving that family member is a normal response. having negative feelings toward that experience is a normal response. something that makes you sad, even if it’s very painful and lasts a long while, is not traumatic.

it becomes traumatic - and, in turn, creates an illness - when you start developing severe avoidance behaviors and experience emotional or psychological flashbacks to the event. it becomes trauma when the function of your life is fundamentally impacted in a way that takes a very, very long time to recover - if it’s possible at all

‘everyone’s experienced trauma’ is still wrong to say, and shows a complete misunderstanding of what trauma is that directly contributes to the misuse of terms associated with actual trauma-induced illnesses.