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can you believe that this bat actually got some sun today??? 🦇☀️

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imo burning cas's body would be idiotic. one of the problems on spn is that we never see the boys learning anything about anything - like, cas's been with them for 7 years and they never asked him a single question about his life before meeting them or how angelic death works. so dean will never know if cas is truly gone, and, anyway, 'cas is dead = I suddenly realize I love him' is an old af storyline (seen 3 if not 4 times) which never meant canon destiel when cas came back. you're deluded.

Hi sweetie, I’m so sorry for your loss of a kind heart and decency that leads you to think this way and come on someone’s blog and send an ask like this.

I also feel sorry for you watching season 13 with this attitude. I feel like you may have missed SDCC?

You may wanna brace yourself as even taking away the romantic potential (which is moronic as it’s been set up for years that way but hey I’ll indulge for a second) - everyone including Dabb, Jensen, Jared and Misha and even Robert Singer has talked about this.

The key points from SDCC supported everything I’ve been saying since May:

How important Cas is to the show (Dabb), how Cas’ death that seems so final is key in how it affects the boys even more than Cas himself (Misha), how season 13 is “all about the relationships” (Singer), how Dean is affected deeper than Sam because they had a different relationship (Jared), how Dean just wants to shoot Jack in the face because he believes Cas to be truly dead after having even PRAYED for his resurrection (Jensen) and according to the plot lines and leaks so far all this is pretty blatantly what is happening.


Aliens think humans are cute: Humans and their ways of warming up.

Not like, warming up to someone-warming up, but like literally warming up because they’re cold.

Imagine if a ship of aliens and their human team-mates went on an expedition to explore an unknown planet and see if they could find intelligent life or something. The aliens are looking around warily (or feeling around, whatever sense works for them) and just trying to find any threats, while the humans are thinking holy fuck I’m cold. Next thing you know Humans Debra, Renee, Calisto and Gabriel are all huddled up near eachother with their arms crossed and shaking because under their space-suit-things they are freezing and what way to get warmer than physical contact.
Or, imagine that its some aliens and their one Human comrade on an expedition and next thing they know Human John is standing right next to Razia’ta and nearly bumping into them because oh my god xhe’s so warm.

Or just being cold in the spaceship they’re in. Imagine that when Human John (I’ll just use him as an example forever) first came on the ship it was actually like 50 degrees Fahrenheit (sorry im a stupid little americano WEH) and he was trying not to stammer as he said his greetings to the big furry cat aliens. Thankfully, his alien compadres realized that it is not normal Human behavior to shiver constantly and have your arms across your chest as in to hug yourself. (Human John can be a little dramatic sometimes.)

I drew a comic about how this fight should have actually gone. My first and last contribution to Haunted!Joseph. This exists only because the thought made lady-of-rohan laugh so much and she requested I do a comic of it. So here you go <3

Honestly just had to listen to cheerleaders doing a wild cats chant and I’m ready to go. Like. Forever. Just leave.

good is better than perfect

David doesn’t notice how much of a neat freak Max really is until he adopts him. And he isn’t the normal type of neat freak. He’s violent and always seems on the verge of a meltdown anytime something is misplaced. Not to say that David dislikes cleanliness by any means, but it gets out of hand when he takes his shoes off in the kitchen and walks away, leaving the aforementioned shoes in the middle of the floor, as well as an empty cup on the counter.

Of course, as soon as the ten year sees it, he yells a string of obscene insults, rushing to put the things where they belong. “God fucking damnit, David! What is wrong with you?! Why can’t you clean up after yourself?! You fucking slob!”

In response, the counselor hardly contains a sigh. It’s become so common that Max snaps at him over menial displacements and slight messes, that David’s beginning to wonder if he has some type of OCD. “Now, Max, I didn’t intentionally leave those things in their incorrect spots. I’m sure I would’ve passed by them later and cleaned them up right away! There’s nothing to get upset over.”

There’s an animalistic growl of frustration as Max furiously rinses the used cup at the sink. “It’s simple shit, David! Just prevent the mess before you make it! Are you dumb? Is there something you’re not understanding? Shoes go in the closet or in the stupid fucking shoe holder thing at the door! Cups go in the sink and then in the dishwasher when you’re done putting your nasty lips on them to drink you’re nasty fucking kiwi water!”

“I know that, Max. I’m just saying I didn’t mean to leave my mess about and it just slipped my mind.” David frowns, watching the (almost shaky) movements of Max’s small brown hands as he puts the cup on the rings in the dishwasher. “It’s worrying how angry you get over messes.”

“You shouldn’t worry, it’s just - not wanting - t - to live in a dirty house!” His back is towards David, but the adult can clearly picture a flustered looking child face and he steps towards Max. “It’s - It’s - ”

“I have a feeling that it isn’t about that at all.” Somewhere in David’s mind, there’s a strange bias that Max simply doesn’t seem like the type of kid to take living a clean life too seriously. His hair would always be a rats nest if David didn’t nag him until he brushed it (though, his wild dark curls would usually swallow an entire comb before being subdued), he could go days holed up in his room without showering or brushing his teeth, etcetera. It had been shocking when he obediently folded laundry and kept his room tidy, as well as things David never asked him to do.

“What the fuck else could it be? I just…” His shoulders slump and he looks small. Like a ten year old. David dislikes that most people have a tendency to forget that Max, although with a mature outer shell, is still just a kid. “Why the fuck would you leave your stuff everywhere?! I don’t understand! All that does is get you fucking slapped and kicked down the stairs, is that something that you enjoy?! I speak from experience, it sucks! Why would you leave dirty dishes in the sink if you DON’T want to spend the night outside when it’s thirty fucking degrees outside? That’s stupid, Max! Don’t be fucking stupid, it’s that simple! And - uh… shit.” The ten year old halts as if just now realizing that his own name had left his lips, turning around to look at his legal guardian with green eyes that are glassy with tears. “I mean… it’s - ”

There are rare moments David allows himself to hug Max because he knows the boy is uncomfortable with affectionate gestures. (He grimaces when he thinks that it’s because he’d hardly been given them throughout his entire childhood.) However, he now wraps his lanky arms around Max’s tiny body, feeling the dampness of his big, soulful green eyes against his shirt. The other just stands for a moment, allowing himself to be embraced, before tentatively returning it, clutching his hands into David’s shirt hard, knuckles bleaching white from the force in which he holds onto the man. Soft sniffles and hiccups erupt from where his head is buried in David’s chest and his entire body shakes.

“It’s an abomination to ever hurt a child for any reason.” David says softly, a long fingered hand in Max’s hair, petting his head softly as the child cries against him. “And you’ll never be hurt by me because I value your safety and well being over the completion of a few chores everyday. I’d rather live in a filthy home than ever see you in pain, okay?”

There’s a brief, short nod and a tiny sob.

“All I want is for you to understand that. And I love you so, so much. More than I could love anything else. Even camp.” He chuckles, holding his son’s shoulders with a gentle firmness. “I just… want you to be happy.”

“If I was more emotionally stable, I’d deck you in the throat for hugging me.” Max mumbles into his shirt once his crying has died down to silent trails down his cheeks. “But. But I’m not. So, I won’t.”

“I’m honored, Maxamillion.”

He groans at the dreadful nickname. “Holy shit, you’re the lamest dad ever. Get off of me.”

“You acknowledge me as your dad?” Tears bud in David’s own eyes. “I’m your dad? And you’re my son?” He hugs the now weakly struggling Max harder. “I love you so much it’s unbelievable! And you’re letting me hug you! And we’re a family and that’s the most - ”


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I wonder if Sarutobi is part of the problem within Konoha. Pretty much all of his personal relationships that we see have someone breaking away from Konoha. Jiraiya skipped out at the end of 3SW, Tsunade ran, Orochimaru experimented and also ran, Asuma left after arguing with Dad, Danzo betrayed the heart of Konoha's creed to a stupid degree. I'm sure he's not doing it on purpose, but I wonder if there is something about Sarutobi that encourages the worst in those around him.

I think a lot of it comes down to the generations involved. Sarutobi, Danzo, Homura, and Utatane are all from pre-Founding. They would have been coming to Konoha right after it was built, still children but also with some memories of how the Clan Wars era operated. Sarutobi mellows as he ages, you can see that in a lot of his decisions, but I feel like the groundwork is always there. 

In contrast, take the Sannin. They’re the first generation actually born in Konoha, and while they don’t know anything else, it’s still a Konoha that’s caught in flux between the peace Hashirama imagined and the mentalities of clans and families entirely used to war. The fact that there are more wars certainly doesn’t help; the Sannin are raised on the rhetoric of ‘we must achieve peace’ even as the world tears itself apart. Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Jiraiya live through two wars, and they all suffer the consequences: Tsunade loses Nawaki, then Dan. Orochimaru loses his genin team and signs up with Danzo, who is one of the might-makes-right-and-strength-wins old guard, and who at the very least strips away most of the morally decent framework of Konoha for him. Jiraiya has firsthand experience with the horror and suffering that war brings in the form of the Ame orphans. By the time the Third War ends, they’re all broken in their own ways, and they’ve all seen that Konoha’s ‘peace’ is effectively a lie. I’ve used the comparison in my fics before, but all three of them embody different takes on coping: Tsunade looks to the past and clings to her ghosts; Jiraiya devotes himself to the future and the idea of a Child of Prophecy who will bring peace, and Orochimaru focuses on the present, making himself as strong as he possibly can. 

And then you have Kakashi’s generation. (I know I skipped Minato’s, but shh, Kishi pretty much ignored them anyway, so.) This is really the first time teamwork comes into play. The only real mention of t before comes with the Sannin, who break apart as a team, and then with Sakumo, who’s shamed into suicide for putting his teammates ahead of the mission. Obito and his statement to Kakashi makes a huge contrast to the views of the previous generations - now teamwork has become the focus. It’s a good thing. Kakashi’s mindset pre-Kannabi Bridge is very much old guard stuff: the mission is what matters, complete it at any personal cost. It’s the stance of someone for whom reputation and income matter more than morals and personal views. Obito’s ‘death’ turns that on its head, not just for Kakashi, but for the whole generation, pretty much. 

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Hey there :) I really like your opinions and wanted to ask what do you think how much of dans depressive "branding" is him being relatable and how much is his true self?

oooooohhh thank you so much for the question anon, and thanks also for saying that you like my opinions, that really really means a lot :) this is actually sort of difficult to answer hahah but i’ll do my best with it!!! i’ll start w a pretty enormous caveat that everything i could ever say on this topic is just me speculating and not a firm statement about who dan howell is/what his experiences are. i don’t know him in real life, therefore nothing i say is based in reality, but rather is pieced together from the aspects of himself and his life that dan has chosen to share with us. probably a general qualification applicable to everything dnp-related, and an essential part of being a fan of real people, but important to explicitly state nonetheless.

that being said, there are a lot of things we can probably accurately conclude about dan based on the way he reacts to certain situations and the way that he approaches people/problems. i wrote an entire fucking essay … bc it’s me … idk how to be concise… so i put it under the break. but, on the most general level i think that the dark and cynical ~thing~ that dan has going on is branding in that it is an exaggerated part of his real personality but ultimately it is based in truth. but more specifically:

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this is the first month I will be paying all my bills with money made only from my artwork. And from my mid month budgeting, it looks like I will be okay as long as I don’t have an emergency expenses. 

I want to cry this is all I ever wanted, thank you so much, to all my followers and anyone that bought a commission, reblogged or just cheered me on. I hope I can maintain this and start my journey on going back to school next year and finish my art degree ;w;

Haruhi Suzumiya rant

ITS 7AM but i felt the need to get up and point that the Haruhi Suzumiya series did something very well during the endless 8 saga: they showed us the same scenes over and over. How’s this supposed to be something well done, you ask?

It’s something that may just seem boring and pointless filler for the season, but it’s very important because it doesn’t usually get seen on time loop/time travel animes. We get to see one, two, maybe three failed attempts from the protagonist, and then we’re told “and they suffered a lot more until they got their good ending”. And sure, that’s great but doesn’t actually make you feel all the struggle they went through.

Suzumiya does, instead. After the first episode, when you know that Nagato has lived through this a lot of times already and doesn’t want to disturb it, you’re just left with the very essence of a time loop: the same thing happening over and over and nobody being able to do a damn thing to stop it.

You can feel the emotions Nagato must be feeling to some degree. Boring. Repetitive. Stupid. And that’s exactly what the series wanted you to feel, because that’s exactly what somebody going through a time loop feels like. It’s not supposed to be fun and they won’t be acting the same as the first time. It’s an endless cycle. Add despair to it as well when you saw that Kyon tried to stop the loop, but couldn’t, and you knew you’d be stuck with the same day all over again.

And you can say whatever you want but the series did a A+ job at that. They showed us Nagato’s silent suffering by making us feel the same as her during 8 weeks.


GARDEN — ’ hoping they’ll never find out that you’re anyone else ‘cause i love you just how you are. / the reader will always love hearing spencer ramble, even if the team doesn’t.( 1.9k words ) 

NOTES — so this is my first imagine for anything criminal minds related ever, so we lit outchea!! i actually just started watching the series in chronological order instead of watching random re-runs when they air, thus why this takes place all the way back in season 1 when spence was just a lil bub. i hope you guys enjoy, and i would love any feedback, constructive criticism, or requests you may have for me! 

SNIPPET — You’ve perfected the art of nonchalance when it comes to your feelings for Spencer. There’s no reason for them to be like an oil spill — pour it out, then light a match to it; let the whole damn building catch on fire all for a harmless crush. 

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DA college!AU? I don't mind which game or if you do a mix.

College AU! (I’m in the UK so college is 16+, I’ll be doing it as university)
If anyone else wants me to do prompts in this universe, just ask away! (I already had this AU bumping around in my head)

Alistair - In the Rubgy Team, is studying Physics (he has a fondness for mystical items in game). Plays chess and D&D.

Morrigan - Studying History, loves coffee, has a tattoo of a spider over her entire back.

Leliana - Studies Politics, has a walk-in wardrobe with fifty pairs of shoes, volunteers at the local church.

Zevran - Literature student (all his essays are to do with power dynamics and sex in literature), goes to the gym for two reasons, to look good, and to look at everyone else. Has a fair few piercings beyond his ears.

Sten - Mature student, at culinary school learning to be a pastry chef. Already finished university before with a History of Art bachelors but wanted to do something that has a job he’s good at at the end of it.

Wynne - Teaches Biology and Chemistry both. Alistair became her favourite student when he brought her tea in to apologise after he accidentally walled into her class. Prefers wine though.

Oghren - Constantly drunk Literature professor. Somehow all his students pass admirably, fellow faculty have no idea how. (Think Frank from Educating Rita)

Merrill - Studies both Chemistry and Biology, she’s wicked smart. Somehow fits working at the gym in the coffee shop into her schedule. Is never organised but constantly gets amazing grades. Always walking into the wrong class (the campus is huge though).

Isabela - Studies Fashion Design, constantly makes hats. Goes to the gym mainly to look at everyone else while sitting on the exercise bike and chatting, and they have the sweetest barista in their coffee shop.

Aveline - On the debate team, womens Rugby team, womens Hockey team, student government, and studies Law. Takes everything seriously. (And develops a crush on fellow student government Donnic)

Anders - Chemistry student, activist, wears black tees with political statements on them. Helps out in the local children’s hospital and the local cat shelter. Drinks tea. Has 5 cats of his own.

Varric - pushed to take Business Studies by his family but changed after one year, studied Literature after that, went on to start the on-campus gym. Is always seen with faculty or in the gym coffee shop.

Fenris - heavily tattooed student of Theatre and Drama, paints a lot in his spare time. Only drinks a certain blend of coffee and vehemently thinks tea sucks.

Sebastian - volunteers at the local church and was considered for the Olympic archery team. Studies Religion and plans to go to theological college and get ordained.

Josephine - Studies Law, loves watching any and all theatre, visits museums, art galleries, and has connections with the culinary school to judge baking competitions.

Cullen - Works at the gym as a personal trainer, studies History, plays chess with Alistair.

Dorian - Total nerd, “professional student”, finished university three times already in Physics, Maths, and Biology, currently studying Chemistry. Assistant librarian, hosts D&D night at the library every Thursday (is always the GM)

The Iron Bull - Faculty member, counselor for troubled students. Tends to take sessions outside.

Solas - Teaches Physics, gets annoyed when students try to correct him, trying to get multiple theories published to no avail.

Cassandra - Literature student, coffee fiend, works out purely for fitness, secretly performs slam poetry.

Blackwall - Mature student, studies Politics but lowkey can’t stand it. Changed his name to avoid old acquaintances from a gang he was in in his youth. Really interested in the Engineering degree on offer at the uni.

Sera - Took Fashion Design as a joke degree to make models look stupid, plus she’s actually good at it (and simultaneously finds it hilarious and annoying that they take her seriously). Hides penises, butts, vaginas, and boobs in all her designs. Got in trouble with the student government for egging the dorm room of a bully.

Cole - Faculty, counselor. Has prevented student suicide hugely, rarely gets thanked but doesn’t mind. Tends to the garden on campus, likes his tea sweet, and little frilly cakes. Adopted fifteen cats by accident once and had to rehome them.

Vivienne - Teaches Fashion Design, organises the student government. Drinks fancy teas.


“Secret Companion” (Loghain) - Mature student, returns to university to take Literature. Smokes, drinks enough coffee to pay Merrills wages.

Carver - on the Rugby team, somehow scraped into Maths and does well with his tutor helping him.

Bethany - studies Law, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde style (but less fluffy stuff but still a lot of pink).

Typical NamJin Argument :

Jin : “Namjoon, would you just listen to yourself?! You’re making NO sense whatsoever! Sometimes I wonder why I even married you!”

Rap Monster : “D-don’t say that. You know it’s not true. Is it my fault that I don’t know how to cook?! I mean, plenty of men are ignorant when it comes to the kitchen and how to prepare a proper meal!”

Jin : “Well, excuse me, but I’ve tried for THREE YEARS now! I tell you to put the pasta in the oven at 250 degrees, and you put it in the oven with a freaking protractor on it! I tell you to peel half the potatoes then put it in the pot, but you literally peel half, leaving the other half with the SKIN still on! I MEANT FOR YOU TO CUT THEM IN HALF AND THEN PEEL THEM!”

Rap Monster : “YOU JUST NEEDED TO BE MORE SPECIFIC! How am I supposed to know that you wanted the OVEN at 250 degrees?!

Jin : "Stupidity is for free, but you shouldn’t take it.” *walks away*

Rap Monster : …Well damn…

Jin : *somewhere down the hall* “Oh, and don’t forget to to gather some covers for the couch you’ll be sleeping on tonight!! Love you!”

White Light // Junoflo

Originally posted by yooneroos

This is just a little something inspired by the song White Light by SoMo.It doesn’t exactly follow the song but in some aspects.I really don’t know where I was going with this as i switched in between first and third person alot.But enjoy nonetheless.


Messy.That was the only way I could describe our break up.A ticking time bomb that exploded because of lack of communication.He was in Korea living his dreams and I moved back home to Brazil.

Sam and I met my first year in university when I’d moved from Brazil to California.We didn’t always get along,truthfully I think it’s because neither of us knew how to approach the other and every time he annoyed me I’d ignore him not giving him the time of day.It’s crazy how things changed in those first four months.Never did I think I’d love someone as much as I love him.

Not everything good last forever though.

I placed my phone against my ear for the twentieth time this morning.Sam was supposed to be here already.

“Hey babyyy..” I could hear the slight slur in his speech,hoping to god that this really wasn’t happening.

“Sam where are you?” I question.

“Out with the guys.Why is something wrong?” He asked.

“Out with the guys where Sam?”

“We’re at this new restaurant in Itaewon with Jay.Is everything okay?”  

“Sam Juno Park tell me you’re joking.This isn’t the time for jokes.” I couldn’t help the way my voice cracked at the end. The call ended and he was calling me on FaceTime.

“Baby talk to me.Wassup?” Taking in the voices around him I knew this wasn’t some joke and he wasn’t here.

“What’s the date today?”

“Well it’s almost the 25th here so it’s  almost 8am on the 24th in Cali,why?” He looked lost and I honestly have no idea how he could be lost when we spoke about this already.He promised he’d be here.He knows how much this means to me.He was the only family I had after my grandparents passed and now I was about to attend my graduation alone. Pathetic, I know.

“You forgot Sam,again.” I wasn’t going to cry.Well not for him to see at least.

“I didn’t forget anything though.Babe what’s this about?”

“You promised and you broke it once again.It’s the third time since you’ve left and I let it slide because I know how big the opportunity is for you but lately it’s like I’m in a relationship by myself.” I really rather we not do this over FaceTime but I couldn’t keep doing this anymore.

“What are you tryna tell me Larissa?” He sighed excusing himself from the table and heading outside.

“I can’t do this anymore Sam.We’re only hurting each other thinking that this is going to work.M-maybe we should see other people.”

“Is that what this is about? Are you seeing someone else?” He asked his voice raising a bit and I swear if he was here I would have slapped him for even thinking something so idiotic. I love him, I do but there’s only so much a woman can take until she breaks.

“Really? After everything we’ve been through you think I’d cheat on you? That’s not me Sam and you know it.You promised me you’d be here to see me walk across that stage and get my degree and I feel so stupid for thinking you’d uphold that promise with the amount you’ve been breaking lately.You’re the closest thing to family that I’ve got and lord knows I love you Sam but I think I need to be by myself for awhile.”  

At the mention of your degree Sam knew he’d fucked up but it wasn’t going to stop him from trying to fix this.You stuck by him through everything and he knows you let a lot of shit slide because of his career and maybe he took you for granted but he couldn’t lose you.

You were his white light. The reason he opened up his heart and showed his scars.From hopping flight to flight he knew there were nights he couldn’t make it home to you but you accepted that and held him down nonetheless.This couldn’t be how you ended.He wasn’t having it.

“Baby I’m on the next flight out,please just don’t go.” He pleaded.


“What do you mean don’t? I’m not letting you go. I know I haven’t been the worlds greatest boyfriend but I love you and that’s never going to change.” Running his hand through his hair I could see the hurt in his eyes.

“I won’t be here when you get back Juno.This hurts so fucking much but it’s for the best.If it’s meant to be we’ll find our way back to each other,don’t wait on me.One day you’ll find love and someone who makes you as happy as you make me. I love you Sam Park,don’t ever forget that.” I ended the call before he could reply.Fighting back the tears I got myself ready and headed to my graduation,a fake smile on my face throughout the entire thing.

Meanwhile in Korea,Sam did everything he could to not think about you.Endless hours in the studio,sleepless nights or partying whichever one numbed his feelings for you was the route he took.He had returned to California as soon as he could only to find your shared apartment only filled with his things.He got back on a flight just as quickly as he’d gotten on one.He didn’t want to be there if you weren’t there.

Being back in Brazil wasn’t as easy as you’d hoped especially with the bomb that was dropped on you.Although you weren’t complaining you couldn’t help but feel like you were missing something.

2 years later  

Seoul,South Korea

“AJ please stop crying.” I pleaded with the toddler.A cranky AJ is something I don’t like dealing with but as a parent it’s something that I have to deal with.

“Aww why’s my little niece crying? What’s wrong with auntie’s baby?” Tasha cooed as she took her from me.

“I don’t know,she’s been cranky since we got into the car.” I replied following Tasha into the restaurant. I met Tasha after her husband had booked me to do their family photo shoot last year and now I’m their company’s full time photographer.

Tonight was the welcoming dinner and I’d be lying if I said I’m not nervous.As I took my seat next to Tasha,AJ seated comfortably in her lap Jk started introducing the people around the table as dinner progressed with slight small talk.

“And last but not least the man who never leaves the studio lately,Mr Junoflo.” He introduced. The name set off so many alarm bells in my head but I shook it off every time it was mentioned.It couldn’t possibly be the same person.

“It’s just my stage name,the name’s Sam and it’s nice to meet you.”  

Sam outstretched his hand across the table waiting for the woman to raise up her head.She seemed out of it throughout the introduction but for some reason he felt like he’d seen her before.Eyes locked on hers as she looked up he felt as though time had stopped.This wasn’t happening.Not now,not when he was finally getting over you.


“Sam.” The entire table stared at the both of them shocked.

“You two know each other?” Tasha asked.

“He’s the ex-boyfriend I told you about.” I told her dropping my gaze from him and looking at her.She looked from Sam to Aj and back to me before her jaw dropped.

“No way!” I looked her pleading with my eyes for her not to say anything but Aj had other plans.

“Mamãe! I wanna sleep.” She rubbed her eyes with a slight pout.That was my cue to run for the hills. I could feel his eyes on me as she crawled onto my lap from Tasha’s arms.

“It was really nice meeting you guys but it’s getting late and I should probably get her to bed.Thank you for having me.” I slid Tasha a couple of bills to help with dinner before putting Aj down and standing.

“I’ll give you a ride. I gotta get back to the studio anyways.” Sam offered as he dropped some cash on the table standing.

“Oh no,no It’s fine.I’ll just call an uber.” I told him trying to avoid having to talk to him.

“Cute,you thought I was asking.” He retorted bending to scoop Aj up into his arms shocking me.She’s never this open with strangers.He bid farewell to everyone else and made his way out the restaurant with me following behind him.

“Sam I’m serious you don’t have to take us home.”

“And I said I wasn’t asking now get in the car Larissa.” He opened the back door waiting for me to get in before passing Aj and getting in the drivers seat.

The silence in the car could be cut with a knife as neither one bothered to speak.Aj fell asleep on the ride home and Larissa couldn’t help but be grateful.As Sam pulled up to the condo complex she noticed him parking but didn’t question it.Getting out she made sure she had everything before thanking him and heading inside.Her eyes opened wide when she got to the elevator and saw him entering right behind her.

“Sam what are you doing?” She questioned frantically.

“First of calm down I’m not following you, I live here and lastly we need to talk.”

She signaled for him to follow her when the elevator opened up on her floor.Pulling out her keys she opened the door and entering.

“Are you going to come in or do you want to stand here all night?”

“How long have you been living here?”  

“About a year and a half.”

“You’ve been my neighbor for almost two years and I’m just finding out about this?” He spoke more to himself as he entered and closed the door behind him.

I put Aj to bed before joining Sam back in the living room sitting on the couch opposite him.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Didn’t you think I at least deserved to know I got you pregnant?”

“Who said she’s yours though?”

“She’s no more than two years and we’ve been broken up for the same amount of time and I know you’ve never been unfaithful so why didn’t you tell me?” He looked at me.

“Because I didn’t know until after I left. I was gaining weight and I didn’t know why until I went to the doctor. I didn’t know how to tell you and I felt as though this would only get in the way of your career.”  

“That wasn’t your decision to make Larissa. I know things weren’t the best between us then but I would do anything for you and you know that. I helped create that insanely beautiful little girl inside there,” he pointed to Aj’s room. “and I missed out on everything. I don’t even know her name.

“Alexandria Juno Park.”


“Her name.Alexandria Juno Park.” I smiled lightly at him.

“You gave her my name.” I nodded.Sam got out his seat pulling me up into a hug.

“I’m sorry.For everything,missing your graduation,breaking my promises and not treating you like you deserve to be.” He mumbled into my hair.Being this close to him had everything rushing back to me.Not like I could forget him anyways.Not when we’d made a miniature version of him in female form.Everything from his smile to eating habits even that little beauty mole she had it.

“I forgave you long ago Sam. I had no reason to be mad at you. I knew what would happen when I agreed to try the long distance thing and it didn’t work but at least we tried.”

“You told me that if this was meant to be we’d find our way back to each other and this may not be the ideal time but I need you to know that I never stopped loving you.There’s never gonna be someone who loves and makes me as happy as you do and I completely understand if you don’t feel the same anymore but all I’m asking is for you to give me the chance to know my daughter and to be in her life.” He rubbed soothing circles on my lower back pulling away slightly to look at me.

I leaned up and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. “I never stopped loving you either and yes you could can be in her life.” One hand caressing my cheek the other on my waist Sam pulled me closer pressing a soft kiss to my lips testing the water before he pressed harder.

Sam knew that you needed to find yourself.He knew letting you go was stupid but it’s something that the both of you needed to get to here and now.

“Say you want this life.Say you want this life with me. I want you by my side and I want you in my life. I need you in my life always.The both of you.Just say you want this life with me.” He looked me in the eyes.

“I want this life with you if you’ll have me back.Even when you can’t make it home because you’re catching different flights.You’re my white light. The reason I’m not afraid to open my heart to you and show my scars.As long as you’ll have me I’m all yours Sam Juno Park.”  

That was all it took for Sam to capture my lips in another kiss this one much more heated than the last.Pulling back for air we both found ourselves cuddling on my couch at 2am before falling asleep in each other’s arms just like we used to.