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can you believe that this bat actually got some sun today??? 🦇☀️

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Typical NamJin Argument :

Jin : “Namjoon, would you just listen to yourself?! You’re making NO sense whatsoever! Sometimes I wonder why I even married you!”

Rap Monster : “D-don’t say that. You know it’s not true. Is it my fault that I don’t know how to cook?! I mean, plenty of men are ignorant when it comes to the kitchen and how to prepare a proper meal!”

Jin : “Well, excuse me, but I’ve tried for THREE YEARS now! I tell you to put the pasta in the oven at 250 degrees, and you put it in the oven with a freaking protractor on it! I tell you to peel half the potatoes then put it in the pot, but you literally peel half, leaving the other half with the SKIN still on! I MEANT FOR YOU TO CUT THEM IN HALF AND THEN PEEL THEM!”

Rap Monster : “YOU JUST NEEDED TO BE MORE SPECIFIC! How am I supposed to know that you wanted the OVEN at 250 degrees?!

Jin : "Stupidity is for free, but you shouldn’t take it.” *walks away*

Rap Monster : …Well damn…

Jin : *somewhere down the hall* “Oh, and don’t forget to to gather some covers for the couch you’ll be sleeping on tonight!! Love you!”

Can we agree as a group maybe to never EVER “observe” physical characteristics about someone to their face again?

“your face is red”


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DA college!AU? I don't mind which game or if you do a mix.

College AU! (I’m in the UK so college is 16+, I’ll be doing it as university)
If anyone else wants me to do prompts in this universe, just ask away! (I already had this AU bumping around in my head)

Alistair - In the Rubgy Team, is studying Physics (he has a fondness for mystical items in game). Plays chess and D&D.

Morrigan - Studying History, loves coffee, has a tattoo of a spider over her entire back.

Leliana - Studies Politics, has a walk-in wardrobe with fifty pairs of shoes, volunteers at the local church.

Zevran - Literature student (all his essays are to do with power dynamics and sex in literature), goes to the gym for two reasons, to look good, and to look at everyone else. Has a fair few piercings beyond his ears.

Sten - Mature student, at culinary school learning to be a pastry chef. Already finished university before with a History of Art bachelors but wanted to do something that has a job he’s good at at the end of it.

Wynne - Teaches Biology and Chemistry both. Alistair became her favourite student when he brought her tea in to apologise after he accidentally walled into her class. Prefers wine though.

Oghren - Constantly drunk Literature professor. Somehow all his students pass admirably, fellow faculty have no idea how. (Think Frank from Educating Rita)

Merrill - Studies both Chemistry and Biology, she’s wicked smart. Somehow fits working at the gym in the coffee shop into her schedule. Is never organised but constantly gets amazing grades. Always walking into the wrong class (the campus is huge though).

Isabela - Studies Fashion Design, constantly makes hats. Goes to the gym mainly to look at everyone else while sitting on the exercise bike and chatting, and they have the sweetest barista in their coffee shop.

Aveline - On the debate team, womens Rugby team, womens Hockey team, student government, and studies Law. Takes everything seriously. (And develops a crush on fellow student government Donnic)

Anders - Chemistry student, activist, wears black tees with political statements on them. Helps out in the local children’s hospital and the local cat shelter. Drinks tea. Has 5 cats of his own.

Varric - pushed to take Business Studies by his family but changed after one year, studied Literature after that, went on to start the on-campus gym. Is always seen with faculty or in the gym coffee shop.

Fenris - heavily tattooed student of Theatre and Drama, paints a lot in his spare time. Only drinks a certain blend of coffee and vehemently thinks tea sucks.

Sebastian - volunteers at the local church and was considered for the Olympic archery team. Studies Religion and plans to go to theological college and get ordained.

Josephine - Studies Law, loves watching any and all theatre, visits museums, art galleries, and has connections with the culinary school to judge baking competitions.

Cullen - Works at the gym as a personal trainer, studies History, plays chess with Alistair.

Dorian - Total nerd, “professional student”, finished university three times already in Physics, Maths, and Biology, currently studying Chemistry. Assistant librarian, hosts D&D night at the library every Thursday (is always the GM)

The Iron Bull - Faculty member, counselor for troubled students. Tends to take sessions outside.

Solas - Teaches Physics, gets annoyed when students try to correct him, trying to get multiple theories published to no avail.

Cassandra - Literature student, coffee fiend, works out purely for fitness, secretly performs slam poetry.

Blackwall - Mature student, studies Politics but lowkey can’t stand it. Changed his name to avoid old acquaintances from a gang he was in in his youth. Really interested in the Engineering degree on offer at the uni.

Sera - Took Fashion Design as a joke degree to make models look stupid, plus she’s actually good at it (and simultaneously finds it hilarious and annoying that they take her seriously). Hides penises, butts, vaginas, and boobs in all her designs. Got in trouble with the student government for egging the dorm room of a bully.

Cole - Faculty, counselor. Has prevented student suicide hugely, rarely gets thanked but doesn’t mind. Tends to the garden on campus, likes his tea sweet, and little frilly cakes. Adopted fifteen cats by accident once and had to rehome them.

Vivienne - Teaches Fashion Design, organises the student government. Drinks fancy teas.


“Secret Companion” (Loghain) - Mature student, returns to university to take Literature. Smokes, drinks enough coffee to pay Merrills wages.

Carver - on the Rugby team, somehow scraped into Maths and does well with his tutor helping him.

Bethany - studies Law, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde style (but less fluffy stuff but still a lot of pink).

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Hey there :) I really like your opinions and wanted to ask what do you think how much of dans depressive "branding" is him being relatable and how much is his true self?

oooooohhh thank you so much for the question anon, and thanks also for saying that you like my opinions, that really really means a lot :) this is actually sort of difficult to answer hahah but i’ll do my best with it!!! i’ll start w a pretty enormous caveat that everything i could ever say on this topic is just me speculating and not a firm statement about who dan howell is/what his experiences are. i don’t know him in real life, therefore nothing i say is based in reality, but rather is pieced together from the aspects of himself and his life that dan has chosen to share with us. probably a general qualification applicable to everything dnp-related, and an essential part of being a fan of real people, but important to explicitly state nonetheless.

that being said, there are a lot of things we can probably accurately conclude about dan based on the way he reacts to certain situations and the way that he approaches people/problems. i wrote an entire fucking essay … bc it’s me … idk how to be concise… so i put it under the break. but, on the most general level i think that the dark and cynical ~thing~ that dan has going on is branding in that it is an exaggerated part of his real personality but ultimately it is based in truth. but more specifically:

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I LOVE ERWIN super shitpost #1

do you ever just. get randomly struck by how great erwin is. this is all old news that’s been said a BILLIONTY times before but it’s still!!! So Much!!! & there’s no reason to bottle up the Feeles so y’all are just gonna have to suffer through idiotic rambling shitposts about erwin or use tumblr’s mute function

so today is erwin’s issues w selfishness (w bonus levi bc i am that kind of trash)

i love his “selfish” side. it’s not just a token trait, it cuts him to the quick but he is also such an idiot about it tbh? makes me cry AND laugh, wow many complex, much interesting. like, everyone has their own dreams lol wtf erwin but anyway

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I drew a comic about how this fight should have actually gone. My first and last contribution to Haunted!Joseph. This exists only because the thought made lady-of-rohan laugh so much and she requested I do a comic of it. So here you go <3


Borderlands: The Pre-SequelENDING

We’re gonna scorch the freakin’ planet in fire. There’s gonna be screaming… bandits are gonna die left and right…

The claim that college education is what decides whether you’re smart or not is…..honestly so completely ignorant in a historical sense and so completely arrogant in a modern sense that it boggles my mind.

Because logically speaking, this insinuates that anyone and everyone who does NOT have a college degree is stupid and incapable of surviving or achieving anything, ever.

Except….less than a hundred years ago, the majority of people didn’t have a degree. It was even normal for kids to quit school before high school, or for them not to go to school at all. I mean, when the country was first founded, NO ONE, except the super-rich and well-connected, went to school, and certainly not what we would consider to be a proper, accredited school. And the schools only focused on the basics: reading, writing, arithmetic, and maybe a bit of American and World History and some geography. The rest was up to the kids’ parents and the kids themselves.

And gee, we can look at the results and see how well that generation did, can’t we? Those slackers only invented ways to harness electricity, constructed stable buildings and infrastructure, came up with new and more efficient ways to travel, invented air conditioning and food preservation, cured diseases, farmed an abundance of food, made enough money to fund frivolous new things like film and recording and basically built the civilization we all love to hate on but continue to live in and take for granted.

All of that, for the most part without college. How on earth could that be possible?

It’s almost as if human beings have the ability to learn relevant skills to their lives and to accidentally learn new things constantly on their own volition as an inborn trait. 🤔

Fic: Room in your Heart for More Ch. 4

Happy Tuesday, everyone! You guys wanted to be hit with extra feels this morning, right? You can read the new chapter on Ao3 or below. Let me know what you think! 

Chapter 4: Big Old Ticker

He looked ridiculous, so Felicity couldn’t help but snap a picture. She smiled at the shot of Oliver – this was what Renaissance Festival was all about. He was wearing a Robin Hood cap that she bought him, and taking a huge bite out of a roasted turkey leg.

She snapped another pic of William and Lizzie dueling with their wooden swords, a flower wreath in her daughter’s hair. It was only lunch time, but it had already been the perfect day. They arrived and watched several musical shows, and the jousting tournament. Their knight that they were cheering for was, of course, the victor.

Now they had stopped for lunch. While Felicity and Oliver had opted for the uniquely themed food of the festival, the two had chuckled when the kids just asked for a slice of pizza.  

“Hey mom, check out that guy! He’s blowing bubbles with glass!” Lizzie said excitedly. Felicity and Oliver quickly cleaned up the lunch mess and followed the kids over to the glass-blowing booth. Oliver purchased a piece for each child. Lizzie held up her little glass unicorn in reverence.

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  • Anon: Hi! I have a few traits that relate to X and I'm very confident in my ability to diagnose myself based off the minimal reading I've done from random news sources! Can you validate me and my almost foundationless assumption so I'm satisfied enough to not seek a professionals help?
  • Me: Absolutely! I can tell from this horribly formatted text post that you've sent me that you really know your stuff! Who needs a doctor when you have tabloids and blogs! A P.h.D. means nothing!
  • Anon: Great, so I'm X right?
  • Me: If X is a fucking idiot still in his/her adolescence and dumb enough to believe themselves smarter than someone who took ten years to get their degree then, yes!
  • Professor: "Okay, how many people here have been told you'll never get your Bachelor's degree? That you're too stupid, or don't have enough money, or don't have what it takes, or whatever?"
  • Everyone: <raises hands>
  • Professor: "But you're all here. So - what keeps you going? What motivates you to keep working at it?"
  • Everyone: <contemplative silence>
  • Random Kid in the Back: "Spite!"