degree of stupidity

I’d love to discuss on how levels DG is wrong in her recent infamous tweet, but for some reason, I just can’t bring myself to be that offended about it. And this is even coming from someone studying for a BA in English. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I LOVE ERWIN super shitpost #1

do you ever just. get randomly struck by how great erwin is. this is all old news that’s been said a BILLIONTY times before but it’s still!!! So Much!!! & there’s no reason to bottle up the Feeles so y’all are just gonna have to suffer through idiotic rambling shitposts about erwin or use tumblr’s mute function

so today is erwin’s issues w selfishness (w bonus levi bc i am that kind of trash)

i love his “selfish” side. it’s not just a token trait, it cuts him to the quick but he is also such an idiot about it tbh? makes me cry AND laugh, wow many complex, much interesting. like, everyone has their own dreams lol wtf erwin but anyway

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me, crying: plz fbg….. jsut tell me outright im too stupid to piece together vague symbolic lore….. just tell me i have…. 3 class papres to finish and 5 subjects and i cant. spend what little time i have writing a dissertation….. on how many fucking spcebats are there and how they fucked up………. please let me live.


Borderlands: The Pre-SequelENDING

We’re gonna scorch the freakin’ planet in fire. There’s gonna be screaming… bandits are gonna die left and right…

  • Professor: "Okay, how many people here have been told you'll never get your Bachelor's degree? That you're too stupid, or don't have enough money, or don't have what it takes, or whatever?"
  • Everyone: <raises hands>
  • Professor: "But you're all here. So - what keeps you going? What motivates you to keep working at it?"
  • Everyone: <contemplative silence>
  • Random Kid in the Back: "Spite!"

Standing on the porch, in my bare feet, in the rain at 7 in the morning. Feeling the drops hitting my face as I close my eyes and look skyward. Smelling the salt in their air and feeling the cool breeze against my skin, the percussive sound of the gentle rain all around me.

Silly, gentle, selfish moments like these help me really feel like I own my own life, and I’m free. I lived so long, more than 25 years living with every detail of my life constantly dictated, questioned, nitpicked and challenged. To be able to just go outside of my own home, when *I* want to and not worry about being given the third degree about why, and called stupid for my wants and needs– being able to do that just makes me feel so free and peaceful.

And damn do I love the rain.

One day, one rhyme- Day 950

I’ve had my share of indoor plants,
I’m not ashamed to say
Some last several months or years,
Some last less than a day.
I’ll admit my garden prowess
Leaves desire to be had
And I’ll admit my judgement has
At times been frankly bad
But in this, I can promise you,
The answers cut and dried:
It’s first degree stupidity
To plant triffids inside.

The only thing that’s clear to me about this whole romance is that Alibaba’s first and only love is …

At least I can feel a romantic atmosphere here…
He is so happy, hugging his lover, blushing, he is deeply in love

The problem with listening to succesful people talk about how they took a chance and achieved their dreams is that, well, of course they did. We should expect high-risk high-reward choices to exist, and by numbers alone some of those who take them will win and be around to be interviewed later.

But some people don’t win, and nobody interviews them. You might have a cousin who tried to become a rock star and failed, but you don’t know how many of your cousin there are. You only hear about a handful of the losers but all the winners are there

And, like, I know my brain is risk-averse to stupid degrees and exaggerates the negative consequences of things (especially things that involve people). But it’s not wrong when it discards people’s testimonials of how they won big as essentially meaningless, evidence wise.